A look at long landscape paintings and above-the-bed art, plus a tutorial for printing and framing them yourself!

I want to talk about long landscape paintings.

What is a long landscape painting? It’s just a painting that is in a long horizontal or panoramic size. These types of paintings are becoming more popular because they are perfect to fill a long shelf or hang above your bed. Their quirky size makes them interesting to add to your spaces.

I’ve seen them in a whole bunch of random sizes, (like 8×16 inches), but you will commonly find them in these sizes:

  • 10×30
  • 10×20
  • 12×24
  • 12×36

But I say the heck with standard sizes, make a long landscape any size you want! As long as it’s longer than it is wider, you have the look.

Above the bed art - see how to create your own - tips and tricks in post!
Long Landscape Paintings - see how to frame them yourself in post!

If you’ve been on the hunt for a good long landscape painting, then today I got you! I have a roundup of long landscapes (some digital, some already framed). If you can guess – the already framed long landscapes are PRICEY.

But I’m going to show you a way to get your own framed long landscape painting for a fraction of the price!

Long Landscape Paintings

First, let’s round-up those long landscapes.

long landscape painting - studio mcgee
Studio McGee

Many of these are digital prints from my shop, and others are already framed from different shops. Click on any of these for more information.

Beautiful Long Landscape Paintings

Where to Print (and Custom Frame) your Long Landscape Paintings

If you buy a digital print, then you will have to print it yourself. There are a lot of places to print vintage paintings. I highly recommend you go for a Giclee print – this printing process uses high-quality inks and museum-quality paper. Your print will look amazing!

Long Landscape Paintings - see how to frame them yourself in post!

My favorite places for printing are Mpix and my new favorite: PictureFrames.com.

I’m so happy I stumbled on PictureFrames.com! They offer fine art (giclee) printing in ANY SIZE you want! Plus – you can get it framed too! The website is very easy to navigate and my prints came out amazing. I’ll be doing a whole review on them soon so you can see the quality!

Mpix offers printing services for 10×20, 10×30, 12×24, and 12×36. If you go to the regular prints section, you can also find some additional sizes; such as 5×15, 5×30, and 8×24 inches. The only thing with their regular prints is you don’t get the option for a matte or giclee print, so your print will still look good but it will be a bit shiny which takes away from the “painting” effect.

Above the bed art - see how to create your own - tips and tricks in post!

You can also have your print custom framed by taking it into Michael’s. They are usually running a sale so make sure to bring your coupons!

Panoramic Frames for your Long Landscape Art Print

I thought it might be helpful to include some panoramic frames that are ready to buy. Click on any of these options for more information! Then, you can apply a little antique magic to your frame!

Beautiful Long Landscape Paintings

DIY Frame Your Long Landscape Painting

You can also save even more money and DIY it. I’ll show you how.

Things You’ll Need

Above the bed art - see how to create your own - tips and tricks in post!

How to Make a DIY Framed Long Landscape Print

Total time: 2 hours

  1. Cut Plywood to Size

    How to DIY Frame a Long Landscape Print

    Using your artwork as a guide, draw an outline on your plywood that’s about 1/2 inch bigger all around than your artwork. I eyeballed it and then used a square to make sure the lines were straight. Use your saw to cut out the outline.

  2. Cut Frame

    DIY Frame made from Pine wood

    Take your moulding and hold it up against your cut plywood. Make a mark on your moulding and use your saw to make 45-degree cuts at these marks – the frame pieces will meet at a 45-degree angle in each corner. After you have a short and long frame side done, you can use these as templates to mark the other two sides. You should have 4 frame pieces when you’re done.

  3. Sand and Stain your Frame and Plywood

    Staining a DIY Picture Frame

    Sand all wood pieces to ensure there are no sharp edges. Then, use your favorite wood stain and stain each frame piece AND the sides of your plywood (so it’s more seamless from the side). Allow this to fully dry before proceeding to the next step.

  4. attach Painting to Plywood

    Gorilla Spray Adhesive

    Use a LIGHT COATING of spray adhesive to attach your painting to the plywood. With the Gorilla Spray Adhesive, you have a little bit of time to reposition it. You want the painting in the center, so your frame can attach to the plywood border. (If you use too much spray adhesive, it can bleed through your painting!)

  5. Glue Frame to Plywood

    Clamp frame into place while it dries

    Using wood glue, attach your frame to the plywood, slightly overlapping your painting. Ensure that each corner of the frame is touching and use wood glue to create a tight bond here. Try not to get any glue on your painting. You can use clamps to hold everything in place while it dries. I left mine go overnight.

  6. Hang it up!

    Above the bed art - see how to create your own - tips and tricks in post!

    After your framed piece is fully cured and dried – it’s time to hang it up! I use 3M sticky velcro tabs to do this. You can also not hang it and simply display on a bookshelf, lean it up against a mirror on the wall, or place it on an art easel. Enjoy! 🙂

And that’s it for this project!

I hope this gives you guys some ideas for long landscape paintings!

xo Karen

Beautiful Long Landscape Paintings

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