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You guys have to see these adorable playhouse makeovers.  All it takes is a little creativity, some paint and some kiddie decorations.  These playhouse transformations are nothing short of amazing and I hope they inspire you like they have inspired me.  All I can say is – I wish I was a kid again!

I must have summer on the brain because I fell down the internet rabbit hole scooping up these delightful little playhouses.  I just can’t get over how totally creative some people are.  I think you guys will enjoy these!

Amazon sells a lot of these cute playhouses actually.  We had one exactly like this playhouse and it was a hit.  Although – if I had my choice today – I would totally get this one or this one.  These ones are so cute and have so much character.

Playhouse Makeovers

Check out these playhouse makeovers below.

And yes, I got a little carried away with naming them.  You’ve been warned. 🙂 Please click on the caption source to read more about each playhouse!

Modern Masterpiece

Chic and Cozy ‘Tiny House’

Black and White Beauty


‘Far Out’ Surf Shack

Rustic Charmer


Decked and Styled Holiday Playhouse

Reservations Recommended Lemonade Stand

Blue Dream Cottage

Country Cottage

Well?  Do these totally blow your mind?  Yep – me too!

This definitely makes me want to add a little planter or two to my kids outdoor play set.   If you are short on time and budget, I think a couple little planters and a cute kiddie garland go a long way in decorating your playhouses.

I’ll be sure to update you guys when I pretty up our kids playhouse.

Have a great day!

xo Karen

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