How to Make Envelope Pillow Covers the Easy Way

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How to Make Envelope Pillow Covers the Easy Way

If I had a nickel for all the envelope pillow covers I’ve made, well, I’d have a lot of nickels. Here’s the thing. You don’t need to overcomplicate envelope pillow covers. You actually don’t even need to measure! I use my pillow insert as my guide. I find that my pillow covers fit nice and snug this way, too. Learn how to make an envelope pillow cover the easy way. A nice little sewing project for your weekend!

Let’s get started.

Gather your materials. It’s best to start with fabric that’s been washed and dried.

Materials Needed

How to Make Envelope Pillow Covers

OK – I promised you an easy tutorial and here it is! You don’t even need to measure. Which is friggin’ awesome in my opinion.

I made a handy diagram!

Watch the Video

I made a handy video!

Step 1 : Cut your Front Piece

This is going to be the front piece of your pillow. So just lay your fabric down, plop (technical term) your pillow insert on top, and cut around your pillow.

Step 2 : Cut your Two Back Pieces

This that envelope part of things. You will have two back pieces the same size that slightly overlaps. There are two easy ways to do this.

Method 1

Lay your fabric down again, plop down your pillow insert and cut two pieces of fabric that will overlap (use your pillow as a guide here). You can use your front piece as a guide for the width. All pieces should be the same width.

Method 2

Cut a piece of fabric that is longer than your front piece (but the same width). Now just take that long piece of fabric and cut it in the middle (not long ways obviously). If you find these two back pieces overlap too much, then just cut a bit off of each. Simple!

Step 3 : Iron and Sew a Hem on Back Pieces

Iron down a hem on each of the back pieces. This makes it easier to sew – you won’t even need pins! Now just sew down a nice little neat hem.

Step 4 : Sew up your Pillow

Now, take your three pieces of fabric. That is, your front piece and your two back pieces.

With RIGHT SIDES FACING IN (you should be looking at the back), line up your back pieces with your front piece. The back pieces should overlap. You should see the back part of your hem. Pin or clip the fabric together all the way around

You can trim it up if you want here too to make it a nice little square – but don’t trim too much. You still want your pillow insert to fit. Remember – use it as your guide.

Now sew it up, all the way around. I back stitch over my overlapped back pieces for extra security.

Step 5 : Flip Your Cover Right Side Out and Insert Your Pillow

Now that your pillow has been sewn together, all you need to do is flip it right side out and put your insert in. You might have to wrestle with your insert a bit. That’s OK. You want your pillow to look nice and plump and filled out.

That’s it, folks!

You should have a beautiful envelope pillow cover there. Now you can make more!

Envelope Pillows on a Couch outdoors

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My husband comes home from work and says – ‘Did we get new pillows?’ OR ‘Did you make more pillows today?’ OR ‘We have too many pillows.’ LOL.

The Best Places to Buy Fabric

Now that you know how to make a cover quickly, easily and without ripping your hair out, you will want to know where to buy fabric. Check out the best places to buy fabric.

Here’s to prettier pillows and more comfortable sofas!

Xo Karen

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