8 Non Christmas Winter Decorations For the Coziest Home

non christmas winter decor, cozy textiles

Shorter days, colder temperatures and little to no sunlight can wreak havoc on our mental state during the winter. Our homes are really our sanctuaries during times like this because we spend so much of it indoors. How do we transition from magical Christmas to blah winter without losing the magic?

Try these non Christmas Winter Decorations. I think you can sum them up in one word: COZY. It’s all about the cozy right now. Here are some ideas to fill your home with charm and warmth this winter!

Non christmas winter decorations

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1. Play up the best of Winter

First, let’s try to embrace the present. What are some of the best things about winter? Here are some of mine; sledding, ice skating, skiing, winter walks in the snow, lighting a fire, cozy winter hats and gloves, Valentine’s day, baking cookies and making hot cocoa. Now play these things up in your own home. Here are some ideas:

  • Lay a stack of birch logs on your front porch or near your fireplace.
  • Hang a cute pair of mittens, a cozy winter scarf or hat in your entryway.
  • Create a little hot cocoa bar. Pull out some mugs and hot cocoa fixins on your counter and keep it out during the winter.
  • Go thrifting for old sleds, vintage ice skates, skis and old wooden snowshoes and then display your findings in your home for the winter or on your front porch. You can also thrift for pretty winter quilts and display them on chairs and benches.
  • Don’t forget that Valentine’s day is just around the corner, too, which is another great way to add in some festive decor that’s seasonal.

2. Bring in Greenery and Winter Florals

Once all the Christmas decor is put away, I bring out my greenery stems from storage. There is something about greenery that helps spaces feel more alive.

faux greenery for non christmas winter decor ideas

But you can also choose to incorporate winter florals, like rich burgundy or white roses, bright yellow winter jasmine and reddish or white winter berries. Baby’s breath can also be pretty because it reminds me of snow. I go faux but if you prefer the real thing, go with that. I love filling up vases around the house with these seasonal stems. They add much needed color and life to my rooms.

3. Lamps are your friends

Shorter days mean less natural light, so we need to turn to other sources of light during the winter. That means lamps. My favorite time of day is lamp o’clock. I have these smart light bulbs in my lamps and can turn them all on from an app on my phone. I also set them on a dimmer to really set the cozy mood. If you need to, bring in extra lamps during these dark winter days. Consider adding a pretty lamp to your kitchen counters.

4. Cozy Textiles for the Win

Winter is cold. And there is nothing like snuggling up under some cozy winter blankets during these colder months. But cozy textiles can also be pillow covers (opt for velvet and boucle) and sheepskin rugs.

Tumble Rug in a DIning Room

Fill a basket with some warm winter blankets, swap out your pillow covers if you can, and add a sheepskin rug to a sofa, chair or ottoman for some added coziness.

5. Hang a Winter Wreath or Two

The house can feel a bit bare after putting away the Christmas decorations, so I like to keep a wreath or two hanging out until we get through the cold winter months. And I don’t just mean on the front door. Consider your interior doors, too.

wintry wreaths - cozy non christmas winter decor

I have one somewhat minimal, wispy wreath that I hang on our laundry room door. I actually found this wreath thrifting! It just makes me so happy when I’m in the kitchen cooking. It’s just an added layer of charm.

6. Light the Candles

Candles create a vibe. So there are always candles lit around our house during the winter. While I do love flameless candles, there are a few scented candles that I love to burn.

cozy candles for non christmas winter decor

This gardenia candle from White Barn is one of my favorites. It reminds me of a garden full of flowers. You can also purchase these candle warmers which provide an added glow. These work on a timer so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep with your candles still burning.

dining room cozy non christmas winter decor

7. Swap in Artwork that Makes you Happy

I like to swap around some of my artwork for the seasons. Think wintry scenes, or colorful pieces like painted fruit and landscapes.

colorful winter artwork - non christmas winter decor ideas

Things that make you happy and add some color if needed. Winter can be so drab.

8. Embrace these Colors

Speaking of drab, these colors add warmth: ivory, burgundy, evergreen, and deep blues.

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