Laundry Room Spruce up

See the before and after of our laundry room spruce up. I managed to fix up this room for less than two hundred bucks and I’m breaking down everything I did.

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The Before

Our laundry room was blah. (Or I should say my laundry room because I’m the only one who really ever goes in there. LOL!)

It had this horrible green-tinted beige wall paint everywhere that was done by the previous owners. And I mean EVERYWHERE including the ceilings. (Why???)

We didn’t do much to this room since we moved in, but we did manage to complete a couple of projects.

We put a door up to the laundry room. This helped with sound and also made me sometimes forget that it was there. (If you can’t see it, it’s not really there.)

We also stacked the washer and dryer with this simple stacking kit I bought on Amazon.

old laundry room

Folks – do NOT try to stack these bad boys yourself. They are extremely heavy.

My dad and my husband did it together. You have to put your washer on the bottom because it’s the heavier appliance after it fills with water.

Old laundry room space, before the makeover

Stacking our washer dryer made a HUGE difference because it gave us so much more room. Instead of having the washer and dryer sideways, now we could push it back against the wall and face it forwards. Much easier on me and my back.

We also added this black cabinet to hold laundry supplies. The cabinet worked pretty well for a while, but it got a little beat up during the renovation and was sitting lop-sided. That would definitely need to change.

Laundry Room Spruce up - See the before and after of our laundry room spruce up. I managed to fix up this room for less than two hundred bucks and I'm breaking down everything I did.

Another challenge to this laundry room is that we also use part of it for storage. It holds a mattress that we pull out for guests. We don’t have a dedicated guest bedroom, so anytime someone is coming to stay we pull out this super comfy, memory foam mattress that doesn’t need a box spring. Then, we put it right back after they leave.

This might sound like a weird solution but it just works for us. I put a shelving unit in front of it to block it and called it good!

Laundry room floor

The floors and the lighting were really dark and that combined with those dark beige walls – ick! Since this a budget makeover – I’ll break down what I did to make the most of this space.

Old laundry room photos

What we did

I broke this makeover out into a few areas that needed changes. I needed to:

  • declutter
  • brighten up the walls
  • add in a storage solution
  • figure out what to do with the floors
  • bring in some pretty accessories.

The first item of decluttering took about a day. I had to relocate a lot of “crap” to the garage and toss a lot of junk. I donated whatever was still in good shape.

The Walls

Since I had this whole budget thing – I decided to use leftover white paint from our renovation. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

Basic paint from Home Depot is not that expensive. And you can always check out the selection of Oops Paint.

It made a HUGE difference. I tell you – the power of paint. Amazing!

I also knew I wanted to add some character by installing some peel and stick wallpaper. This project was relatively inexpensive, super quick to complete and I really LOVE the results!

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Storage Solution

Instead of buying completely new storage, I hacked my old black cabinet.

I took the top of the cabinet off and threw it away. I tightened up the bottom so it wasn’t so wobbly. This gave me a little counter to fold laundry and put laundry supplies in.

I added a simple DIY wall shelf to hold some additional accessories and artwork.

The other thing I added was a peg rail. These are easy to build and you can paint or stain them to match whatever room you need them for. This gave me some hanging space for delicates and a laundry bag.

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The Floor

I wanted to cover up the ugly, old slate tile flooring we have in there currently. It’s very dark. And the space is already dark because there are no windows and it’s in our basement. (that’s why these photographs are so darn hard to get!)

It was bringing me down every time I walked into the laundry room.

I didn’t have the money to replace the flooring. So, here’s what I did (and some additional options for you.)

Options For Covering An Ugly Floor

Here are some of the options I considered regarding covering our ugly slate tile floor:

  • Paint the Tile – this would be a job. It’s messy. And I don’t really like the tile to begin with. And I feel painting it would just draw more attention to it. So this one wouldn’t work for me.
  • Peel and Stick Floor Tiles – a good option but unfortunately not for us! Our tile floor is made up of really uneven bumpy slate tiles. Peel and Stick Tiles are best used on smooth surfaces, like linoleum, glass, and ceramic. Bummer!
  • Vinyl Plank Snap Together Flooring – another cool option but not very cost-effective when you are trying to stick to a budget. Home Depot and other hardwood stores sell this kind of flooring. You basically just click the pieces together and it lays on top of your existing floor. These types of floors may need to be cut down for the installation to work. So it can turn into quite a job!
  • Cover it with a rug – Easiest option, most cost effective, and a good temporary solution! There’s no mess, no painting, no installation.

Which option do you think I chose?

RUG! 🙂

Ideas for how to cover an ugly floor - inexpensive and renter friendly solutions.  Click through to get all the ideas!
Ideas for how to cover an ugly floor - inexpensive and renter friendly solutions.  Click through to get all the ideas!

And lucky for me – I saved these black and cream Flor Carpet Tiles from our last home!

Unfortunately, the floor tiles were too big. I could only get two squares to fit side by side in the space, which just looked awkward and didn’t cover up enough of that ugly floor.

So I simply trimmed them down! Using regular ol’ scissors too. But I think a carpet knife would make the job a bit easier. I only had a few tiles to cut so it wasn’t a big deal.

Ideas for how to cover an ugly floor - inexpensive and renter friendly solutions.  Click through to get all the ideas!

I never considered doing this before, but it was much easier than I thought it would be. And now I have a beautiful, soft rug that covers up most of the blah floor. And it’s black and ivory – which fits into my design theme perfectly.

Some carpet tiles come with self-adhesive in the back. Others, like these Flor Tiles, come with stickers that you have to put on to hold them together.

You can lay them out in any pattern and direction you want, then just stick on the dots to hold them together. Some of them may have to be cut down like I did. But it’s a great wall-to-wall custom carpet option.

Ideas for how to cover an ugly floor - inexpensive and renter friendly solutions.  Click through to get all the ideas!

If you are a renter – this would be another option for covering up a floor that you can’t stand but can’t really change in your rental.

Another fantastic plus with using carpet tiles is that when one carpet tile gets dirty – you can simply replace that one tile without replacing the entire rug or carpet.

Carpet tiles can be pricey, but everyone from Amazon to Home Depot to specialty companies like Flor sells them. So there are a lot of options/colors/patterns out there for you to choose from. And I love that they are recyclable!

A Kid Friendly Option For Covering Up Ugly Floors

If you have little ones and you are looking for an easy, inexpensive, soft, durable, more waterproof, nontoxic option for covering up a floor (I realize that was a mouthful of adjectives) – try one of these interlocking playmats!

Ideas for how to cover an ugly floor - inexpensive and renter friendly solutions.  Click through to get all the ideas!
foam playmats in fun patterns and designs cover an ugly floor inexpensively (image via Amazon)

Amazon sells a bunch of them and another company, Little Nomad, (which was featured on Shark Tank) , also sells them in so many trendy designs and patterns. You don’t have to worry about your kids falling because these are padded.

These foam playmats simply interlock together to form a solid piece, and although I haven’t tried it personally, you can probably cut down the foam to fit the space you need.

Ideas for how to cover an ugly floor - inexpensive and renter friendly solutions.  Click through to get all the ideas!


Final step! I added in some pretty baskets and artwork.

I can usually score some good baskets at my thrift store, but Homegoods, World Market and Target are my next stops.

I also get frames from thrift stores and replace the existing art. It’s a really economical way to hang art in your house. I happened to have these two white frames already, and I printed off some digital art to put in them.

The After – Our Budget Laundry Room Makeover

So here it is!

So much brighter in there now!

And also – surprise! I took down half of that clunky black storage chest and it made the space feel so much bigger. Plus now I have a little folding table. Woot!

This simple shelf that I installed was all I needed. Since I use the Ecoegg now, I don’t have that much laundry stuff to store. All of it fits in this cabinet here.

This peel and stick wallpaper was a good find on Amazon and not that expensive to cover this whole wall. I used a total of three rolls and it was so easy to install.

It took me one hour from start to finish. The addition of wallpaper really helped clean up the whole place – and definitely add that character that I was looking for.

Not to mention – I didn’t have to paint one whole wall – so it saved me a lot of time.

black and white wallpaper in laundry room, budget laundry room makeover

I love how the peg rail acts as decor but is also functional. I can use it to hang clothes that need to be dried or ironed (eventually).

It also holds wreaths that are currently off the rotation. I love the nice pop of green it adds!

I ended up moving around some accessories in my home. So I didn’t need to buy anything new aside from the wallpaper. I found these old IKEA jars that I now use to hold dryer balls and clothespins.

I took a rattan laundry basket from our bedroom and permanently moved it here as well. It holds dish towels and hand towels and anything else that needs to be washed and it also kind of hides those ugly water hookups on the wall that I can’t get rid of.

I am a true believer in using what you have first before going out and buying new items. You’ll be surprised how just moving around a few items in your home can really change the look – and also fulfill that constant need for change and variety.

A white dress with baskets on top

The Cost

So – what did all this cost me?

Not that much since I was able to reuse a lot of what I had already. The most expensive item? The wallpaper! But it was totally worth it in my opinion.

Here’s the breakdown …

Cost for all items from my Budget Laundry Room Makeover - so far!

Now, this Laundry Room is brighter, more functional, more organized, and just better all around!

xo Karen



Floor Basket (similar)

Jars for Accessories

Artwork – from my Etsy Shop

Flor Tiles

Baskets above White Cabinet (similar)

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