Modern Boho Home Decor

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Do you love modern boho home decor? Here are 5 easy ways to give your home the look!

There’s definitely a lot of buzz out there about boho-chic home decor or modern boho home decor.  Let’s dive into this a little more today.  And let’s explore some easy ways you can add a little bohemian style into your decor.

When I think of boho chic decor, I think easy, breezy, casual, artistic, worldly and colorful.  I personally tend to gravitate to more muted and neutral tones, but I’m always trying to break out of my shell.  This could be a good way to inject a little personality and color into those too muted rooms we have.  Here are some easy ways to add some modern boho home decor.

Modern Boho Home Decor Ideas

Try incorporating a few of these into your home and you’ll be rocking the modern boho look in no time.

One // Add plants

If there is one thing that is a constant in all bohemian decor – it’s plants.  Every room is filled with lush greenery.  Taking care of plants can actually be a crazy hard job if you have a lot of fussy ones (haha).   

A tasteful variety of plants dotted throughout the room or a large fiddle leaf to anchor the room is a wonderful addition.

And go faux if you don’t have a green thumb.   There are some great faux plants out there.

Add plants to your spaces
Pinterest / Source Unknown

Two // Add texture

Another trait of boho decor is texture.  Whether it’s hanging a cool piece of macrame artwork on the wall, or layering a vintage rug on top of a chunky jute one – the room has to have texture.  It has to have that casual, easy and comfortable vibe to it.

Other ideas: sheepskin, fur or crochet pillows, tassels anything, baskets, leather ottomans, and chunky knit throws.

Three // Add Something Vintage

The best boho styled rooms I’ve seen have a collected look to them.  It’s an eclectic mix of old, vintage furniture and decor pieces that might have been hand-me-downs or picked up from travels.

This is a great way to display some cherished family heirlooms.  Or, simply throw down a colorful vintage rug!

Four // Mix Patterns and Prints

With boho style, mixing patterns and prints is very encouraged.  If you keep a neutral backdrop to your walls and furniture, then you can easily add a number of different prints and patterns without overwhelming the space.

Five // Add Some Pillows

To really bring it home – throw some colorful tribal pillows onto your sofa or bed.  Shibori, mud cloth, and Moroccan inspired pillows are perfect for this decor style.  Even better if they have some texture to them, like these beautiful pillows below from Anthropologie.

How do you guys feel about modern boho home decor?

Thank you for reading!

xo Karen