An Idea for Upcycling Old Items into Stylish Home Decor

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Upcycling old items can transform something ordinary into something that will perfectly suit your style and space.  And not only that, but it can save you tons of money! It’s so easy to do with this simple tutorial.

Vase with Tulips

I think we can all relate to finding those old decor items stashed in our closets, in our attics or hidden away in the garage somewhere.  I have tendency to quickly discard or donate home decor that no longer works for our home, or that I’m just sick of.   Or even with thrift store finds! You find something amazing but it’s not the right color? Don’t you hate when that happens?   You may even have pieces that are mementos or passed down through the family.  But frankly they are just ugly.

I recently found myself in this same boat.

I sat there staring at two ceramic elephants that were given to me when my grandmother passed away.  One is brown (with a broken nose poor thing) and one is black.  Not exactly the color scheme I have going on at home.

But they are special to me.  That’s why I never got rid of them.  They remind me of her.  She always had ceramic elephants around her home.

“They’re for luck”, she once told me, “You put them inside your home, with the trunk facing the door, and you’ll always have luck.”  I didn’t realize it at the time but this is a superstition that has a long history to it.  Have you guys ever heard of this superstition?

Old Decor Items and family heirlooms

Although I never got rid of them, I just had them sitting upstairs with a pile of other stuff that has no home yet.

So it finally dawned on me to just change the color of them so they do work.

I knew I wanted them glossy and I knew I wanted them white.  I was inspired by Jonathan Adlers elephant but certainly not the $100+ price tag that came along with it.

So I picked up a can of this Rust-Oleum Gloss Protective Enamel Paint and got to work.

Rustoleum paint

Upcycling old Items :  Tips & Tricks

First, you want to clean and dry your pieces.  One of the elephants had a broken nose, so I used some gorilla glue to put it back together.  Easy enough!  

Some paint cans call for lightly sanding your pieces first.  I didn’t do this though and my elephants seem to be fine.

***You will have to be aware of the possibility of releasing lead paint dust if you sand your old objects.  Please use proper precautions as lead is toxic!

I don’t like to spray paint in the house because of the fumes.  Luckily it’s been beautiful weather here. I set up a little paint station by cutting open two paper bags and laying them in the grass.  You can do this on the actual grass too, but I didn’t want to look at white grass for next three weeks.  I learned this the last time when I made my diy pencil holders.  Pink grass.  For weeks!

Tip! :  You can also spray paint your object inside a large cardboard box.  Dust is the enemy when spray painting, so the box helps shield your item a bit and contains the mess.

Spray painting Elephants

Here’s a few tips for spray painting with Rust-Oleum:

  1.  Shake your can vigorously before you use it. Obvi.  Shake it often during painting.  Not just once and done.
  2. Use many light coats instead of one or two heavier coats. Light coats is key!  When you spray too much at once it will drip and the paint can crack as it dries.  It looks like crackle.
  3. Spray your objects at a distance with an even motion, slightly overlapping each time.
  4. Spray in different directions.  With something like these elephants, spraying in different directions will ensure you get every nook and cranny.
  5. Apply second and third coats a few minutes apart (see #6).
  6. Read the directions on your paint.  It’s easy to just go forth and paint without reading first.  This is especially important for finding out when to apply to second coat!  You don’t want to miss your window.  Certain paints have different timelines.
  7. Dries to touch in 2-4 hrs, to handle in 5-9 hours and fully cures in 24 hrs.

Since my elephants have an underside, I had to wait for them to be fully dried before I could flip them over get their bellies.

And I can tell you I am so pleased with how they turned out!

This makes me very happy not only because I have two new decor items, but also because I am finally able to display something that meant so much to me.

Spray Painted Decor Items

I have one sitting on our entry table now.  Facing the door per her instructions.

Upcycle Old Decor - Elephant statue and book stacks
Upcycle old decor items

The other one I gave to my daughter to display on her dresser.  She was lucky enough to meet her great grandma when she was very little.

Spray Painted Elephant - turning old decor into stylish pieces

Some of you might think it’s wrong to paint over a family treasure like this and they should be displayed as is.  I think it’s up the individual item.  And you know your family best.  My family would not care that I did this.  And I think my grandmother would very pleased that I was able to salvage her elephants this way, as she was very into crafts herself.  She was an amazing seamstress actually.  My sister got her sewing machine! Lucky!

I also was given an old vase of my grandmothers (that’s the first picture you see there).  It was fine as is, but it had a few old sticker remnants on it that I never really worked to remove.

Goo gone is my tried and true solution for removing any kind of sticker or residue or GOO!  All it took was a bit of goo gone, some soapy hot water and a bit of elbow grease to get it shiny and new again.

Upcycling old items can transform something ordinary into something that will perfectly suit your style and space.  And not only that, but it can save you tons of money! It’s so easy to do with this simple tutorial.

So, please give those old decor items or thrift store finds a second chance! You will be amazed at what upcycling old items can do!

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