How to Set up A Home Command Center – the Easy Way

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See how we set up a simple and inexpensive home command center. Plus, get ideas for organizing kids artwork.

Bulletin Board and Calendar

Well, I am still powering through on the organization front!  The sun has been shining the last few days and its putting me in the spring mindset (even though it’s still freezing cold out there.) 

One thing I’ve been meaning to do is set up a home command center.  Specifically for our daughter.  She’s only in kindergarten so it doesn’t need to be too serious – but something to hang her homework calendar, display some of her art that she brings home (everyday we get tons!) and organize important school papers. 

Well, I can cross it off the list because I threw one together this morning and it was surprisingly simple.

Our Home Command Center

With this home command center, there were a few things I had to keep in mind:

  1. It couldn’t be anything too permanent.  Our kitchen will completely change with the renovation, so I needed something temporary, but nice looking!
  2. No drilling holes in any walls!  (see #1)
  3. Hung up high enough so it’s out of my two year olds reach. 
  4. Inexpensive.  No Pottery Barn Wall Organizers! 
  5. Simple and uncluttered.

So to begin, I took everything from her “school pile” and laid it out so I could see what we were working with.  She had a couple calendars (including one with homework), tons of artwork, and a few knick knacks.

I actually don’t like anything hung on my fridge.  It’s a weird habit I hung onto from when I was a realtor.  I told all my seller clients to take everything off the fridge – even the magnets. The home shows so much cleaner without fridge clutter.  We have a wall on the other side of our refrigerator that I chose to put our home command center.  Bingo!

How to Set up a Home Command Center.  Plus Ideas for Kids Artwork


I used a bulletin board that I got from Land of Nod a while back to hold a rotating collection of art.  I hung it up using this velcro.  I use this stuff everywhere!  I don’t know why but it seems like the velcro holds better for me than just the sticky strips.  My bulletin board is 14×14 and is no longer available at Land of Nod.  But I found this bulletin board on Amazon which is similar.  I also found this organizer which I thought was super cute because you get the magnet side too!  Then you can put fun magnets on it.

Home Command Center - Simple Way to Stay Organized.

So anyways, with this I can simply swap out the artwork with what she brings home from school.  I can also use it to hang school memos, important letters etc.

The rest of her art goes in a bin that I will either photograph to make a collage or send to ARTKIVE.  Have you guys heard of it?  For $39 – you can request a box from them, fill it up with your kids art, send it back to them with a prepaid shipping label and they will curate it into a keepsake book of your child’s art.  So clever!  Or you can scan the artwork to the ARTKIVE app and make the book yourself.  I haven’t actually ordered a book from them yet.  But whatever I end up doing – I will keep you guys updated with my thoughts.

I actually really love the idea of this art display from Land of Nod.  Those little star clips are adorable!   

Land of Nod Art Display
Image via Land of Nod

I also love this idea.  Just take some big clips, secure them to the wall,  and use them as a way to display the artwork gallery style.

You can even spray paint them brass or gold or black for a punchy effect.

Gallery style artwork clips
Image via Land of Nod

By the way, if you want to make a very serious investment in your kids artwork – you might want to try this.  🙂


I used more velcro to hang a simple 3m white hook for her calendar.  The hooks come with sticky strips, but once you run out (like I did), you can just use the velcro.  Like I said – I think the velcro works better for me anyways.

Last but not least – I took some of that same velcro and attached some to a pen/highlighter that we can use to cross off dates and homework assignments.

This was so simple but it works!  Maybe once our kitchen is done – I’ll plan something more elaborate.  But this is nice because it’s very easy to take down and rearrange when I want.  I can also add things to it.  Like one of these mail and key organizers.    See how there are two holes in the back? You could easily hang it with a couple of 3m hooks.  Right now, our mail goes in a drawer (which actually needs to be organized).

Mail Organizer from Amazon

That wraps it up!  Easy, right?  Thanks for reading!

xo Karen

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