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Hi! I’m Karen, the founder, writer, photographer, crafter, decorator, and DIY’er behind Decor Hint. Most of all, I’m a proud wife to Sean and proud mom to two amazing kiddos, Tyler and Hannah (and one fur babe, Sasha).

Old Navy Power Straight Jeans (1)

I’m so excited you’re here because I love to create beautiful things and I love to share them with you.

Truthfully, I wasn’t always the creative type. In the past, every time I wanted something new, I ran to the nearest store to buy it. Then some months later, I would get sick of it or want to change it up and feel guilty about the money wasted. This happened over and over and over again. Sound familiar?

But after becoming a mom and then moving my family cross country – something changed.

“We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.”

-Winston Churchill

I became obsessed with trying to make everything myself or repurposing what I already had into something useful again. And some projects were total failures – I’m not gonna lie.

But then there were some projects that turned out amazing. And I couldn’t believe that I could DIY things that look identical to the store versions – and for much, much, cheaper.

I was hooked!

Making a wall hanging

Now, instead of running to the store to buy something, I first try to think of a way I can make it myself. Tapping into your creativity is such a fulfilling activity. It’s good for the soul. It’s made me a much happier person and it’s also made me much more intentional about what I do buy at the store.

And that’s what I hope to help YOU with!

Decor Hint is filled with inspirational DIY projects, crafts, and home decor. I want to inspire you to make beautiful things, repurpose old things, create a happy home and save money. 

So, I hope you stay awhile and explore, grab yourself a coffee or a glass of wine and make something pretty with me!

More about me …

Sharing some fun and random facts about me …

  • I graduated with a degree in computers – I used to work as an IT technician.
  • After a few years in computers, I made the switch to real estate. I became a realtor and did that for ten years straight.
  • My husband and I first met at Starbucks. What I thought was just another buyer client meeting ended up changing my life forever. (And yes, I did end up selling him a condo!)
  • I also love to spend time with friends and family, binge-watch the latest Netflix shows, and read home magazines. Tons and tons of home magazines. I can’t get enough.

I have grown to love and cherish the simple things in life. Some of my all-time favorites …

soft coated wheaten terrier looking out the window

The sound of my children’s laughter, a good cup of coffee, sleeping in freshly washed sheets, feeling the sun on my face, the rain as it hits my window, the popping of a wine cork, and that long sigh my dog lets out before she settles in for a nap. (just writing this makes me happy.)

I can be a bit of a perfectionist about things, but I never take myself too seriously.

I’ve been lucky to have some of my projects featured in several online publications such as RedFin and many others …

I’m also a monthly contributor to the popular Home & DIY blog – Pretty Handy Girl.

Connect with me …

I love hearing from my readers. You can always drop me a line here: decorhint [at] gmail . com. I try to answer every email I receive so if there’s something you want to tell me, good, bad or ugly – let me know! Just be patient, I’m the only one working around here. 🙂

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Finally, from the very bottom of my heart, thank you so much for being here!