this Magic DIY Disinfectant Spray Will Make You Want To Clean

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Make this DIY disinfectant spray with just two simple, inexpensive ingredients!

Cleaning and Disinfecting naturally

I’ve learned over the years that the best way to keep a clean house is to keep the cleaning process simple. That includes keeping a simple collection of cleaning supplies. Most of us have WAY too many products. And this is why I love this homemade cleaner – it does a multitude of cleaning jobs for you.

Today, I’m sharing my go-to homemade disinfectant spray. It’s so easy and inexpensive to make.

It’s magic!

It’s just two simple ingredients that you might already have at home.

While I don’t believe we always need to be disinfecting everything in our home (exception: always the bathroom), there are certainly times when it’s an absolute must. These probably sound familiar. Ever cook with raw meat? Or have someone sick in your house (including you) or have guests over, maybe even have a pet do his business in the house?

Yeeeahhhh. Then you need this cleaner.

Cleaning and Disinfecting - two ingredients to make this cleaner.

My homemade version uses two ingredients – Rubbing Alcohol and Water. That’s it!

I’ve really been cutting down on our usage of chemical-laden commercial cleaners. And that’s what prompted me to make my own natural disinfectant spray.

However, when I first started making this spray, there was so much conflicting information on the internet about what to use and this vs. that.

So, I decided to go to my favorite source for all my chemical questions – my Dad (he has his Master’s in Biochemistry). Basically, he confirmed what I was already thinking. That ethanol alcohol (like Vodka), will kill germs, especially at higher proofs.

DIY Disinfectant Spray Recipe

Before we get into the fun stuff, a word of caution. Please read this carefully!

  • Rubbing alcohol has an odor. Use this in a well-ventilated area. I open a window if I can while using. I find the smell dissipates quickly. But if you have a very sensitive nose, it might bug you. Just a little.
  • It’s flammable – use with some care. Don’t use this near your stove or in your oven or toaster.
  • Do not drink rubbing alcohol folks.
  • LABEL your Spray Bottle Immediately. You might think you will remember, but sometimes we don’t. Better to be safe than sorry. Label the bottle right away so you always know what’s inside.


  • 1 part Rubbing Alcohol (70%)
  • 1 part Water

Combine one part rubbing alcohol and one part water in a spray bottle. Shake and use with a lint-free cleaning cloth. Make sure to label your bottle for future uses.

Fun Facts about Disinfecting

  • Hand Sanitizers usually contain 60% alcohol.
  • Rubbing Alcohol (also known as Isopropyl Alcohol) contains between 60% and 90% alcohol, typically. 70% is the sweet spot.
  • To kill the most germs, viruses, and bacteria, you need at least 50% alcohol.
DIY Disinfectant Spray

11 Reasons Why This Cleaner is MAGICAL

  1. It dissolves dirt, oil and sticky messes (like hairspray!)
  2. It dries streak-free and almost instantly.
  3. It’s pretty cheap to make.
  4. It keeps your car windows frost-free. Just spray (1/3 rubbing alcohol to 2/3 water) and magically watch the ice disappear.
  5. It cleans and shines up Stainless Steel.
  6. It works as a streak-free mirror cleaner (use with a lint-free cloth.) Truly magical.
  7. It leaves Chrome Fixtures and Sinks Sparkling Clean.
  8. It cleans and prevents Mold and Mildew in the shower.
  9. Ummm, it disinfects. Need I say more?
  10. It cleans a Dry Erase Board. Easily.
  11. It removes sticker residue (yep – like your own homemade goo gone).

Vodka versus Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning

After reading this, you may be wondering, what is better to use for disinfecting?

Actually, both higher proof Vodka and Rubbing Alcohol are pretty darn effective at germ busting. If you can’t stand using Vodka to clean – use Rubbing Alcohol. If you don’t like the smell of Rubbing Alcohol – use Vodka.

What about Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide?

Vinegar is effective at germ busting also (at 5% acetic acid concentration). My husband and kids can’t stand the smell though. It can also damage some natural stone surfaces, like granite and marble.

And yep – peroxide will also kill germs. But it can bleach! So it’s best to save this one for other uses in my opinion.

For instance, we have a white fabric shower liner that can get kind of gross (TMI?) – peroxide is great at making this liner look brand new again! I simply hand wash and soak the liner in a mixture of peroxide, water, and mild dish soap. Then launder as normal.

It comes out sparkling clean!

Cleaning Naturally.

How to Use this Spray

Use this spray with a lint-free microfiber cloth or a clean, dry paper towel.

Here’s some ideas for where to use this cleaner …

  • Bathroom: Sinks, Mirrors, Chrome Fixtures, Toilet (including the seat and cover), floors
  • Kitchen: Stainless Steel appliances (not in the oven or toaster), sink, chrome fixtures, and countertops
  • Doorknobs, handles, cabinet hardware, light switches
  • Remote controls
  • Soak your sponges and cleaning cloths to disinfect.
  • Computer Keyboard and mouses
  • Cell Phone and Tablets. Spray a cloth and then wipe tech down nightly with the cloth.
  • Dry Erase Boards
  • Car windows to keep them frost-free in winter!
Disinfect Doorknobs

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So you don’t need to buy a cleaner full of nasty chemicals! Make yourself a spray bottle of this DIY disinfectant spray and you’ll be all set. Make sure you label your Spray Bottle for future uses.

Happy Disinfecting!

xo Karen

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