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I’m not sure why but that last month flew by so fast that I almost didn’t get a chance to post my seven favorites for the month. Better late than never, right?

Jean Overalls with a White Top Underneath and sandals
Don’t mind me just awkwardly drinking coffee …

One // These Incredibly Comfortable Jean Overalls

I really wanted a pair of jeans overalls but I didn’t want to go high end since I was iffy as to whether I would wear them long term. Plus, I just don’t like spending a ton of money on stuff. I bought these overalls from Old Navy and holy comfort are these things the BOMB. Not only are they cute but they are so comfortable to wear around. And they are not that expensive. I just love Old Navy!

In the photos, I’m wearing mine with a white shirt underneath (this one is similar) and slightly cuffed at the bottom.

Two // These Press-On Nails (yes, you read that right)

Impress Nails
Impress Nails

Ok, are press on nails back? Am I out of the loop and way behind? I’ve seen ads for these Impress nails everywhere and I finally succumbed to all the advertising and picked up a pair.

YOU GUYS! These things are the best. It took me all of five minutes to put them on, including the shaping part. There is no glue involved, it’s literally peel and stick nails. Like wallpaper. The nails fit so well – you can’t even tell you are wearing them.

They come longer but I like really short nails so I put them on, cut them and then filed them into shape. I’ve been wearing these for a week and they still look as good as new. No peeling, no chipping. I’ve done dishes and showered in them and even went swimming and they haven’t budged. The nail kits come with a ton of extra nails in case you need them.

I already received three comments from friends who asked me if I got a professional manicure. I’m wearing these ones in the photos in this post but they have a ton of other colors. Highly recommend!

Three // This Inexpensive but Good Dustbuster

I don’t own a Dyson cordless. I’m actually not a huge fan of Dyson, but that’s for another post. I know everybody and their mom raves about pulling out the Dyson to clean up everyday messes and crumbs.

Well…my husband bought me this dustbuster – (yes, I ask for vacuums as gifts) – and I kid you not when I say I use this every single day, multiple times per day.

With young kids and a dog, the house can get crumby. This saves me from having to get out my Shark vacuum all the time. It has a long battery life and comes with extra attachments. We keep ours hung on the wall in the closet, plugged in, so it’s ready to go! Who needs an expensive Dyson when you can have this?

Four // These Dishwasher Detergent Pods

Lemi Shine Dishwashing Detergent Pods

I’m always striving to be a little bit more green at home. I already use the EcoEgg. I limit our use of paper towels. I use mostly green cleaning products. Why not try a non-toxic dishwashing detergent? I just started using this one from Amazon. So far so good! I love how clean my dishes are and that this is a safer alternative to the chemical laden ones.

I’m looking into trying their other products next. Woot!

Five // These Reusable, Washable, Swiffer Pads

I really love my Swiffer. But I can’t stand their wet pads.

Why do they drown the pads in a pool of water that you have to stick your hand in and wring out each time? Ick. The other annoying part is that the pads always inevitably slip off for me. Does this happen to you too?

These reusable ones never slip off. I can use my own floor cleaner and then just toss them in the wash when I’m done. Easy Peasy!

Six// This Beautiful Home Tour

Featured Home Tour on Domino

I really enjoyed this light and bright home featured on Domino. Such a quirky mix of patterns and textiles. They definitely nailed that whole California Eclectic look.

Seven // This Duvet Insert

We used to have an incredibly heavy duvet insert. It was so heavy that every morning it took muscle to make the bed. Not to mention, it was hot to sleep under and difficult to wash.

White Duvet Insert from Amazon

This duvet insert has been perfect for us. It’s not heavy feeling but still warm and comfy. We love it so much we bought one for our daughter’s room.

I hope you guys enjoyed this month’s Seven Favorites!

xo Karen

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