My Favorite Acrylic Organizers For your Whole House

Discover my favorite acrylic organizers to keep your whole house organized!

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A new year is here!  Yippee!  That means a fresh start.  Do you know how they say that you found your passion when it makes you forget to eat?  Well, for me one of those passions is definitely organizing. 

Thank god my kids are home with me otherwise I might go a whole day without a morsel of food!  I just love to organize.  And I’m especially excited about organizing around this time of year. 

Something about packing away those holiday decorations.  I just get a boost of motivation to clear out the clutter and start organizing.  So, be prepared to see a deluge of organizing posts.  Let’s start off with my favorite acrylic organizers!  Here’s a little cheat sheet to pin later.

My Favorite Acrylic Organizers for your whole house!

 So, I recently cleaned out and organized my whole makeup stash.  Ladies – we know how icky and gross we can let that become.  When it was all said and done, I felt really proud of my efforts.  And my new, clean makeup area!  (And yes, I realize how lame that sounded). 

My Favorite Acrylic Organizers

Anyways, the products I am talking about are these clear acrylic bins from MDesign.   I also really love these acrylic organizers from InterDesign.  I use both!  I’m obsessed.  I have them all over my house.  And there are probably a dozen more on my wishlist.  I just think they look so neat and clean.  And you can find uses for them everywhere.  Here’s how I use mine.

In the Pantry

The thing that made the biggest difference in my pantry organization? 

Getting rid of all the boxes and packaging.  Organizing is so much easier when you are dealing with individual items.  It’s also a lot easier to keep everything together that way. And it makes it easier to buy in bulk. 

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You don’t have to deal with storing a massive-sized box.  When I get home from the store, I take all the items out of the boxes and just recycle the boxes.  I use these clear acrylic bins to store the items.

You can see through them and the kids can easily grab whatever snack they want.  It’s also handy to just open the pantry and quickly take stock of what needs to be refilled.  You can find various sizes to fit your pantry perfectly and they can be stacked!

I use mine to hold applesauce, individual oatmeal packets, nutrigrain bars, raisins, and whatever else the kids and hubby are into at the moment.  Packing lunches are a breeze too because I can just grab and go!

Acrylic Organizers : Use these clear bins to organize kids snacks, like applesauce, fruit cups and nutrigrain bars.

I also love these mini stacking units.  They are perfect for smaller sizes, like fruit snacks and fruit cups.  You are essentially doubling your space too.  Here’s a closeup.

Stacking Acrylic Organizers : Use these clear bins to organize kids snacks, like applesauce, fruit cups and nutrigrain bars.

Last but not least, is the good ol’ lazy susan.  I got the divided one but they also sell them without the divider.  By the way, this says it’s for the office but really it’s the same thing and can be used anywhere.  I use it to hold all my cooking oils, vinegar, and sauces.  A quick spin of this thing and I can find exactly what I need at the moment.

Here’s a tip – these lazy susans definitely spin better on a flat, hard surface.  Our one pantry has the wire shelves and it works, but not as well.  I tested it on our kitchen counters and it spins perfectly that way.  So, just something to keep in mind.  For me, it’s worth it to deal with the slightly less spin aspect for the great organization.  We might not always have wire shelves either.

Lazy Susan in pantry

In the Fridge

These same plastic bins can also be used in the fridge and freezer.  I love them in our fridge!  All those darn yogurts now have a home!  And I also use one to store our salad dressings.  When I make a salad for dinner, I can just pull the whole thing out of the fridge and we can all take what we want.  Not to mention – there are no icky, crusted-over spills in our fridge.  The bins are easy to wash out and keep everything contained.  Other ideas for these? Kids drink pouches, cheese sticks, and fruit packs.  I want to get one for my meat drawer as well to keep meats and cheeses separated.

In the Linen Closet

These bins were made to hold medicine.  I recently organized our linen cabinet.  I took these acrylic bins and used them to organize the kids medicine.  This is really handy for us.  When we have sitters, or if our parents are in town watching the kids they can go to the cabinet and find what they need.  I organized the medicine by pain/colds (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, colds, etc) and first aid (rubbing alcohol, bandaids, Neosporin, etc).

In the Bathroom

Finally, I’ll show you the makeup organization!  Before, I kept everything in a makeup pouch.  But it was hard to find what I needed.  I was constantly digging around.  This acrylic makeup organizer holds everything I need.  I even store my day and night moisturizers in there.  If you need more space, you can definitely find bigger versions.

Favorite Acrylic Organizers - keep your makeup organized

Ideally, I’d love to have the clear drawer organizers.  I prefer everything off the counters.  But, we don’t have a vanity in our bathroom.  We just have a long countertop with a sink.  (I’m hoping our renovation will bring us a vanity.)  This specific organizer is from the picture I picked up from Home Goods a few years back. 

These little acrylic organizers can be used everywhere around your house.  Such as in your office, your craft room, and your laundry room.  I’m slowly working my way through the house and will be sure to update this post when I’m done.

Happy Organizing guys!

xo Karen