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These gorgeous farmhouse accessories are all a good bargain and available through Amazon!  Get some great gift ideas for the farmhouse lover in your life or keep these for yourself.  No go forth and shop!  

These gorgeous farmhouse accessories are all a good bargain and available through Amazon!  Get some great gift ideas for the farmhouse lover in your life or keep these for yourself.  No go forth and shop!

So, who has been keeping up with this season of fixer upper?  I have!  (hand raised.)  I’ve been watching the show and I am loving the designs.  I’ve been keeping a close eye on the amazing farmhouse accessories that Joanna has been using.  I’ve slowly been building this wishlist of my own on Amazon and then I thought – this list is incredible!  Why not share it with my readers!?

I’m super picky when it comes to my wishlists on Amazon.  The items have to have pretty stellar reviews for them to make the cut.  Well, and I have to love the product obviously.  Some of these I already own and I noted that as well to give you my two cents.  Now, who’s ready to shop?? 🙂

Gorgeous Farmhouse Accessories List:

  1. These little Mason Cash Bowls are so pretty!  In case you aren’t familiar with them, Mason Cash pottery started over in Europe in the 1800s.  In the 1900s, they came out with their iconic mixing bowl and they have many different styles of this bowl.  This is definitely an accessory you want to display on your counters or open shelving, and definitely something that makes a great gift too!  I actually love all their bowls so you should check out the other Mason Cash items too.
  2. What Farmhouse would be complete without something galvanized in it?  I saw these adorable galvanized flower vases (you get two in a set) and they’ve been on my wishlist ever since.  These would make a great statement on your outdoor patios in the summer too.
  3. I personally love the Lodge brand of cooking products.  I own several of their cast iron pans, grills, and griddles.  It’s really all we use in our house.  This is a beautiful Lodge dutch oven that could be displayed in your kitchen or on your stove as a decor item.  Plus – they make pretty good cooking products too. 🙂
  4. Ok, how cute are these vintage dairy bottles??  If you are entertaining or throwing a kids party – these are perfect and they come with the retro straw.  Again – even just to display somewhere!
  5. Every house regardless of style needs baskets.  These belly baskets are all the rage and they are pretty darn affordable.  This one has good reviews and can store whatever you need in style.  You can even use these as plant holders.
  6. I own these Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill jars and they make the cutest display storage ever.  Keep in mind they are not sealed tight, but I know people use them to store dry goods, like flour and sugar.  I use them in my laundry room to hold clothespins and dryer balls and I also use them to store dog treats.  They are dishwasher safe too.
  7. These are my favorite soap dispensers ever!  I think these glass amber bottles go with a lot of different styles and they add a vintage look to your bathroom.  That’s where I keep mine.  Plus, it’s very economical and environmentally friendly to refill your dispensers with soap rather than buy new plastic.  I chose to keep mine plain, rather than use the label that comes with.
  8. More Anchor Hocking!  You can never have enough of these.  I also love these penny candy jars along with the Heritage Hill jars (see #6).
  9. These wood paddle boards make a great appetizer platter or a great decor item for your kitchen.  You can lean one or two against your kitchen backsplash for a rustic look.
  10. Tea towels with a pretty farmhouse stripe.  These have awesome reviews and they are a great value.  There are so many uses for these things too.  I like to gift them to a hostess by using them as a gift basket liner or wrapped around a bottle of wine.
  11. Another pretty Mason Cash bowl.  (See #1.)  I chose this one for the beautiful pink color.
  12. Anyone else here love jadeite?  I was actually surprised at the selection of jadeite that Amazon has.  This jadeite cake stand is probably my favorite.  My late grandmother had tons of jadeite serveware and unfortunately, my mom got rid of all it when she thought no one wanted it.  We both still regret it!
  13. An industrial wire wall basket to hold fruit, mail, flowers, linens.  These look great and add a rustic touch if you have a blank wall to put one on.
  14. I’m a sucker for a nice throw mat and this one is no exception.  This buffalo check pattern screams farmhouse!  These look particularly good layered with a smaller doormat on top.  I have one other one on my wishlist – (see #17.)  Oh yea, and you might need a gripper underneath.  If so – I recommend these gorilla grip rug pads.  I used one with our hallway rug and with two young kids and a dog running around that thing never moved!
  15. I love these little wire baskets.  You can line them with something but I like them just plain.  Easy to store small toys, magazines, etc.
  16. I love these dough bowls.  I did a post on these trendy accessories a while back.  Get one – you won’t regret it and you will always find a use for one.  These can be quite expensive, so I thought this deal was pretty good.
  17. (See #14!)  I love this diamond pattern throw mat too.  Now you have one for the front and back door.
  18. If there is one thing I constantly see in all fixer upper episodes – it’s terra cotta pots.  Joanna and I are like soul sisters with our love for terra cotta pots.  I can never have enough.  This set of terra cotta pots are really neat because of the rounded shape.  Fill them with beautiful greens or larger succulents – real or faux.  And it’s a nice little bonus that they come with the saucers – a lot of times you have to buy those extra.
  19. More wire baskets.  I’ve seen these everywhere lately and these ones have great reviews and are reasonably priced.  They are great displayed on a bookshelf.  I actually really love them set out on a counter holding your favorite cookbooks.  Such a neat little moment for your kitchen.  Or holding toilet paper in your bathroom!
  20. Last but not least!  This gorgeous vintage rug (it comes in various sizes).  This has been on my wishlist for a little while now.  I’m eyeing up the runner size to replace our ruined runner in the hallway that I had to throw out.  This is nice and light and neutral.  Reviews are good – I think I’ve read every single one. 🙂

Well, that wraps it up!  If you love rustic, farmhouse style – I hope this helps you discover some of the goodies available on Amazon.  Talk to you guys soon!

xo Karen