Renovation Update #2

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Hey, guys!  Here’s the latest progress report for our renovation.  If you are just joining me (hi!), you can catch up by reading Renovation Update #1.  

Our new siding install is completed and we just need to choose a color.  I’ll be posting a picture of our choices soon!

The wiring is in for the electrical.  Woot!

Panoramic doors are installed!  They open all the way out …

I can’t wait to get the blue tape off these puppies!

Our little desk nook in the bedroom is also framed out.  The framing on the side is the start of our closet.  I love that original window!

Another view of our closet …

Our stairwell wall is now open and what a difference it makes.  We still have to install a railing but I’m super excited about the progress already!  It completely opened up that space and to my surprise, made those twisting craftsman style stairs feel much easier to navigate.


That’s all to report for now!

xo Karen