24 Awe-inspiring Design Coffee Table Books to Elevate Your Home Decor Game

24 Must-Have Design Coffee Table Books That Will Elevate Your Home Decor Game Instantly!

I don’t collect many things, but one of the things I do collect is books. (I also collect shells, but that’s for another post.) I like to add a few hardcover books to my collection each year. They are a tremendous source of inspiration for me. Not to mention, they make the best decor!

In today’s post, I’m highlighting some of my favorite design coffee table books. The ones with the beautiful spines that will look amazing on your shelves and coffee tables. The ones that will inspire you for days. The ones that you will pick up again and again. The ones that actually teach you something.

So if you are looking for some good book picks about decor, keep reading. If you are looking for non-design coffee table books, check out some of my picks in this post here.

24 Must-Have Design Coffee Table Books That Will Elevate Your Home Decor Game Instantly!
How pretty is this book!?

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Design Coffee Table Books You’ll love

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and get snuggly. These design coffee table books are listed in random order, not in order of popularity. And yes, I realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that interior style is so subjective. But I do hope that you find one here that moves you!

1. Made for Living

If money was no object and I wanted to hire a designer, I would speed-dial Amber Lewis. Sometimes it’s hard to describe your individual decorating style because it’s a mix of many things. Amber Lewis’ style is a mix of things. Her book features beautiful photography, impeccably styled interiors, and design tips. Update: Check out her new book; Call it Home here.

2. Architectural Digest

There is not much to say here because this book speaks for itself. It’s a classic. If you are looking for a beautiful, inspiring design coffee table book – this one is a good one.

3. Live Beautiful

A look into the homes and friends’ homes of Athena Calderone, the creator of EyeSwoon. She has a way of breaking down design choices that make them easy to digest. And the photography by Nicole Franzen is top-notch. This is a book that you’ll find yourself picking up again and again.

4. Home By the Sea & Style

Natalie Walton has a fantastic collection of design books, and I can’t choose just one. Beautifully written and photographed, these books will inspire you no matter where you live.

5. Pacific Natural at Home

I love Jenni Kayne, even though my style is different from hers. I take inspiration from her carefree California interiors and entertaining style. You’ll find both in this book. Check out her other book here, too.

6. BiblioStyle

A design coffee table book about books? Well, yes, that’s entirely what this book is about. But it’s such a fantastic read! I love seeing how others decorate with books in their homes. You’ll be so inspired by the photography and stories.

7. Establishing Home

Finally! Jean Stoffer came out with a book. This one is highly anticipated by me as she is a favorite of mine. If you love earthy English-inspired interiors, she’ll also be a favorite of yours.

8. Down to Earth

Lauren Liess is another one of my favorite designers, and her design books do not disappoint. So much inspiration! And I love her style of writing. Her designs feel effortless; nothing is too staged or presented that way.

9. The Well-Loved House

Ashley Whittaker’s designs are bold and beautiful but surprisingly livable. And she shows you how to strike this balance in her book. It’s a must-have for the coffee table.

10. Arriving Home: A Gracious Southern Welcome

This book is spectacular. Warm and inviting is how I would describe James Farmer’s style. You want to eat the pages. It’s so good. It’s true Southern Style; layers, patterns, and lots of traditional wood furniture, but even if that’s not your style, you will find inspiration here.

11. The New Southern Style

Alyssa Rosenheck is one of my favorite interior photographers. We read these beautiful home magazines and never think about who is taking the photos that are inspiring us so much. Many times, it’s Alyssa Rosenheck. Her book is lovely to read and even more lovely to look at with the famous and non famous Southern home tours.

12. Nora Murphy’s Country House Style

A book with gorgeous photography and inspiring interiors. Full-page photos! I have this one on my bookshelf and pull it out for friends who come over. I love all the little details and tips here.

13. Remodelista in Maine

This book is such a favorite of mine. Did you ever see the series, The Lost Kitchen? Maine was never really on my radar until I started watching it. Now, I’m obsessed with everything Maine. I fell in love with the style and the beauty of that area. I have all the Remodelista Books (except for the garden one!), and they do not disappoint. This one might be my favorite.

14. The Maine House

More Maine! Maura McEvoy is a talented photographer, and she has a captivating way of capturing interiors. None of the homes featured in this book are “designer” homes, but you won’t be able to tell. These are real homes that feel lived in — not staged, and it’s a real feast for the eyes!

15. Beautiful – All-American Decorating and Timeless Style

Mark D. Sikes is a famous interior designer known for his All-American, traditional style. He kind of reminds me of Ralph Lauren. This book takes you through many of his projects and is chock full of beautiful interiors and design stories. If you love decorating with blues, you will especially love this book. And the spine is pretty!

16. Travel Home

This book encompasses everything I want our home to be; a collection of things that reflect who we are and where we’ve been. The photography is inspiring, and the writing is wonderful.

17. Curate

This book is another one that I find myself picking up off the shelf again and again. It’s loaded with design ideas and decorating advice for curating your spaces.

18. Minimalista

One of my favorite books ever, and I’m not just saying that. I read this cover to cover and then read it again. Chock full of tips, advice, and pep talks for living with only what you need and how to organize it.

19. At Home: Evocative & Art-Forward Interiors

This book is soulful. It surprised me! The stories of these spaces are so good they pull you in. I love the interiors featured here, and you’ll find this book very inspirational.

20. Eat Drink Nap

The eye-catching spine alone is enough to make you want this book, but it’s actually a really good book. Full of recipes, decorating advice, entertaining tips, and recipes. It’s one you’ll want to have and gift away.

21. Summer to Summer

24 Must-Have Design Coffee Table Books That Will Elevate Your Home Decor Game!

This delightful book is like taking a week’s long tour of beautiful East-Coast homes by the sea, including Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Provincetown. I love the inspiration but I also love the stories.

22. Emily Henderson Styled

Emily Henderson is captivating in this book. It’s like a cozy chat with a friend who’s a pro at turning spaces into havens. She has a way of putting things that make you feel like you’re talking to your best friend. I love all the design tips in this book.

23. Terrain: Ideas and Inspiration for Decorating the Home & Garden

Packed with creative vibes, this book is a treasure trove of decorating wisdom for both home and garden. From chic interiors to outdoor retreats, it’s got the scoop on making every corner Pinterest-worthy. Grab a cuppa, flip through the pages, and get ready for a serious dose of inspiration.

24. Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces you Never want to Leave

This book is a game-changer for home lovers. From nifty decor tips to finding your style groove, Jo’s got us covered. It’s not just about making a house pretty; it’s about creating a space that screams “you.”

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