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I have good news and bad news.  Good news?  We only have about a week and a half before we are back in our home!  I cannot wait.  Bad news?  We will be living in an unfinished house.  I mean, it’s livable.  But there will still be work to be done.   Oh well. 

We tried very very hard, but it just won’t be finished by the time we move back in.  And you know what?  I don’t care.  I just want to be back in my home.  With my things.  Looking at my backyard.  Tucking in my kids at night in their rooms.  Check out an update on our house here

I know a lot of you have Christmas on the brain (I’m partly guilty).  But I just can’t get over how beautiful this Fall season has been.  I mean – look at these trees and leaves!  Thank you, mother nature.  There is something about being outside, breathing in that fresh air, taking in those glorious colors – it’s therapy. Check out this amazing pumpkin patch while you’re at it.

Also therapy for me?  Working on my art.  I’ve been churning out some new designs for my shop.  I’m very proud of the direction my art is going.  And I especially love designing children’s art.  It’s so fun to design.  I hope you like it!  I’m really into art that looks aged and antique. Palette Knife Painting and Watercolors are my favorite designs. I love how adding a gold vintage frame to these types of prints just brings your walls and rooms to life. So beautiful!

I run some frequent sales so it’s best to check back often. Oh yea, and now I also offer print and ship services for various sizes if you would rather not print the art yourself.

I have some fun things planned for next week (yes, Christmasy things).

Thanks for stopping by here today,

xo Karen

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