Make these DIY Leather Drawer Pulls in 5 Minutes

You can make these DIY leather drawer pulls in 5 minutes flat! All you need are a few simple tools and some scrap leather.

One of the things we love about our new kitchen is this shoe bench area right near our back door. It’s a great place to sit and kick your shoes off – and then simply drop them in this huge shoe bin!

Make these budget friendly DIY Leather Drawer Pulls in 5 Minutes Flat! #diy #cabinetpulls #homedecorideas #kitchendiyideas
Make these budget friendly DIY Leather Drawer Pulls in 5 Minutes Flat! #diy #cabinetpulls #homedecorideas #kitchendiyideas

The only problem was that it was really difficult to open. I had trouble with it and my kids definitely couldn’t open it on their own – which meant they never put their shoes away.

Well not anymore!

My husband had the idea to install a little leather drawer pull and attach it to the top. Here’s what you need to make it.

Materials Needed

  • Scrap Leather or Leather Strips
  • Screw and Washer – (Tip :Make sure the screw is sized correctly for the depth of your cabinet or drawer – we didn’t want the screw poking out the other side so we bought one smaller than the width of the cabinet.)
  • Drill with appropriate drill bit
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape Measure

How to Make DIY Leather Drawer Pulls

I broke this down into baby steps. But trust me – this is a very quick project!

Cut down your leather fabric to the size you want

Step 1 : Cut your leather down to the strip size you want. Fold it in half so the ends meet to make a loop. This is handle part of the leather drawer pull.

Step 2 : Drill or poke a small hole in the leather where you will attach it to your drawer.

Make a hole in your leather fabric for the screw to fit

Step 3 : Measure your drawer and mark where you want your leather pull to be. We wanted ours to be right in the center.

Remember – measure twice, drill once. 🙂

Measure your drawer to find the center

Step 4 : Drill a hole into your cabinet where you want to attach the leather pull.

Drill your drawer pull into the drawer

Step 5 : Take your leather loop and insert your screw with the washer through the hole you made previously. Drill or screw your leather pull to your drawer.

Tip : Make sure to straighten your leather drawer pull before you tighten it all the way to the cabinet (it may twist around while drilling).

Drill your drawer pull into the drawer
Drill your drawer pull into the drawer

And that’s it!

This shoe bin is so easy to open now thanks to a simple DIY leather drawer pull. And it only cost about $6 to make and it took less than 5 minutes to complete. I love these kinds of projects.

Leather Drawer Pull

Can you believe how easy this was?

And yes, my kids can open this shoe bin now. That’s definitely a win for us parents.

Make these budget friendly DIY Leather Drawer Pulls in 5 Minutes Flat! #diy #cabinetpulls #homedecorideas #kitchendiyideas

So – if you are struggling with a tough drawer or just want to add a little flair to the design – consider these inexpensive DIY leather drawer pulls.

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