Playroom Storage : Organizing the Kids Toys

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Hello, friends!  Today I’m showing you our playroom storage and how we organize the kids toys.  I’ve actually been meaning to get this playroom post out for a while.  I wrote a post a while back about how to organize and design the perfect playroom and this is a follow up to that.

We have one of those playroom/TV room combos.  It needs to be a fun room for the kids with easy access to their toys.  But it also needs to function as a place to unwind for the hubby and I.  While this room is not 100% finished, it’s to a point that’s comfortable and we can live with it for a while.

The room itself is an awkward space.  See that door behind the couch?  Weird.  We want to get rid of that.  Soon.  But for now, I’m still putting the couch there.

Everything in this room was chosen with storage in mind.  The ottoman in the middle is actually a storage ottoman.

Playroom Storage : How we Organize the Kids toys! #playroom #organize #kidstoys

The ottoman flips up easily.  We store all our games and puzzles in there.

Use a storage ottoman to hold games and puzzles. #playroom #kidstoys #organize

The TV console holds more kids toys but you would never know it!

How we Organize the Kids toys! #playroom #organize #kidstoys

Each side of this console rolls to the center to reveal shelves.  One side holds stamps, markers and crayons, magnet dolls, and puzzle pieces.  And paper and coloring books!

Use a TV Console to hold kids art stuff, magnets and stamps!

The other side holds magnets, diapers and wipes (because I’m not running all the way upstairs), and wooden puzzles.  The top holds our dvds.

Use the TV console to store kids puzzles, diapers etc.

Tip:  Recycle the plastic cases for DVDs. Then use a CD/DVD case to store all your movies for a fraction of the space!  If the DVD’s themselves are unmarked, you can cut out the title from the DVD like I did below.  Or just write on the DVD with a sharpie.  

This also makes it really easy for the kids to choose a movie!

Take the DVDs out of the cases and store in a CD case. Easy for kids to choose movies!

We are lucky to have a fireplace in the corner!  It makes it extra cozy at night for us.

How we Organize the Kids toys! #playroom #organize #kidstoys

Cute baskets stay out in the room to hold the kids building blocks.

Use Cute Baskets and Bins to store kids building blocks

We are also lucky to have one walk in storage closet.  We keep two cube type storage units in there.  One unit holds fabric bins of blocks, matchbox cards, play food etc.

A cube storage unit can hold kids blocks, play food, matchbox cars etc.

The other storage unit we use to display some of the kids toys for easy access.  They can just pull the toys off when they want to play and easily put them back when they’re done.  (Although that doesn’t always happen!)  And don’t worry – that old malibu lights thingy is disconnected.  One of the charms you get when you buy a 1920s craftsman! 🙂

Try to keep some toys out of bins and super accessible to kids by displaying them on shelves

Tip: Use hooks to take advantage of vertical space where you have it.  

Not shown, the other side of the closet holds large toys that are assembled – like garages and play kitchen stuff.  And hooks to hold play clothes.

We have managed to put some art on the walls in here.  This is one of our favorite large scale pieces of art.  I definitely want to pull some of these colors out of the painting into the room!

We also added a cute table and chair set for the kids when they want to color or have a snack.

Playroom for Children

This was a short but sweet tour and thank you for reading along.  I’m determined to show you guys more of our craftsman this year.  Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Have a great day!

xo Karen

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