Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

A roundup of some of the best coffee table books for decorating.  

Beautiful hardcover books are one of my favorite ways to decorate and add personality to a room.  

I started collecting them years ago and I always look forward to adding a few more each year to my collection. 

If you look at my Amazon wish list right now – you will probably laugh at the number of coffee table books I have on there.  I can’t help it though!  

I thought I would put my book list to good use and highlight some of my favorite coffee table books today – including the popular “classic” designer ones, beautiful recipe books, stunning photography, and even some quirky ones!

Because I think coffee table books should reflect your interests.  

The books you have displayed should tell a bit about who you are.  That’s what makes a home more personal and interesting.  

There are 60 amazing books here!

How to Style Coffee Table Books

First, I recommend you take the covers off these books.  This might be a personal preference but I think they display so much better that way.  

If you have a small coffee table, a stack of two to three books with an object on top is always good styling.  You don’t want a mountainous stack, just a thoughtful one.  So keep proportions in mind with what books you are using.  

Examples of good decor objects include candles, decor accents, small bowls, beads, and greenery.  The object should be small enough to sit on top and not look top-heavy.  

If you have a large square or rectangular coffee table, you can get away with two or three stacks strategically placed on the table.  

But these coffee table books are not just for coffee tables … 

  • You can use them on a console, a dresser, or a nightstand.  
  • Fill a bookshelf to the brim with your favorites. 
  • Bring some color to your kitchen and use them to fill an empty countertop space.  
  • Or, keep a few stacks on an end of the bed bench.  

There are so many ways to display your favorite books!

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Click on any of these books to see more information about each one.

Designer Coffee Table Books

These are the “classics” – the ones I see in a lot of designer photos and celebrity homes.  

They have beautiful spines and are popular for a reason – they are just great books!

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Interior Design Coffee Table Books

I’m not going to lie, a lot of my favorite coffee table books are home decor books.  I just love to pick them up now and again and look at the photography and styles. 

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

These are some popular ones and my favorites as well.  

Lifestyle Coffee Table Books

A collection of great lifestyle books, with decorating to recipes and everything in between.

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Farmhouse Coffee Table Books

If you love the country, then this next set of books is for you!  I love the gorgeous photography in these, and it never hurts to see some cute farm animals. 

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Recipe/Food Coffee Table Books

Yep – these are cookbooks.  There is something about food photography that is so inviting.  And these cookbooks check all the boxes – beautiful typography, stunning photography, and great recipes.  

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Travel Coffee Table Books

Travel books are the cheapest way to visit a place.  

These books are screaming to be picked up, and I doubt your guests will be able to resist the temptation.  These are some of my favorites below, including ones by Gray Malin, who is an amazing photographer.  

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Animal Coffee Table Books

Whether you are “team dog” or “team cat”, or just plain love animals, these coffee table books are for the animal lover in you.  My kids even love picking up these books and learning something new.  Keep them where they can reach!  

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Garden Coffee Table Books

Gardening books are a great way to bring the outdoors in.  You will be so inspired by these beautiful gardens and cottages.  

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Quirky Coffee Table Books

These books will make you laugh.  They will make you think.  They are unique and show off that quirky side of you.  

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Art Coffee Table Books

If art is your thing – look no further than these classics. What a way to bring some character to your room with these beautiful books and art!

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Where to Get Coffee Table Books Cheap

Let’s be honest.  Coffee Table Books can be expensive.  Some of those classic coffee table books want almost $100 or more.  Ouch!

Don’t worry – I have a few favorite places to get beautiful coffee table books cheap.  

Thrift Stores

My thrift store has a great book section.  I also look at their hardcover books as well as their rare and collectibles.  Make sure to look over the books carefully for damage – and take a peek under the covers to make sure you like the book on its own!  

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet

Have you guys heard of Ollie’s?  I love going here for their coffee table book selection!  Most of their books are under $10.  While they don’t always have the most popular books I’ve highlighted here, I always seem to find something unique here to add to my collection.

If you’ve got the time, you can go digging and find great hardcover books for a pretty good discount at  I’ve found some goodies here for a great price.  Plus, they have a loyalty program where you can build up points and use them for a future purchase.  You also get free shipping on orders over $35.  

Get $10 off your first order of $25 by clicking here!


Did you know you can also get a good deal on books at Amazon?

Here’s how to find those deals. Search for any book on Amazon. Under the pricing information on the left-hand side (next to the picture), you should see an option for buying used, it will tell you the number of used books available and the price. This price is generally lower (sometimes by a lot) than the brand new price they have listed.

Keep in mind that you may have to pay shipping on top (these are independent sellers), so you will have to factor that into the final price. It’s not always a deal, but worth looking at before hitting that buy button!

That about wraps up this post! I hope you found some good coffee table books on this list.

Until next time,

xo Karen