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Our beautiful new Machine Washable Foyer Rug + Favorite Rug Picks.

We got a new foyer rug guys! And I love it so much that I had to share it with you here.  

We never had a foyer in our previous Seattle home.  You would walk right into the living room.  It was built in 1926 and that’s just the way those old craftsman homes were laid out. No foyers!  

Now that we’ve moved, we have a foyer again!  And I couldn’t wait to get a rug in there and pretty it up some.  

Instead of choosing a small doormat by the front door, I think it’s nice to create an area.  A whole foyer area.  

And you can do this by defining the area with a larger area rug.  It doesn’t have to be huge, but it should take up most of your foyer space.  

I tell ya, as soon as I set down this new rug, the whole space came alive.  

machine washable foyer rug

You guys all know my love for washable rugs, and since people are coming in and out of the front door frequently, it’s the perfect choice for a washable rug like this. 

And by washable, I mean, throw in your washing machine washable.  

Yes, seriously.  

This is the rug we chose.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s just the right amount of colors.  And it’s washable!  Oh, did I already mention that?  

close up of a red foyer rug, washable rug
Ruggable Rug
foyer room with a red rug
Ruggable Rug

Here’s a true story. 

We haven’t been in this house that long.  And the day after I got this rug, my dog Sasha barfed on it. 

In TWO places.  

It’s hard to be mad at this face though. And I suppose she WAS sick. Or something.

wheaten terrier dog laying on hardwood floors
foyer rug on dark hardwood floors

I saw it and said:  “Are you serious, Clark?”  National Lampoons reference but same sentiment.  

What is it with this family and the barfing all over my rugs?  Ughhhh.

But it’s ok.  Because this rug is washable (sorry).  And after I washed it up, I stuck it back down in our foyer.  It’s as good as new.  

washable foyer rug plus rug picks

Ruggable has recently come out with new patterns and their Farmhouse Collection which is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and I want so many of these rugs.  

Ruggable Rug Picks 2020

Here are a few of my favorite washable rug picks for you!  Click on any photo for more information.

Our Machine Washable Foyer Rug + New Rug Picks - Our beautiful new Machine Washable Foyer Rug + Favorite Rug Picks.

Feel free to drop me a line and ask me anything about my experience with these rugs.  We are true fans and I highly recommend them!

Xo Karen