Easy Easter Craft : Decoupage Those Plastic Eggs

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Materials needed for this Easy Easter Craft

You can turn those plastic eggs into pretty Easter decor with Mod Podge. Yes – we are going to decoupage plastic Easter eggs!

This is one of those easy Easter crafts and kid friendly too. I’m always struggling for Easter decor that isn’t too cheesy or expensive. These look great thrown in a bowl as part of your Easter decor. Plus – I just love pretty paper. Like, really pretty paper.

Do pretty papers make your heart skip a beat, too? So let’s roll up our sleeves and make this easy Easter craft. I made a short video that shows you how to do this. So watch below!

But first …

Here’s what you are going to need to make these …

Materials Needed for Decoupage Easter Eggs:

  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush or Foam Brush
  • Pretty Wrapping Paper or Tissue Paper – I picked mine up from Paper Source and it is a MATTE paper. Etsy is also a good source as is Amazon and bunch of other local stores. Or – just use old music sheets or newspaper. It looks just as cool.

Tutorial for This Easy Easter Craft

  1. First you want to cut a circle out of your wrapping paper that will cover the entire plastic Easter egg.
  2. Flip your wrapping over and put a coat of mod podge on the back with your paint brush.
  3. Now put a coat of Mod Podge on your plastic egg.
  4. Place the wrapping paper on your egg and smooth out as many wrinkles as you can with your fingers. You may have to snip off more wrapping paper as you smooth it out. It’s like wrapping a little plastic egg present!
  5. Once your egg is wrapped to your liking, put another coat of Mod Podge around the whole thing. And smooth it out one more time for good measure.
  6. Allow it to dry overnight!
Easy Easter Craft - Decoupage plastic eggs with pretty wrapping paper

You can use these pretty eggs to fill a large bowl or vase around the Easter Holiday. And when the holiday is over, just pack them up for next year. Of course – this is such an inexpensive craft – you could totally redo this next year with new paper. I’ve already seen a few other wrapping papers I wish I had used!

These aren’t going to be 100% smooth but you know what? Life is all about embracing those imperfections. These have a rustic vibe to them. I was thinking this would even look great with newspaper wrap or old music sheets. Let your imagination run wild and have a little Easter fun. (I know, I sound lame.)

One thing you could do is rip little pieces of wrap (such as small strips or squares), then just overlap these tiny pieces to form sort of a mosaic of paper around the egg. This is a good way to avoid a ton of wrinkles, but of course, it would take more time to finish.

Either way, this is a good way to get some budget friendly Easter decor into your homes. And like I said, decoupage is a good craft for kids (messy but fun!)

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Decoupage plastic easter eggs
Do you like my super secretive, hidden through the plants photo here? (LOL)

I’m curious what types of things you guys like to decoupage? This was kind of my first rodeo with Mod Podge and I’m a bit hooked.

Have fun!

Xo Karen

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  1. If you touched a few places w gold paint in an outline, they would be Imari. That is a very traditional style of Japanese painting. Usually done on dishes and vases. Very pretty and a great change up from pastels!

    • Sounds beautiful – I am going to research this more. This sounds like it’s definitely something I would love and would make a fun DIY. Thanks so much for sharing Jauquetta!

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