20 best arched cabinets for 2023

Step aside, ordinary cabinets – it’s time to talk about the unsung heroes of interior design: the arched cabinet! These curvaceous wonders are the rock stars of the storage world, making right angles look positively dull in comparison. Well, no, not really, but it sounded good.

To know me is to know and recognize my love affair for all things storage cabinets: rattan, antique, and even DIY. Today, it’s all about the best arched cabinets. So, buckle up because we’re about to journey into their world, where storage meets style and corners are for squares!

Popular picks

I’m highlighting a few of these finds here, but scroll down to see the list of 20 arched storage cabinets.

Fern cabinet – Instagram famous

If I had a nickel for every time I saw a Fern Cabinet on Instagram, I’d be retired by now. The fern cabinet is famous for a reason, though.

Fern Cabinet
The Fern Cabinet

It’s not just a piece of furniture; it’s a work of art that elevates any room it graces. It’s a statement piece that combines sophistication and style into your home. The Fern collection is available in 6 colors: a bookcase, bar cabinet, wall cabinet, console table, buffet, and more. See the complete Fern Collection here.

Mason Arched Cabinet

Urban Outfitters Mason cabinet is another top pick. Compared to its sister brand sibling, the Fern cabinet, the Mason storage cabinet shares a distinct familial resemblance, much like a little brother echoing the design essence of its elder kin.

Mason Storage Cabinet
Mason Cabinet

The best part is that it’s significantly lower in price. And like its sister (fern), the Mason storage cabinet comes in different colors and furniture types, such as a curio cabinet, bookcase, sideboard, wall shelf, pantry cabinet, etc. Shop the Mason Collection here.

Amira Cabinet – budget-friendly

World Market Amira Cabinet is a fantastic budget-friendly pick. It’s my favorite of the bunch, not just for its lower price but also for its stunning traditional walnut-wood look and stellar reviews. This is a piece I would be proud to show off in my own home.

Amira arched Cabinet
Amira Cabinet

Hattie Cabinet Collection – solid oak

Finally, if you want a solid (as in a solid piece of furniture with solid reviews and a real solid contender) arched cabinet, look no further than the Hattie from Arhaus.

Hattie Cabinet
Arhaus Hattie Cabinet

This beauty is made of oak and is available in two different stain choices and widths. It’s part of a collection, so you can always get another piece from the set if you love the look. See the Hattie Collection here.

Ballard Designs – best large cabinet

Ballard Designs Arched Cabinet - plus more of the best arched cabinets
Ballard Designs Bloom Cabinet

If you are looking for a large and in-charge arched cabinet – this Bloom cabinet from Ballard might steal your heart. Their Bloom Arched Glass Door cabinet is quite a stunner, with its washed wood look and brass hardware details. It is almost 83 inches high, 51 inches wide, and 18 inches deep. It’s a big one.

Best arched cabinets roundup

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20 best arched cabinets for 2023

Here’s the list

  1. Arhaus Hattie Cabinet
  2. Target Hearth and Hand Cabinet
  3. Wayfair Liam Cabinet
  4. Lorene Dining Cabinet
  5. Elua Cabinet
  6. Annetta Cabinet
  7. Fraser Cabinet
  8. Markwart Cabinet
  9. Payson Cabinet from West Elm
  10. Badgley Cabinet
  11. Guthrie Cabinet
  12. Brookes Cabinet
  13. Darcie Cabinet
  14. Target Woven Cabinet
  15. Ventana from Crate and Barrel
  16. Amira Cabinet from World Market
  17. Pottery Barn Scout Cabinet
  18. Urban Outfitters Mason Cabinet
  19. Anthropologie Fern Cabinet
  20. Ballard Designs Bloom Cabinet

lookalike cabinets???

You might notice that some of these cabinets are sold under different companies and look almost the same. And some of them are! The same manufacturer makes it, and then these smaller home shops pick them up and resell them. You must always look at all the options and see the best price. Please take note of the size, construction, hardware, and more to ensure they are the same thing.

Investing in an arched cabinet is not just another purchase; it’s an investment in style and practicality that pays dividends for years to come. These unique pieces of furniture not only elevate the aesthetics of your living space with their timeless design and artistic charm but also provide valuable storage solutions that can help declutter and organize your home.

While they may require a bit more investment than standard storage options, their versatility and ability to make a statement in any room make them worth every penny. Plus – these pieces can be cherished for years and years and passed down through the generations.