12 Oversized Floor Mirrors You’ll Love

A roundup of the best oversized floor mirrors online today. These are those beautiful arched, full-length floor mirrors that you can lean up against the wall for a statement decor piece!

I think every bedroom needs one of these oversized leaning floor mirrors. Actually, I think most rooms (including hallways) could benefit from them too.

Mirrors are such a great way to bounce the light around a room and make a room feel larger. Not to mention they are helpful as you’re running out the door for that last-minute look.

These oversized floor mirrors are becoming so popular that I thought a roundup was in order! So, I’m including the popular floor mirrors here that you may have seen on Instagram, as well as the knockoff ones that cost less (but you won’t be able to tell).

Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror
Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror

All of these have good reviews so you can’t go wrong with any of them. I organized this post into arched floor mirrors and square-edged to make it easier to find the one you want.

KEY THINGS TO CONSIDER before getting a floor mirror:

  • THEY ARE HEAVY. Make sure you have help bringing this into the house and getting it where it needs to be – these things can weigh up to 200lbs or more!
  • Most of the them are not meant to be hung. Because of their large size and weight, expect to lean these mirrors against the wall. Choose a smaller size if you need something hung on the wall (for safety reasons).
  • It’s an investment. Think of these floor mirrors just like you would a sectional sofa – it’s furniture and it’s an investment. Expect to pay over $300 for quality oversized floor mirrors, and even into the thousands for the high end retailers.

—> Square-Edged Oversized Floor Mirrors <—

Amazon Floor Mirror

A roundup of the best oversized floor mirrors on the market today!
Image via Amazon.com

This floor mirror from Neutype stands at an impressive 71 inches tall and 34 inches wide- but they have so many options for finishes and sizes that it’s worth looking into. Everything from black, gold, and silver finishes to arched and square-edged. If you want a shorter, but a wider mirror – they have that too. Over 2600 great reviews!

Shop the Neutype Mirror here.

OMG – this floor mirror is GIANT. One of the largest in height and width on my list here at 78×48 inches! And also the middle of the road on price. This mirror comes in brass, silver, black, white, or wood finishes – in a sleek thin frame that looks modern and clean.

Shop the CB2 Infinity Floor Mirror here.

Holy Mirror! This whopper of a mirror comes in at 78 inches tall and 34 inches wide and is one of West Elm’s bestsellers. It’s meant to be leaned against the wall anywhere in your home where you can fit this bad boy. It cannot be hung so keep that in mind. Also comes in a variety of finishes and other sizes, but go big or go home is what I always say.

Shop the West Elm Oversized Floor Mirror here.

This one also comes in a variety of finishes and sizes, the largest being 71×34 inches. Almost 500 good reviews on this mirror; with buyers stating that it was packaged extremely well and raving about how this mirror looks high-end and doesn’t cause distortion.

Shop the Overstock Floor Mirror here.

A beautiful mirror! The frame is made of iron, handcrafted, and slightly antiqued, and will add character to any room you put it in. It’s meant to be leaned – no mounting hardware is included. This floor mirror comes in at an impressive 78×36 inches. A real statement maker!

Shop the Berke Mirror here.

—> Oversized Arched Floor Mirrors <—

If you need a LARGE AND IN CHARGE arched floor mirror, then you won’t be disappointed with the Kira from Wayfair. Coming in at … wait for it … 83x48inches! This mirror not only comes in black, but white, brass and PINK. This is one of the most popular mirrors on Wayfair with a 4.8 rating. Take a look at the customer photos too – this thing is a stunner. You can’t go wrong!

Shop the Kira Arched Floor Mirror here.

Do you want a mirror that’s taken the design world by storm? Do you want a floor mirror that’s 84 inches high and 64 inches wide (and 200lbs!)? Do you want a floor mirror with a 4.7-star rating? Do you want a floor mirror with a variety of finishes? Then – this GORGEOUS gleaming primrose mirror is for you.

Shop the Gleaming Primrose Mirror here.

Looking for Primrose Mirror Dupes? I got you right here.

The Selene Mirror comes in one size only – a generous 65 inches x 55 inches wide. Yes, it’s almost as wide as it is tall! Just imagine the amount of light and character this ginormous mirror will add to your rooms. The frame, which comes in either black or gold, has a rounded edge on it. It looks very art-moderne cool.

Shop the Selene Extra Large Mirror here.

This one is also a biggie at 82 inches tall and 40 inches wide. Constructed with a beautiful arched, stainless steel frame and shatterproof – it will command attention in any room.

Shop the Gala Arched Floor Mirror here.

This one is not as large as say the Primrose, but it has such a unique art-deco, vintage look to it that I had to put this on the list. It’s still an impressive 78×48 inch arched mirror and comes in under $800. A real value and so beautiful!

Shop the Nouveau Floor Mirror here.

I saw this one used on Chris Loves Julia and thought it was so beautiful and simplistic. This floor mirror is rated for bathroom use and comes with anti-tip hardware as well. It commands attention at 72 inches tall and 50 inches wide and also features an aged brass or oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Shop the Rejuvenation Aged Brass Mirror here.

And last but certainly not least, this gorgeous Distiller Arched Floor Mirror from Pottery Barn. It stands at 82 inches tall and 30 inches wide. And this will fill any corner with window vibes! Wherever you wish you had a long window – this will do the trick. I love that it’s modeled after an old Distillery Window.

Shop the Distiller Arch Floor Mirror here.

So that wraps up the list for these oversized floor mirrors.

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12 Oversized Floor Mirrors You'll Love

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