How to Style a Back of Toilet Tray

Get tips for styling your back of toilet tray and discover one easy trick to keep it from falling off!

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Do you ever feel like it’s a perfect balancing act to get your toilet tray to actually stay put on your toilet tank?

Are you unsure of how to make your toilet tray look stylish so you’re not secretly cringing every time a guest asks to use the bathroom?

Well, you can stop cringing now!

I’m giving you some stylish decor tips and I’m letting you in on my secret (so your tank tray never falls off again!)

And when you finish with this post, be sure to get my tips for making your bathroom more spa-like.

Tank Tray Tips for your Bathroom

So, What’s a Toilet Tray Anyways?

A toilet tray or tank tray or back-of-toilet tray is basically a small tray meant to sit on the back of your toilet tank.

The toilet tank itself is like a little shelf. And if you’re like me, and you have a tiny bathroom, you will find a reason to utilize that’s available for the taking.

wood tray for holding bathroom items and small vases and decor

Unfortunately, if the flusher is located on the top of your tank, this post is not going to work for you. Sorry!

Utilizing the back of the toilet is a great way to get more storage space. But of course, you want it to look pretty, too.

Watch the Video on Styling!

Toilet Tray Tips and Ideas

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when styling the back of your toilet tray.

1. Get a Nice looking Tray!

Let’s start with the biggie here. You need a nice tray! A regular tray works well on the back of the toilet as long as the dimensions fit – but you can easily make one from a rectangular piece of wood (mental note for a new DIY project.)

Here are some of the products I used in our bathroom.

The tank tray I used is inexpensive and brings some much-needed warmth and texture to the bathroom. Love it!

How to Style a Back of Toilet Tray - Get tips for styling your back of toilet tray and discover one easy trick to keep it from falling off!

2. Keep Accessories Minimal

You want this to feel decorated, not cluttered. Keep accessories minimal and stash the rest under your bathroom sink area. Or choose to store things you can stuff in a small but classy looking container.

3. Add Florals/Greenery

Nothing adds more life to a room than some greenery or a vase of pretty flowers. Faux florals and faux greenery keep maintenance to a minimum. Especially in a low light bathroom.

4. Raid the Kitchen Aisle at Target

Use pretty glasses and jars to hold accessories like Q-tips and Cotton Balls. The best place to look for pretty bathroom accessories is often not where you think! The Kitchen Aisle at stores like Target can have some hidden gems of pretty glassware and storage vessels for your bathroom. Even thrift stores can be good for those unique and inexpensive finds.

5. Candles for the Win

Finally, add a candle for a sweet smell and a pretty glow. It’s great for guests and when you want a relaxing soak in the tub!

HomeGoods, Amazon, TJ Maxx, and Target are great places to find pretty, but inexpensive candles. Be careful that guests don’t catch their hair on fire. Never been an issue for us, but it’s worth mentioning. With some of the scented candles I have, even opening the lid without lighting it creates a nice aroma.

bathroom tank tray with candle, q-tips and small vase

Here’s How to Keep your Tank Tray From Falling Off

Here’s my amazing little trick!! If your tank tray is always slipping off and sliding around, you will love this inexpensive fix. These trays can be kind of wobbly because the tank is not always flat on top so they don’t sit flush (pun intended).

Doesn’t it feel like a delicate balancing act sometimes?

Here’s what to do. Grab a couple of these velcro strips.

Attach the velcro strips to your toilet tank and push your toilet tray down on top firmly until you hear that delicious Velcro crunch sound! (Watch the video to see this in action. )

What about when you need to clean?

Simply detach the tray from the command strips — clean — and then reattach when you’re done.

Use command strips to hold tank tray in place
back of toilet tray for extra bathroom storage space

This wooden tank tray from H&M adds a nice look to your bathroom and I highly recommend it. To get more ideas for trays for the bathroom, you can check out this post.

Toilet Tank Tray Ideas

Here’s to prettier bathrooms. 🙂

xo Karen