Modern Boho Home Decor

There’s a lot of buzz about modern boho home decor.  Let’s dive into this a little more today.  And let’s explore some easy ways to add a little bohemian style to your decor.

When I think of boho chic decor, I think easy, breezy, casual, artistic, worldly, and colorful.  I tend to gravitate to more muted and neutral tones, but I always try to break out of my shell.  This could be an excellent way to inject a little personality and color into our too-muted rooms.  Here are some easy ways to add some modern boho home decor.

Modern Boho Home Decor Ideas

Try incorporating a few of these into your home, and you’ll be rocking the modern boho look in no time.

One // Add plants

If there is one thing constant in all bohemian decor, it’s plants.  Every room is filled with lush greenery.  Taking care of plants can be a crazy hard job if you have a lot of fussy ones (haha).   

A tasteful variety of plants dotted throughout the room or a large fiddle leaf to anchor the room is a beautiful addition. And go faux if you don’t have a green thumb.   There are some tremendous faux plants out there.

Add plants to your spaces
Pinterest / Source Unknown

Two // Add texture

Another trait of boho decor is texture.  Whether hanging a cool piece of macrame artwork on the wall or layering a vintage rug on top of a chunky jute one – the room has to have texture.  It has to have that casual, easy, and comfortable vibe.

Other ideas: sheepskin, fur or crochet pillows, tassels, baskets, leather ottomans, and chunky knit throws.

Three // Add Something Vintage

The best boho-styled rooms I’ve seen have a collected look to them.  It’s an eclectic mix of old, vintage furniture and decor pieces that might have been hand-me-downs or picked up from travels.

This is a great way to display some cherished family heirlooms.  Or, throw down a colorful vintage rug!

Four // Mix Patterns and Prints

With boho style, mixing patterns and prints is very encouraged.  If you keep a neutral backdrop to your walls and furniture, you can add several prints and patterns without overwhelming the space.

Five // Add Some Pillows

To bring it home, throw some colorful tribal pillows onto your sofa or bed.  Shibori, mud cloth, and Moroccan-inspired pillows are perfect for this decor style.