Budget Laundry Room Makeover for under $115!

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I’ve been working away on updating the Laundry Room and I can’t wait to show you guys the progress.

In case you are wondering how I stayed under $115 – I itemized everything below including sources for items so don’t miss it!

The Before

In case you need a refresher, my laundry room before was in a pretty depressing state. It’s a dark hole – there are no windows in there. And the floor is a dark, uneven slate tile.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do much to change to the floor.

But I did reuse my old Flor Tiles sitting in storage to cover them up. I just cut the tiles down to size to cover most of the floor.

The walls were painted a really boring beige color. Oh – and the ceilings were painted that color too! So, my first order of business (after cleaning and decluttering) was painting the walls.

Since I was trying to stick to a budget – I decided to use leftover white paint from our renovation. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

However, basic paint from Home Depot is not that expensive. And you can always check out the selection of Oops Paint.

It made a HUGE difference. I tell you – the power of paint. Amazing!

I also knew I wanted to add some character by installing some peel and stick wallpaper. This project was relatively inexpensive, super quick to complete and I really LOVE the results!

Did I also mention that half of our laundry room is storage? Clearly – it needed some cleaning up. So I found new homes for a lot of the items, like that old door that we are saving ….for …. ?? A rainy day, I guess?

These changes, coupled with a few DIY projects (more on that below), have really made quite the difference in our Laundry Room!

Our Laundry Room Now

So here it is!

So much brighter in there now!

And also – surprise! I took down half of that clunky black storage chest and it made the space feel so much bigger. Plus now I have a little folding table. Woot!

This simple shelf that I installed was all I needed. Since I use the Ecoegg now, I don’t have that much laundry stuff to store. All of it fits in this cabinet here.

This peel and stick wallpaper was a good find on Amazon and not that expensive to cover this whole wall. I used a total of three rolls and it was so easy to install.

It took me one hour from start to finish. The addition of wallpaper really helped clean up the whole place – and definitely add that character that I was looking for.

Not to mention – I didn’t have to paint one whole wall – so it saved me a lot of time.

I love how the peg rail acts as decor but is also functional. I can use it to hang clothes that need to be dried or ironed (eventually).

It also holds wreaths that are currently off the rotation. I love the nice pop of green it adds!

I ended up moving around some accessories in my home. So I didn’t need to buy anything new aside from the wallpaper. I found these old IKEA jars that I now use to hold dryer balls and clothespins.

I took a rattan laundry basket from our bedroom and permanently moved it here as well. It holds dish towels and hand towels and anything else that needs to be washed and it also kind of hides those ugly water hookups on the wall that I can’t get rid of.

I am a true believer in using what you have first before going out and buying new items. You’ll be surprised how just moving around a few items in your home can really change the look – and also fulfill that constant need for change and variety.

Budget Laundry Room Makeover Cost

So – what did all this cost me?

Not that much since I was able to reuse a lot of what I had already. The most expensive item? The wallpaper! But it was totally worth it in my opinion.

Here’s the breakdown …

Cost for all items from my Budget Laundry Room Makeover - so far!

Projects Left to Do

So now that the Laundry Room is brighter, more functional, more organized and just better all around, I’m tempted to call it day on this project.

But there are still a few things I want to add:

  • Baseboards! These will make a huge difference, are fairly inexpensive and will hide that bottom part where the wallpaper ran out.
  • A wood top to my new “folding” table. I could just leave it as is, but I think a wood counter will tie into the wall shelf I made and help warm up the space even more.
  • Brass knob for the storage cabinet. I definitely need a pop of something there.



Floor Basket (similar)

Jars for Accessories (similar)

Artwork – from my Etsy Shop

Flor Tiles

Baskets above White Cabinet (similar)

DIY Projects

Thanks for reading today and have a great week. I’m telling you, it doesn’t take much to change the look of a room.

If you have a minute, tell me what you think in the comments!

xo Karen

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  1. You have the magic touch, Karen! I love this transformation. My laundry room is scary but I am feeling inspired to move it up on the priority list after seeing this. 🙂

    • Thanks Tara! I’m so happy with how it turned out! And I love that is was budget friendly too 🙂 thanks for checking in!

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