Make your Life easier with these 7 smart home updates

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Hi, friends!  Can you believe we are almost out of February?  Time is really flying this year.  Lucky for us this winter – it’s been pretty sunny out here!  Which is soooo nice.  But it’s also been freezing cold.  That bright sunshine is really making me want Spring though.  I am ready to get my hands dirty with spring planting!  Now will this frost just go away already??  I have a few diy’s in the works (coming soon) and I thought in the meantime I would share these super clever smart home updates.  They are all available on Amazon and don’t take much to put them in your house.

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1.  ecobee Smart Thermostat

Make your Life easier with these 7 easy to install smart home updates

We do have the ecobee smart thermostat with sensors in our house and we like it a lot.  For me, there was a bit of a learning curve to using it.  Actually, I still don’t really use it!  My husband is much more into the tech stuff than I am.  I know that the Nest Smart Thermostat is a popular option as well.  For us, we really wanted those smart sensors that you could put in individual rooms to control the temperature.  In an old, drafty house, we wanted to make sure we were all comfortable – especially in the kids rooms.  This helps manage those hot and cold spots in the house.  According to ecobee, you can also save money on your heating and cooling costs with this thermostat.  We haven’t realized that savings quite yet, but I will tell you we like our home toasty warm in the winter.  It does work with the Alexa and you can control the temperature from your phone too.  We don’t really use all the bells and whistles with it yet- but it’s nice to know you can!

2.  Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Make your Life easier with these 7 easy to install smart home updates

Who here has gone to bed after a long, hard day only to wake up to that awful chirping from your dang smoke detector?  Only, you don’t know which particular one it is so you are literally walking around your house at 2am doing the “stop and listen”.  ughhhh.  Or –  getting up on a ladder twice a year to change the batteries out even if they don’t need it is a total buzzkill.  This Nest Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm solves that issue and more!  From your device, it will alert you when batteries are running low and specifically which detector it is way before it starts the chirping.  You can easily silence the smoke alarm too.  This comes in handy when we’ve burned something on the stove.  We’ve all been there!  Another neat feature though, is that it can alert you while you’re away from home when something is amiss.  There are a lot of other features here too (like working with your other nest devices) but this one is definitely worth checking out more.

3.  Top Greener USB Charger Outlet

Make your Life easier with these 7 easy to install smart home updates

Technically, these next two outlets don’t really fall in the “smart” home category.  But – they are super clever and will make your life easier.  Nothing screams – “my home is updated!” more like one of these fancy usb outlets.  At least that’s what I always assume when I see one of these in someone’s house.  In this device filled world that we live in, it’s so handy to be able to charge your devices while still leaving open space for other appliances.  You could always just install a few of these in the “hotspots” of your house.  You know – where you usually end up charging stuff anyways.   And in your guest room!  What a nice touch for those visiting. 🙂

4.  SnapPower Guidelight

Make your Life easier with these 7 easy to install smart home updates

This is another one of those cool outlets that free up space for you.  Now you don’t have to plug in a nightlight anymore!  This energy-efficient nightlight outlet installs easily – as in installs in mere seconds!  Definitely adding this to a few areas of our house.

5.  Ring Video Doorbell

Make your Life easier with these 7 easy to install smart home updates

With the Ring Video Doorbell, now you can see, hear and speak to anyone at your door from anywhere – even while you’re at work.  You can run it off a battery or install it with your existing doorbell wiring.  This will alert you via your phone when someone is at your door as well.  And it works with Alexa!

6.  Wemo Smart Plug

Make your Life easier with these 7 easy to install smart home updates

The Wemo Smart Plug is a neat little device that you plug into your existing outlets.  It works with your wi-fi so you can turn lights on and off with your phone and you can schedule appliances or lights to come on and off at certain times automatically.  This can easily take the place of those clunky timers that are so friggin’ hard to figure out!  Works with the Nest, Alexa, and Google Assistant and IFTTT.   (IFTTT, is a web-based app that basically goes “if this happens, then that happens.”  You can set it up to trigger different events.  I use it for blogging stuff but they have TONS of options.  Love it!!)

7.  Simplisafe

The last thing I wanted to mention is the Simplisafe alarm system.  We have this at our home and find it to be easy to use.  We actually never had an alarm before Simplisafe.  The monthly cost and yearly contracts were a turn off.  With Simplisafe, you basically get the same thing for half the cost with no contract at all.  No drilling or tools needed.  You order what you need too – they have a bunch of different options.  You can control the alarm from anywhere (via your cell phone) and get text alerts as well.

These home devices are pretty cool, right? I can’t wait to see what comes out next!

Xo Karen