What caught my eye on Amazon this week, from home décor to gadgets, to fashion and more. You can check out and follow my Amazon Storefront and my LTK shop for more fun Amazon finds, and also peruse Amazon home finds here.

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Amazon Finds Weekly Roundup
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  1. Rug – Let’s start with this gorgeous rug. I love the Amber Lewis x Loloi collection and this is probably my absolute favorite of all her rugs at the moment – the Billie. I have this in a runner in the Salmon/Ink color and just purchased this in an 8×10 in the Ocean/Brick. These rugs are so affordable for the quality and overall look.
  2. Brass Knobs – I’m obsessed with these. I would love to put them in my kids bathroom because they will pop against the gray bathroom cabinets in there. Such good quality for an affordable price.
  3. Mirror – this mirror rivals the oh so popular “Louie” mirror which sells for a heck of a lot more. This is timeless something that would look good forever – this is not a trendy item.
  4. Fish Wallpaper – Peel and Stick wallpaper is my best friend. I saw this and want to put it in my kids bathroom on the window wall as a little accent. Can’t wait to update you guys more on that project.
  5. Sconce – such a gorgeous sconce. Comes in black too. Love the linen shade.
  6. Cozy Throw Blanket – these soft chunky blankets add texture and warmth (literally).
  7. Bunny Bookends – I picked this because I am thinking of Easter – but these resin bronze bunny bookends would look good all year round.
  8. Vintage Enamel First Aid Box – again, kids bathroom. But so cute to set out on the counter!
  9. Table Lamp – Ok, this is pricey for me. BUT. Between the DIY’ing and buying of affordable things, it affords me the opportunity to splurge now and again on certain items. I love love love this lamp.

Amazon Organizers

Amazon Favorite Organizers and Gadgets! Weekly Finds
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I’m all about the organization this week! These organizers and gadgets caught my eye and have good reviews. Read more below.

  1. Under Sink Organizer – This bestselling under sink organizer is perfect for under the kitchen sink and in your bathrooms too. It features a slide-out design for easy access to your things, and takes advantage of vertical space with the two shelf stacking design.
  2. Couch Cup Holder – I made a similar concept (this DIY Armrest table) and we still use it today. However, when I saw this one I thought – wow that is so much better! This prevents your drinks from spilling and things sliding off onto the floor.
  3. Cord Wraps – If you are a bit of a kitchen appliance junkie like me, these cord wraps are your new best friend. You stick them to the appliance and then wrap the excess cord around it. Keeps things neat and tidy.
  4. Wall Mounted Drying Rack – these are so functional but really pretty too. I was considering making one, but the price is not too bad and I know I would get a lot of use out of this. This tucks back when not in use, so it’s perfect for laundry rooms of all sizes.
  5. Kitchen Drawer Organizer – I just recently bought this and I’m absolutely in love. It makes putting away silverware so quick and easy. Plus, it won’t warp like the bamboo ones do. I have several items on this list from this company – they just make really good stuff. Also comes in off-white.
  6. In drawer Knife Block – if I could convince my husband to get rid of the knife block on our counter I would buy this in a heartbeat. Made of Bamboo and can fit knives of all sizes.
  7. Spice Jars – I build a spice riser for our drawers a while back, but now I’m looking to take things a step further with these glass spice jars. Reviews are great and they come with the labels – but I’m actually eyeing up different labels that I saw on Etsy.
  8. Under Shelf Pull Out Storage – this is genius! While they show this with spices, you can use this for medicines, small packs of food or mail!
  9. Can Covers – No more covering cans with aluminum foil. If you own a dog and feed it canned food, these are so handy. I’m so sick of looking at ugly aluminum foil and it leads to more waste and garbage. These fit a variety of can sizes and are dishwasher safe as well.
  10. Charging Station – I am so tired of cords! Aren’t you tired of cords? This three-device charging station has ONE cord, and is made to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and air pods. It also folds up like paper so you can travel with it easily. Just make sure it works with your model.

Nate Berkus Home on Amazon

Amazon Weekly Finds - Nate Berkus Home

This week I’m highlighting one of my favorite designers who also happens to have a new line of goods on Amazon. I’m referring to Nate Berkus, and created a beautiful set of bedding, bath and organizational products. What I love is that all the pieces are totally interchangeable. So, the bedding can really be mixed and matched without looking out of place. You’ll find high quality sheet sets and comforters, velvet pillow covers, plush towels and more. You won’t find a ton of colors but I think this is a good thing. Gray, brown, white and beige are dominant – but all look amazing together.

He teamed up with mDesign to create his line of organizational products, which include clear plastic bins (can never have enough of those), lazy susans and modern white containers. Click through below to shop these items.

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Amazon Finds Weekly Roundup

More Weekly Amazon Finds

Amazon Weekly Finds 5 - decorhint.com
  1. Stanley Big Grip Travel Quencher – this was featured as an Amazon Most Loved Item on LTK.   BUT!  The price is much cheaper on other websites, including Stanley, so I’m linking there instead.  It holds 40 ounces, will fit in your car cup and it’s dishwasher safe.  They want almost $80 for this on Amazon for some reason.
  2. Goshi Exfoliating Towel – haha, I think I have some sort of exfoliation thing on this list every week.  But this one was featured in several shows and publications – it’s good! 
  3. SolaWave Facial Wand – have you heard of these red light devices?  It combines four derm tools in one:  Microcurrent, Red Light Therapy, Face Massage and Therapeutic Warmth.  In just two weeks you are supposed to see a difference.  
  4. Comfy Sweatshirt – I have a little secret.  I like oversized sweatshirts.  The best one I found is this Men’s Sweatshirt.  Comes in over 20 colors and is comfy without being too big.  Plus – the price is crazy affordable!  I wear mine with jeans or leggings and cute sneakers.  It’s such a cozy winter outfit.
  5. Tissue Holder – I own this in white, but it also comes in other colors.  It’s affordable and super popular.
  6. Julep Eyeshadow Stick – Confession:  I am horrible at eye makeup.  This Julep Shadow Stick has made it easy.  Just a few swipes and I’m done!

Amazon finds for the week!
  1. Bamboo Wooden Floor Mat – This waterproof bamboo bath mat has a slatted surface for drainage and comes in four different colors; walnut, natural, black and gray. It’s also nonslip, won’t scratch your floors and it’s super easy to keep clean! No more washing bath mats, this one just needs a simple weekly wipe down. I also love that this brings those pretty, warm wood tones into an often sterile room.
  2. Laura Gellar Face Powder – alright, this award-winning, cult favorite face powder got me. The reviews and before/after pics are insane! All from a simple, weightless powder! I’m normally an It Cosmetics girl, but I just have to try this.
  3. Turtleneck – I love these lightweight mock turtlenecks during the winter. You can tuck them into jeans for a pulled together look. Tons of colors available and great price!
  4. Tiny Personalized Stacking Rings – LOVE these. I want to get one that says H & T. These are handmade and make such a thoughtful gift.
  5. Fleece lined leggings – a must for the harsh winter months! I’m always cold, even a light summer breeze can give me a chill. These leggings are like putting on a soft cloud and will keep you warm for whatever you’re up to.
  6. Mini Slow Cooker – Even though I mostly use my Instant Pot, I’m starting to miss having a little slow cooker around. This one is great for meals for 1 or 2 people, or for making warm dips for the holidays and parties.
  7. Air pods cleaner – If you own air pods, you already know those things can get grody after awhile. This cleaning pen is a best seller!
  8. Exfoliating Gloves – what’s the secret to beautiful skin? Exfoliation. You gotta help your skin shed all those dead skin cells. This also helps with circulation and you’ll step out of the shower with a glow. These hang to dry with a handy little loop.

Favorite Amazon Finds of the Week!
  1. Creative Co-op Pillow – love the pattern on this! I’m eyeing this one up for my living room couch.
  2. Henley Knit Pajama Set – comes in a range of colors and looks so incredibly soft. Reviews are great, too!
  3. Gallery Wall Frame Set – I’ve been thinking of switching my gallery wall up the stairs to all black frames with white mats. This set is affordable and would help me get there faster.
  4. Ceramic Canisters with Lids – I just ordered this set and really love it! I wanted something pretty and functional for our kitchen counters. These have a pretty speckled look to them.
  5. Branches – Lately I’ve been wanting to style more branches around the house. These look and feel exactly like what I’m looking for. Is the green a little too green? Mayyybeee…but I can always paint the leaves a little darker.
  6. Patina Modern – another amazing, inspiring interiors book. I love all the spaces in this book.

Amazon finds
  1. Banana Leaf Lamp – I’m just loving the warmth and texture this lamp would bring to a room. The burlap shade is a trick for making your rooms feel cozier at night. The only thing missing on this is a dimmer, but I can install a lower wattage bulb to achieve the glow I’m looking for. It’s marked on sale and the reviews are great!
  2. Dutch Oven – I have a red dutch oven that I use pretty frequently. The only problem? The red kind of clashes with my gray kitchen. I only set it out during Christmas season. This one is the right price and the right shade of ivory to keep it out all year long on the stove.
  3. Fluted Pasta Bowls – I’m obsessed with anything fluted these days, and these deep plates/bowls are no exception. As we are almost into the new year, I’m trying to eat healthier like everyone else. I love to make these healthy Mediterranean bowls and they look so pretty in deeper bowls like this. But obviously this would work for anything – pasta, soups and stews.
  4. Coat Cardigan – it doesn’t get that cold here in NC, even in the winter (although this winter it was trying to prove me wrong.) these coat cardigans are perfect to get you through Fall and Winter in Style! They would dress up any outfit and be perfect for date nights and mom’s night out.
  5. Floral Headbands – I love these fabric and knotted headbands, and I’ve never seen them with such pretty patterns. These remind me of summer!
  6. K cup organizer – Speaking of the new year, I guess it’s time to start organizing again. I was considering making one of these, but honestly the price isn’t too bad to just buy it.

  1. Sherpa Fleece Jacket – this sherpa fleece jacket is a best seller on Amazon. Super soft, machine washable, and available in tons of colors. Pair this with a tshirt and your favorite jeans and it’s the perfect casual date night outfit!
  2. Market Tote – not only would this woven tote be cute as a beach bag or a shopping tote, but it would look amazing hung from all your peg rails and coat racks. Stick some seasonal florals out the top for some extra styling.
  3. Au Gratin Baking Dishes – I’m obsessed with porcelain mini dishes. This au gratin baking dishes are perfect for making individual servings of things; like mac and cheese, seafood dishes, hot dips and more. These can be used in the microwave, oven, freezer and are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  4. Simple Circle Earrings – Amazon is quickly becoming a go-to for cute drop earrings, and I spotted these pretty, simplistic circle earrings. I love the shape and that they can go with any style.
  5. Reserved for the Dog Pillow – this is just adorable and dog owners know the sentiment. Once your dog takes over a spot – it’s hard to get them to leave. There’s also a pillow for cat lovers!
  6. Soap Dispenser with Concrete Tray – A beautiful set of soap dispensers with a tray for your bathrooms and powder rooms. This set comes with the labels too.
  7. Swedish Dishcloths – Have you heard of these swedish dishcloths? I’m definitely trying to wean myself off of using paper towels. They are a pain to purchase and bad for the environment. These swedish ones have a cult following; one dishcloth replaces 15 ROLLS of paper towels. These are machine washable and can be used on all surfaces. They pick up everything and don’t leave lint like some microfiber cloths can. You can choose from a variety of colors too. The only negatives are that they dry kind of scrunchy and they can stain – but they are cleaning rags after all.

Weekly Amazon Finds - my favorite home finds, fashion, gadgets and whatever else I'm loving right now.
  1. Chairs– We picked these chairs up for our eat in kitchen area, and boy they do not disappoint. They are super sturdy, stylish and come two in a pack. I really love them!
  2. Flameless Taper Candles – I have seen these on Instagram and I caved. While the light could be a bit less orange, I am still happy very happy with them. They look amazing in photos and work on a timer too!
  3. Jumpsuit – I wore this to a fancy Christmas party recently and I couldn’t get over how comfortable the jumpsuit was. It comes in a wide range of colors, and can be dressed up or down.
  4. Fun Sparkly Earrings – I wore these earrings with the jumpsuit! They are cheap and fun and dress up anything. Would be perfect for New Year’s or a Vegas trip!
  5. Gingham Textured Pillow – Creative Co-op has very high quality pillows, and this one is textured with the perfect size gingham pattern (not too big, not too small). Plus – I love the green for the Holidays.
  6. Heeled Sneakers – I honestly ordered these on a whim when I needed some nicer sneakers to wear out casually. I’ve been getting compliments left and right over these. They have a heel in them, so you feel a bit more dressed up than with regular sneakers, and they are super comfortable with arch support.
  7. Soft Leggings – My favorite leggings from Amazon, hands down. I know everyone seems to have their favorites – these ones are like BUTTER. They wash well, hold up well, come in TONS of colors and are reasonably priced. Why buy Lululemon when you have these?
  8. Fleece Blanket – I hate waking up cold but I love to snuggle up under these soft fleece blankets at night. I bought the evergreen one for my son and he loves it. He actually requests no top sheet so he can feel the softness against his skin. LOL. These have great reviews and come in tons of colors.

Stay tuned for more Weekly Amazon finds. Thanks so much for visiting today!

xo Karen

Amazon Finds Weekly Roundup

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