The Mattress that Changed Everything

The Mattress that Changed Everything — A review of our new mattress! See what mattress we got and how ordering a mattress online worked out for us.

This post is a sponsored review of Idle Mattress. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

One project that my husband Sean and I are excited to spruce up is our bedroom.  We finally have that grown-up bedroom we always wanted!  Yay!  

Only …

We’ve been sleeping on the same mattress for almost 9 years.  (Ideally, you should be replacing your mattress every 6-8 years!)

And maybe it wasn’t noticeable at first.  Life was busy with young kids and jobs.  Waking up tired with sore backs was just the way it was supposed to be.  Wasn’t it?

I feel like sleep is one of those things you take for granted until you’re actually sleep-deprived.  I came to realize how important a good night’s rest was with our colicky newborn.  The lack of sleep literally changed me as a person.  Luckily, we have recovered from that.  (Although, I might have gum disease from the constant shushing.)  

However, that feeling of just being tired, not refreshed in the morning, and those achy backs?  Not so much.  

With our new house, we decided to start fresh and treat ourselves to a brand new mattress!  

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The Mattress that Changed Everything

I reached out to Idle Mattress to see if they wanted to partner with me on this bedroom refresh.  And lucky for me, they did!  

But why Idle Mattress?

Simply because, they have the best value, warranty, and mattress trial of any company out there.  And that was really important to us.  

Idle offers a full 18 month home trial, risk-free!  Yes, that means you can actually sleep on their mattress for a full year and a half and they will still take it back.  They also offer free shipping and returns (including Hawaii and Alaska).  

Their warranty without end means they cover your mattress forever, including body impressions and sag.  That’s something most other mattress companies don’t do.  

idle mattress review 
idle mattress

Idle offers 5 different types of mattresses in medium and luxury firmness. We decided to go with their Gel Plush mattress.  We wanted a thick mattress that’s firm but also soft.  

Unboxing Video

The mattress arrived in a matter of days in a big heavy box (including two free pillows!).  The mattress is coiled and securely wrapped in plastic. 

We pulled it out of the box and my husband helped me carry it up the stairs.  Idle also gives you a little plastic cutter and a guide for setting up your new mattress

I’m proud to say I was able to unwrap it and get it on the bed all by myself!  See for yourself …

There was no smell like I’ve heard with some other mattresses.  Idle doesn’t pack your mattress until it’s ready to ship, so it’s not sitting in the box coiled up for long.  They also use top-quality materials, like their certified foam which is nontoxic.  

Sleeping on the New Mattress

I’ll be honest, the first night felt very weird.  

The mattress felt hard and different and we were unsure if this was really going to work out.  I’m a back and side sleeper and it felt strange to change sides.  Almost like it took too much effort. My husband is a stomach sleeper and said the same thing.  

idle mattress review

We were talking about it that next morning when suddenly I realized.  There was no back pain.  For the first time in years, we didn’t wake up achy.  Ok, so maybe this will work out!  After the third night, the mattress felt a bit softer.

mattress review

It sounds very cliche but I can honestly say after sleeping on it for weeks this mattress has changed everything. 

the mattress that changed everything

We no longer wake up with back pain.  We wake up feeling more refreshed. I feel totally supported at night, ( I used to feel gaps under my back with the old mattress, know what I mean?)  Our kids agree!  

idle mattress review - kids jumping on bed
idle review

I love crawling into bed at night.  I’m so happy with our choice and highly recommend Idle

They offer payment plans and have frequent sales so if you’ve been on the fence, definitely look into their offerings. 

This is the perfect way to start off our new grown-up bedroom!

xo Karen