Affordable Boob Light Alternatives

Boob Light Alternatives - showing a ceiling light from Wayfair

If you happen to live in a new construction/builder home, you might be familiar with the ol’ boob light. They are not exactly the most stylish fixture – so if you are looking for boob light alternatives you have come to the right place!

In this post, I’ll be providing ideas and links to lighting to get those boob lights replaced. Replacing light fixtures is a great way to customize your cookie cutter builder home and it makes such a difference in your rooms.

In case you aren’t familiar with the boob light – here it is. I legit felt like we were being followed by boobs when we first moved in to this house. They were in every room.

Why are they called boob lights? Because they look like a … boob.

boob light alternatives

I’m not sure if I ever came across someone wanting to install boob lights in their home (aside from home builders who are watching their bottom line and seem to love these things.) In fact, I think folks LOVE TO HATE them. So, if you’ve been looking to replace these lights – allow me to give you some ideas here.

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Boob Light Alternatives

There are several different types of light fixtures that can replace a boob light. What you replace it with depends on the overall vibe and mood of the room. The types of replacement light fixtures are:

  • flush mount – light fixtures that are attached to the ceiling
  • semi-flush mount – light fixtures that hang down several inches from the ceiling.
  • pendant or chandelier– light fixtures that hang even lower than semi-flush mounts, typically used over kitchen and dining tables and kitchen islands, and in large spaces such as a living room
  • recessed lighting or high hats – lights that are embedded into the ceiling i
  • track lighting – lighting that hangs from a track and can be positioned in different directions
  • ceiling fans – pretty sure you know what these are, some come with lights and some don’t.
boob light alternatives - Target lighting Studio McGee
Lighting from Target

Shop these light fixtures

Here are some stylish, affordable boob light alternatives. If you see something you like, just click on the picture for more product information. My favorite places to look for lighting is Amazon, Target, World Market and Wayfair.

350 - Decor Hint


These are things you want to consider before replacing your boob lights, as they will help determine the best type of fixture for the space.

What type of room is it?

Sometimes the room itself will tell you what type of fixture you need. Is it a dining room? You probably want a pendant or chandelier. Is it a small bedroom? Maybe a semi-flush mount or a ceiling fan is in order.

How large is the room?

If the room is very small – you don’t want or need a larger than life light fixture in there. Alternatively, if the room is grand with vaulted ceilings, a large chandelier can really make the space. You don’t want the room to feel overpowered by lighting, and you also don’t want a rinky dinky light fixture as the only light source in a larger room.

How high are the ceilings?

This is a biggie. Typically, for rooms where ceilings are 8 feet or lower – a flush mount or semi-flush mount is best. A ceiling fan would be ok too. The exception would be if this light is going to hang over a table. Lighting that hangs too low in a short room will make the room feel even shorter.

Do you want/need more air flow in a room?

Sometimes rooms can be stuffy and a ceiling fan is needed. And yes, I still think ceiling fans can be stylish. This can be especially true in bedrooms or porches. (Our screened in porch came complete with a boob light, believe it or not!)

Hopefully this post will have you replacing those boob lights in no time. When in doubt – I always go to my favorite sources of inspiration – Amber Interiors, Jean Stoffer and more to see what lighting they are using.

Until next time,

Xo Karen

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