The Best Parisian Bistro Chairs – Updated List 2019

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Paris Bistro Chairs  – the best places to find them and the best prices!  These beautiful Parisian bistro chairs give your rooms that perfect pop of texture and color without the clutter.  

I’ve updated this list with the latest finds for Paris Bistro Chairs!

My husband and I really love these Paris Bistro Chairs.  And I’m so excited and surprised!  Why?  Because we never agree on any design choices! 🙂

It’s actually become a funny running joke between us.

Just last night he said – “I was thinking that maybe we could get a new rug for our living room after the renovation.”

I replied – “Ooooh yea, I’m game.  Can we get something slightly larger?”

He bursts out laughing.

“What?” I asked.

He replied: “I was going to say we should get something a little smaller. “

Ha!  This is how every conversation we have about decorating goes.

And yes, I am married to a man who likes a say in the decorating.  My dad could care less and my mom did alllll the decorating.  With my hubby, it’s definitely a joint decision in many aspects.

So anyway, back to the chairs.  I am totally digging these Parisian Bistro Chairs!  I think they add so much to your room without adding – well, so much.

Ballard designs

I can’t stand clutter so why not bring something in like a cool, interesting chair to turn things up a notch?

These chairs also remind my hubby and me of many dates we had at our favorite French restaurant.  In fact – we had one of our wedding pictures taken at the restaurant.  Yep.  Me in my white gown and him in his tux. 

That’s how much we loved that French Bistro and how much it was a part of our life.

Paris Bistro Chairs roundup – Under $250

There are some amazing finds here – pretty affordable! I’ve updated this list (August 2019) with the latest finds. Walmart, Target, Wayfair, and Amazon seem to have the best and most affordable collection of bistro chairs. The sources for the chairs are all below.

Sources for Bistro Chairs Above

  1. CB2
  2. Anthropologie (SALE!)
  3. Pottery Barn
  4. Serena and Lily
  5. Walmart – stacking
  6. Walmart – set of 2!
  7. Walmart
  8. Walmart
  9. Amazon
  10. Walmart – set
  11. World Market
  12. Target – cheap folding chair for $50!

more Parisian bistro chair options

I’ve also included these chairs and a bunch of others I found below for convenience. These all vary in price range, but there are some really good finds here.

Just click on the photo for more information!

Inspiration for Bistro Chairs

Inside or out, these chairs can be used anywhere!  Mainly around the dining table, but you could also use one in an entryway or the end of a hallway.  Or how about in the corner of a guest room?

You guys I love these chairs so much!

I hope this helps you guys find that Perfect Bistro Chair!

Xo Karen

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