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Since this past week we met with some contractors for our upcoming renovation, I thought now would be a good time to update you all.  The renovation isn’t supposed to start until the summer but in the meantime I am collecting ideas.  lots of them.

How beautiful is this kitchen designed by the very talented Nicole Davis Interiors?  Love.Love.Love.

Nicole Davis Interiors

But first, a service announcement.

I changed my blog design.  again.

I just couldn’t stop fiddling with the last design and it was driving me crazy.  Also it was just so slow to load.  It could be my host but I do think it was also all the “stuff” that had to load everytime you went to the website.  I realized that I didn’t want all this fancy stuff and I just didn’t need it.  I wanted a simple looking blog.  So I changed it.  There are a few blogs out there that are just beautiful.  Responsive.  Fast.  I’m sure they cost a fortune because those blogs are really big and popular.  I went with something a little more my style (which is becoming more and more minimal and uncluttered every year).  I hope you like it!

Thanks for sticking with me on this crazy blog journey.

What do you guys think?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments because you are the ones I really want to have stick around and read it. 🙂  Do you like it?  Is there anything you would change?  Or can I make it easier to navigate somehow?  Thanks for your thoughts!

Ok, back to the post.  Here’s the look we are going for (as of right now) for each room!


Our kitchen will be a super wide galley style kitchen.  We are keeping most of our appliances but we will purchase a new fridge and wine fridge.  Oh yea, and  a new vent hood.

The overall style will be pretty clean and timeless.  White shaker cabinets (possibly navy or darker), with quartz countertops and a cement tile backsplash.  It’s going to feel pretty similar to this photo, with the exception of the open shelving and subway tiles.  Isn’t this gorgeous?  This was designed by Heidi Callier Design.  I just love her work!

Heidi Callier Design

We also will have an area set up for a wet bar/coffee bar with a wine fridge and open shelving above.  I love this tile below!  Photo via House Beautiful.  But would probably switch out the white shelving for rustic wood shelves.  I do like a little bit of rustic thrown in the mix.

House Beautiful


Master Bath

Our master bath is going to be small.  I have a to try and find a narrow double vanity somewhere.  We are keeping it as is with a tub/shower combination.  We are just moving the toilet and the door.

I really love the overall feel of this bathroom that was a diy by Chris Loves Julia.  It feels very elegant and clean and modern.  It’s very similar to the layout we have in our bathroom although our door and toilet will be in a different place.  Our door will be on the right side and the toilet will be sitting basically where this person was taking the picture.  I love how they hung towel hooks below the window like that.  So smart and clever!  I’m not sure if you would have that type of flooring or more of a tile closer to what we have now.  You can see a picture of our tile in this hex tile blog post.

I want things to feel modern but still make sense with the overall house – it is a 1920s craftsman after all.

Chris Loves Julia DIY Bathroom



Powder Room

We are getting a  powder room put in with our reno.  It’s going to be teeny tiny.  Which, call me crazy, but I’m really excited about!  I always wanted one of those itty bitty sinks because I think they are so cute and stylish.  We won’t have a window in this bathroom so we need to keep it light and bright.  This powder room is very minimal, but I love the warm tones and overally brightness of it.  They made a good use of space with those shelves too.  Our toilet will probably be a bit more traditional looking.

Powder Room



My hubby and I always wanted red oak flooring with a light walnut stain.  So that’s what we are aiming for.  I’m not sure if we are going to go with engineered wood or solid wood yet.  Similar to these lumber liquidator floors here (although this product is discontinued by Lumber Liquidators).  This picture makes the floors look darker than they actually look in person.  They have a warm quality to them and will really stand out against the white paint we choose (more on that below).

Lumber Liquidators Red Oak Flooring


The bedrooms will all be carpeted most likely.  We had carpet put in the basement and I’ve learned a thing or two since then.  I would not go for such a dark carpet next time.  We thought that with young kids and a dog the dark carpet would be better.  It really hasn’t stained or anything, its just soooo dark looking to me.  I also prefer a much much shorter pile loop carpet (like a berber).  And shorter pile carpet tends to be cheaper too!  It won’t get that smashed down look when you walk on it.  And you can buy the premium carpet pad to make it more cushy.

Shown below is the trafficmaster loop carpet in linen.  I still have to go and get samples but this is the overall look I would love.  Something short pile, bright and with some texture to it.

Home Depot Trafficmaster Loop Carpet in Linen



Benjamin Moore Simply White all day!  Ok, no I’m kidding.  But we are definitely going to go with white paint in most rooms.  I’ve had this particular color , BM simple white that is,  picked out for years so please oh please can I find somewhere to put it?  I also really love Cloud White by BM.  I love that Simply White is more of a softer white.  It’s not sterile or harsh looking.

Here’s an example of Simply White in this beautiful space by Studio McGee.

Studio McGee Simple White



And now for the “pied de risistance. ”  The whole thing that kicked this renovation off in the first place.

Drumroll please….


These doors!  We are going to open up our whole back wall and install these folding doors out to our Trex deck.  La Cantina is the brand of doors that was recommended to us.  They look very similar to these doors in this photo from Rue Magazine.

Rue Magazine Folding Doors La Cantina

We are going to go with a white interior trim to match the rest of the house and perhaps a black exterior??  But not sure about that yet.  We are very excited about these doors!  And thankfully, during the summer it’s mild enough (and not buggy) so we can open them up frequently.

So that’s kind of where our heads are at for right now.  It’s all so exciting and scary at the same time!  I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated and there will be more posts on this once the renovation actually starts.

I can’t wait to get to the decorating phase!

Thanks so much as always for reading.  For more inspiration – follow me on Pinterest!

xo Karen