Target does it again! Try this inexpensive Target Hack to help decorate those kitchen counters. Get the look for less!

Recently, I posted about some good ideas for decorating your kitchen counters.

And one of those ideas is decorating with these pretty pedestal bowls. I fell in love with this one from Pottery Barn

But, really, you can find these pedestal bowls everywhere – probably even thrift stores. And if you do – snag it up! These pedestal bowls can be used to hold fruit, veggies and even flowers. And they look so pretty on your countertops and open shelving.

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You can also seasonally decorate them. Throw some pretty Metallic Christmas ornaments in there to dress up your counters for the Holidays. Or a bunch of mini pumpkins and gourds for Thanksgiving. Pretty and easy, right?

So I was at Target the other day, and while in their kitchen aisle, it dawned on me that I could totally make one of these Pedestal bowls myself. You are literally just attaching a small bowl to a larger bowl.

You'll Love this Budget Friendly Target Hack

So, the first step was trying to find the right sized bowls. I knew I wanted to incorporate wood in my pedestal bowl. I’m always a fan of trying to bring some warmth into my kitchen, and wood tones do the trick. So – I immediately saw this small Acacia wood dipping bowl. It was the last one left on the shelf!

Then, all I had to do was find a larger bowl as the base for the pedestal bowl. Since my countertops are black, I went with this white bowl that has some pretty dotting detail. I like the white ceramic and wood together and this contrasts nicely with our soapstone countertops.

Pedestal Bowl with Fruit on Kitchen Table

Materials Needed

Follow these Steps

  1. Take the sale stickers off your bowl. 🙂
  2. Sand the wood bowl a bit to give it some roughness. The glue adheres better this way.
  3. Put a blob of glue all the way around the bottom of the smaller bowl.
  4. Attach it firmly to the larger bowl, creating a pedestal. Look at your pedestal bowl at eye level to determine that you have it placed where you want. You want to make sure it’s level and even.
  5. Wait a day. I put some heavy bananas in it to weight it down.
  6. Enjoy!

That’s it for this Target Hack! And here’s a video in case you would rather watch…

Make your own DIY Kitchen Decor

You now have the most adorable pedestal bowl that only cost you less than $15! How easy was that? (In my best Ina Garten voice).

Style as you normally would. I use mine to hold fruit. This can be hand-washed, but I’m going to try to avoid the glue base.

While this isn’t an exact match for the Pottery Barn bowl, it’s also almost $30 cheaper. Which is always OK in my book.

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Talk to you guys soon!

xo Karen