Playhouse Makeovers That Spark Joy and Imagination

“From Drab to Fab: Adorable Playhouse Makeovers That Spark Joy and Imagination!”

You have to see these adorable playhouse makeovers. All it takes is some creativity, paint, and kiddie decorations. 

Amazon sells a lot of these cute playhouses. We had one exactly like this playhouse, and it was a hit! You can revamp a playhouse you buy or build one from scratch as an epic wood project.

Playhouse Makeovers

Check out these playhouse makeovers below. And yes, I got a little carried away with the headlines. You’ve been warned. 🙂 Please click on the captioned source to read more about each playhouse.

The Silos

Playhouse Makeovers - Magnolia

This adorable playhouse by Joanna Gaines was made to look just like the Silos. It’s so darn cute!

AC Included

Playhouse Makeovers
Our Faux Farmhouse

This playhouse took six months to build, but it was worth the wait. Can you believe that there’s a TV and motion-activated AC? I could live in this thing!

Architectural Masterpiece

Playhouse Makeovers
Patrick Ahearn

This Southern Charmer, dreamed up by architect Patrick Hearn, has got to be the prettiest darn playhouse I’ve ever seen.

Modern Masterpiece

This one feels like a mid-century modern playhouse. I love the wood slats and slanted roof.

Chic and Cozy ‘Tiny House’

This playhouse is adorable. I love the addition of that hot pink planter! Those rectangular windows at the top bring in more light and add something architecturally interesting.

Black and White Beauties

Playhouse Makeovers That Spark Joy and Imagination
1111 Lighthouse Lane

 There is nothing more classic than black and white paint and wood accents. Gorgeous little houses!

‘Far Out’ Surf Shack

Is it weird that I want to hang out in this house? The aqua paint color is so charming on this house.

Rustic Charmer

 This playhouse has an actual front porch and a slatted roof! Again – that aqua-colored front door is a show stopper. The lights are a perfect finishing touch.

Reservations Recommended Lemonade Stand

I hope you have reservations because this place fills up fast. LOL. My kids would have a blast playing in this playhouse and serving their friends drinks. That garland is so cute!

Blue Dream Cottage

Aqua Playhouse Beach Cottage

A bright blue house with some colorful bunting. What’s not to love!? This feels so beachy!

Country Cottage

If there is anything you can take away from this post, it’s that aqua paint goes far with kids. I love that they added house numbers and a matching blue chair. That welcome mat is a nice touch too.