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I’m starting a new monthly series here on Decor Hint called “Seven Favorite Things.” This will be a curated list of 7 things I’m loving every month. And although I mostly shop for Home Decor and crafty things – I’m also going to include recipes, fashion, jewelry, beauty stuff, etc. Whatever I’m loving so much that it’s worth sharing with you. So welcome to the first seven favorite things post of many! I hope you guys enjoy.

One // These New Dining Chairs

Our old dining chairs just weren’t cutting it anymore after the renovation. They were very traditional trying to fit in with more mid century modern decor. And not only that, but my kids were slowly destroying the fabric on them! We had playdoh stains, grease and mud stains from hands and shoes and the chairs just weren’t looking very pretty. Plus – I feel like I’m a mission to get rid of anything beige in our house right now. I’m boycotting beige.

I really wanted something sleek, lightweight and easy to clean.

Thankfully, the hubby agreed and into my shopping cart went these black and wood modern dining chairs.

These would also work for a desk area, a kids play area or just as an extra chair in a guest bedroom. They come in lots of colors but I’m partial to the black and white ones. And they are sturdy while being lightweight.

The best part? They were less than $100 for all 4 chairs (including shipping). Woot! I’m not saying these are going to be our lifelong dining chairs (I mean, they are plastic after all), but while our kids are young and destructive (ha) it’s better to have something budget friendly you can just wipe clean.

I love the look!

Two // This Cute Button Down Black Dress for a STEAL

I love wearing dresses. I mean, I wear jeans a lot but once the weather turns – throwing a dress on is the easiest way for me to look pulled together quickly. I am super impressed with the quality and comfort of this button down dress I bought from Amazon. I got this as a lightening deal, but the price is still really good. They have other colors and even a long sleeve version. I’m definitely going to get more!

It’s a great Spring/Summer dress and you can easily dress it up or down. I love the buttons! It’s soooo comfortable guys!

Three // The Softest Blanket EVERRR

I keep my beds made pretty simple. A few pillows, some nice crisp sheets, a fluffy comforter and I’m set. But I do like each bed to have a nice, soft, over sized throw folded up on the end. To me it just pulls everything together. And I’m dreaming of the day when I can curl up on my bed, pull a soft blanket over me and take a siesta. Sigh.

I am still on the hunt for a nice throw for our bedroom and Hannah’s room. But for my sons room, I got this KING sized gray blanket on a whim from Amazon and it’s soooo friggin’ soft. It washes up really well and my kids love snuggling under it. And it’s super inexpensive! I love how it’s long enough to touch the floor on either side of his bed (he’s in a queen). This throw comes in different colors and sizes too.

Four // This Inexpensive Dark nail polish

Fact : I am a loyal buyer of Essie nail polish. I just love their polish and colors and I find it really easy to apply. I don’t know about you but other nail polishes get kind of clumpy for me but Essie is so smooth every time and lasts pretty long.


I picked up Sinful Colors in Black on Black because I really really wanted a dark black nail polish and didn’t want to spend the typical $8 or $9 bucks for Essie. And it’s been amazing! Have you guys tried Sinful Colors nail polish? I think I’m going to try their other colors too.

If you want to see what this color looks like – just watch my Easter Egg Decoupage Video.

(FYI – TJ Maxx Beauty section is a great place to pick up fancy nail polishes for cheap!)

Five // This Brand of Coffee (kcups!)

I live in Seattle guys! Of course I’m picky about my coffee! (And yes, you can get good cup of coffee out of a Keurig.)

I want to actually taste my coffee though and not have it overpowered by my creamer. I like STRONG coffee. This French Roast coffee from Amazon fits the bill. It’s a super great deal if you factor in the price/kcup. This one’s a keeper!

Six // This Inspiring Home Magazine

I’m not so much a book reader but I LOVE magazines. For the past year, I’ve subscribed to Chic & Country Magazine and I’ve been completely blown away by the inspiration and photos. It’s not really a magazine that you hear about very often but it’s so worth the money in my opinion. You can buy a digital subscription to ALL the issues (past, future, present) for only $20. I can easily sit for hours reading this magazine.

If anything – get it for the lovely and inspiring photos – you will not be disappointed.

Seven // This Fun Felt Letter Board

Ok, I know this is a bit cheesy.

I always wanted one of these felt letter boards!

I considered doing this as DIY. But after adding up the cost of all the materials – just buying one is cheaper! My daughter Hannah has really taken to this thing, and it actually helps her with spelling. 😁 I love to read the little messages she comes up with all on her own. If you are looking for an inexpensive but nice Letter Board that comes with all the letters (almost too many in my opinion), then this one is a great one!

I hope you guys enjoyed my seven favorite things! And let me know if there is something you came across lately that we would all love. I LOVE hearing from you.

I’ll be back next month with another seven favorites. Thanks so much for visiting me today! 🙂

xo Karen