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It’s been a beautiful weekend here, but unfortunately, we were stuck inside for most of it because my son had two horrible ear infections (yep, each ear) that kept us up all night and pretty tired all day.  Poor thing.  So I am behind on taking photos and getting these posts out at the moment. 

But I realized that I haven’t had one of these favorite round up posts in a while.  There are so many things I’m loving right now and I want to share them with you all.  Grab yourself a warm cup of coffee (or tea!) and have a look.  And I just wanted to say thank you for visiting with me today and every day – it means the world to me that so many of you come back time and time again to check out my little corner of the internet.  🙂

A Cozy Sweater Blanket

What’s better than a cozy sweater in the fall?  A cozy sweater blanket.  That’s machine washable.  And under $40.  You can use this one for the end of your bed or your couch.  And it’s cozy but light enough to keep out all year round.

A beautiful Art Print

Since starting my Etsy Shop, I’ve grown to really love Etsy.  There are so many talented and creative people out there and I love to support their work and passions.  Not many people know this, but Etsy as a company was not doing so well recently

However, they are under a new CEO as of 2017, and things are really looking up.  I’m thrilled to be a part of a company with so many exciting changes on the horizon.  I think we will be seeing some really neat things coming out of Etsy – so stay tuned!

Don’t you just love this print?  This seller is crazy talented and has so many unique and beautiful prints.  I have tons on my wishlist!

A Fall Scented Candle

The other day I told my hubby I was going to Target to pick up a few things, including a fall scented candle.  He requested no cinnamon or crazy spicy scents.  And like any good wife would do, I came home with this beauty of a fall scented candle.  Husband approved!

These Adorable DIY Felt Pumpkins

You can make these adorable DIY felt pumpkins yourself or gift the felt kit away.  This is a super popular item on Etsy right now!

This Pendant Necklace

This necklace is so beautiful and you can engrave it.

The Terrain Home Book

Terrain is one of my absolute favorite stores in the entire world.  If I could live in any store, it would be Terrain.  I used to live not far from Terrain when I lived in PA.  Sigh.  Memories.  They are coming out with a book this month and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.   It’s available on Amazon too!

Also – from Terrain – those beautiful lighted rustic cones (first image above).  I definitely want to get a few for our patio.

Terrain Store in Glen Mills, PA
Terrain Store, Devon PA

xo Karen