Natural Fiber Rugs – Don’t make this mistake

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This is a sad tale. Kind of.  Remember how I told you guys that we all got this horrible stomach bug this past week? Well, unfortunately, my son (poor thing) threw up on our sisal rug in the hallway – the rug I love so much! The one I just bought a few months ago.    I will spare you more details on the virus we had.  And I will get into exactly how I ruined mine so you can learn from my mistakes (and no it wasn’t the vomit that did it in).  I’ve done the research on natural fiber rug care and also found some beautiful natural fiber rugs for a great value.  This post is everything you wanted to know about Natural Fiber Rugs!

Natural Fiber Rug Care : How I Ruined Mine (Plus Some Great Rug Buys)

Why Natural Fiber Rugs?

  • They are relatively affordable.  You can usually get a decent quality natural fiber rug for a good price.  I’m talking big sizes too – 8×10.  Of course, if you go to one of the more luxury brands you will pay more.  But there are also great options at the other end of the spectrum.  See some examples below!
  • They go with a lot of different decor styles.  Whether you are traditional, boho – electic, rustic modern, whatever – there is a natural fiber rug out there for you!
  • They bring instant warmth and texture to a room.  These rugs have an earthy, relaxed quality to them.
  • They are durable – when properly cared for (cough), natural fiber rugs can last a long time in a home.  And because they never really go out of style, you can buy a nice rug and expect to have it for years to come.
  • They are good for allergy sufferers.  Did you guys know that natural fiber rugs can trap allergens that are floating around in the air of your home? Then you just vacuum them up! They are actually better than plain hardwood floors for this reason.
Natural Fiber Rug Care : How I Ruined Mine (Plus Some Great Rug Buys)

Popular Types of Natural Fiber Rugs

  • Jute – This is also the same fiber used to make burlap.  They are the softest of the natural fiber rugs but not as durable.
  • Sisal – Sisal comes from the agave plant and is used to make rope and twine  – it’s strong and durable, but less comfy underfoot.  Best for high traffic areas, like entryways and hallways.  Can stain easily and become permanently discolored with spills.
  • Hemp – Naturally dark brown in color but can be dyed.  They are very durable but may shed the most of all natural fiber rugs.  They do soften over time.
  • Seagrass – Very strong and durable.  Great for high traffic areas.  Seagrass rugs resist stains and discoloring and will last you years.  If you get seagrass wet, it will eventually go back next it’s original color.
Natural Fiber Rug Care : How I Ruined Mine (Plus Some Great Rug Buys)

How to Care for Natural Fiber Rugs

  • All natural fiber rugs will shed a bit or more.  Vacuum regularly.  Try not to use a beater bar (I’m guilty on that one and my rug is still ok.  My other jute rug that is.)
  • Clean up spills and stains immediately!  Blot with a damp clean cloth.  BLOT.  NEVER SOAK.  Extreme moisture can cause a natural fiber rug to discolor and warp.  A solid stain can be scraped away with a knife.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals, like bleach on these rugs.  Follow the advice of the manufacturer for stain solutions.
  • Some natural fiber rugs have a mix of different fibers and they are easier to clean and can take more moisture.  You have to read the descriptions carefully when purchasing a rug like this.
  • When in doubt, take it to a professional rug cleaning company.
  • USE AT YOUR OWN RISK:  Through my research, I’ve heard of people removing stains with the following: 1) Dawn dish soap and water mixture 2) Club soda for red wine stains and the like 3) Woolite Oxyclean solution 4) Dry cleaning powder
  • I repeat – DO NOT SOAK YOUR RUG IN WATER. With sisal, even a drop of water can discolor the rug!

Did you guys figure out what happened yet?  Yep.  I’m an idiot.  When my son barfed, I soaked and rinsed it off and the rest is history.  My beautiful runner is now permanently stained to this.  The brown stain is on the left side and it shrunk too!   You might be saying, How did you not know that sisal can’t get wet???  I don’t know!  But I figured maybe this post would help someone out there in my shoes?  🙂

Natural Fiber Rug Care : How I Ruined Mine (Plus Some Great Rug Buys)

 Natural Fiber Rug Care - find out how I ruined mine so you don't ruin yours!

  1.  Jute rug – (top left side) – Overstock great buy!
  2. Seagrass Rug with Border (top right side) – The border comes in different colors.  Remember, seagrass is durable and resists stains 🙂  Love this rug – so affordable!
  3.  Rug from Amazon (bottom left) – actually comes in different colors.  Jute and Sisal via the description.  Popular.  I’ve seen this rug on various blogs too!
  4. Ballard Designs Diamond Jute Rug (bottom right) – the rug I ruined.  🙁 Now I know better.  But it’s still a beautiful rug and I would buy it again for sure.  It does come in different sizes.

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Talk to you guys soon!

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