Quick Home Refresh: 10 Ways to get out of your Decor Rut

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Hey guys!  What’s new with everyone?  We are just getting over another horrible stomach virus.  Although this time, mom and dad got it.  Just awful.  I feel like we just had one right before summer!  The school germs are real.  

I mustered up enough energy to get this post out because I don’t want to leave you guys hanging!  I have some super fun DIY projects coming up for holidays so stay tuned.  

I have to say that getting back into the swing of school has been tough for us.  My kindergartener is a sleeper and getting everyone up and out the door by 7:30 am – eek. (I do realize that this time may be on the later end for some parents out there so I definitely sympathize.)

It’s nice to be back in some sort of rhythm though.  I feel more productive when I’m not just meandering around the house in the mornings. With that said, let’s all get out of our decor ruts!  You know the feeling.  You walk around your house and everything is just blah.  You hate your design choices, you wonder why you ever bought that pillow or that vase and you want to change everything – if only we had the time and money to change it all!  

Well, here are 10 ways to give your space a quick home refresh and give a little more life to your decor.  These are all cosmetic changes so nothing that will break the bank.

Change out your Bedding

This could be as simple as getting new sheets, or a simple beautiful throw for the end of the bed.  Sometimes even just buying a few new euro shams and switching up the pillow placement can liven up that space enough for us.

Quick Home Refresh : 10 Ways to get out of your Decor Rut

Add New Lighting

I need to do an entire post about the importance of lighting in a home!  I really think lighting is a true art – where to install the recessed lights, where to place lamps and what type of lamps to buy etc.  Have you ever been in a room that is perfectly lighted?  It’s just beautiful.  The glow and warmth of a well-lit room can knock anyone out of their design rut.  

This could be as simple as switching a few lamps around.  Bring in a tripod lamp behind a chair or add a pretty warm burlap shade to one of your existing lamp bases.  Target actually has a great lamp selection!  And put your lights on dimmers – you won’t be sorry.  When you have a TV in a room you need less overhead lighting and more ambient lighting to set the mood and not cast a shadow on your TV.  

I do really love these burlap shades to warm up a space.  These pretty lamps below are from Birch Lane.

Quick Home Refresh : 10 Ways to get out of your Decor Rut

Change out your Pillows

This one is so easy!  I think pillows make such a difference in a room.  Try adding a few pops of color to your decor with pillows, or simply switch out your inserts for down alternative or down pillows to give your room more of that designer feel.  When the house gets blah around here, adding more pillows usually does the trick (the hubby doesn’t usually agree but oh well!)

Freshen up the Bathroom

I don’t mean clean it, but definitely do that if you need to. 🙂  Sometimes, we just need a new shower curtain or bath mat to throw some pep in our decorating steps.  Or, how about a new set of new wall hooks for our towels? It’s cheap and they can change the whole look of the bathroom.  I’m in the process of switching all my towel bars to hooks.  First, they dry better that way and second I think they look better that way!  I am also in the market for some beautiful striped Turkish towels.   Try Amazon or Serena and Lily.  And if you have a little more keesh to work with – then try a new mirror.  And GO BIG.  It will open up that bathroom for you.

This is our downstairs bathroom.  It will eventually need renovating but for now, I stuck a pretty boho-inspired red rug in there to brighten things up.  

Quick Home Refresh : 10 Ways to get out of your Decor Rut

Add Something New to your Entryway

Try a new cylinder vase or basket for your console.  You will walk in and see it every day and it will make you smile.

Try Fresh Flowers and Greenery

If you bought a new cylinder vase for your console, go outside and snip long pieces of greenery from your bushes.  You want height and drama.  Or grab a bunch of fresh tulips (in a punchy color like orange or bright pink) next time you’re at the grocery store.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – nothing makes your home feel more alive like fresh flowers and greenery.

Quick Home Refresh : 10 Ways to get out of your Decor Rut
Quick Home Refresh : 10 Ways to get out of your Decor Rut


Decluttering costs nothing and will make you feel like a new person.  Get a large box and go through each room and the closets.  Start getting rid of stuff.  Things like decor items that are collecting dust, clothes you never wear, toys the kids never play with or they have outgrown, even some furniture pieces!  

I’m dying to redo my laundry room (UPDATE: I did it!) but we have this massive elliptical machine in there (which I use as a drying rack right now lol).  I really need to make a plan to sell it or donate it.  That laundry room will be a whole new room once that machine is outta there.  

Decluttering almost feels like redecorating because you are making room for new stuff or clearing off space that cluttered the room, to begin with.  Do it!

Hang some New Art

It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Some great places for art – Minted and Etsy.  Target has some nice frames and you just need a great print to go with it.  This artwork below is hanging in our dining room.  It’s X-ray photographs of flowers and vines.  Isn’t that cool?  I believe we got these prints and had them framed from Art.com.

Quick Home Refresh : 10 Ways to get out of your Decor Rut

Rearrange your Furniture

This is a biggie and one of the least inexpensive and you will catch me doing this all.the.time.  Simply moving your furniture around can make a huge difference and make the room feel new again.  

I heard this on the interwebs somewhere (can’t remember where) but it really stuck with me.  Every few years we need to “move-in” to our homes again.  Take everything out, clean it, fix items, repaint it and then move all your stuff back in like it was brand new.  

Going back to decluttering for a moment – sometimes just removing one or two items of furniture can open up a world of possibilities.  Most people have too much furniture.  You don’t need to purchase anything new, this is just simple rearranging.  (I’m borderline obsessed with rearranging).

Quick Home Refresh : 10 Ways to get out of your Decor Rut

Spruce up your Kitchen Counters

There are so many ideas to add new life to the kitchen counters and my favorite place to go to for inspiration is Home Goods.  They have a great kitchen section, am I right?  

I hate to say this again but make sure there is not too much cluttering up those counters.  It’s easy to get carried away by having a coffee maker, a toaster, a toaster oven, a microwave, a blender, a food processor, and a bread maker all out on the counter.  Remove the items you use the least amount of the time and put them someplace where it’s easy to whip them out when you need them.  

Add something new if you have space – a new cutting board or basket, a kitchen crock, a new salt, and pepper shaker, etc.  

This photo below is actually our old kitchen in our house before we moved.  Unfortunately – I don’t know who the photographer was that took this otherwise I would totally give credit.  If you are out there – let me know!  Anyways, I like to keep my counters pretty free but not totally bare.

Here’s a super easy and cheap HINT – go buy three or more bottles of Pellegrino or something similar.  They make awesome shelving and kitchen counter display items.

Quick Home Refresh : 10 Ways to get out of your Decor Rut

These are our kitchen shelves which I feel like I’m always rearranging.  But it helps to refresh things around the kitchen.  It’s fun to dress these shelves up seasonally as well.  Can’t wait for the holidays!

Quick Home Refresh : 10 Ways to get out of your Decor Rut

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it gives you some ideas for a quick refresh!  Now it’s back to resting as much as I can with a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old hanging around.  How I wish parents got sick days.  🙂




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