Genius Tank Tray Tips for Your Bathroom

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Need extra storage space in your bathroom? Try the back of your toilet with a stylish tank tray. Get these genius tank tray tips for your bathroom.

Tank Tray Tips for your Bathroom

Ok wow! It’s great to be back. Seattle just experienced two back to back snowstorms and the kids were off from school for almost a week. So – needless to say, I got nothing done around here. LOL.

Anyways – let’s maximize the storage space you have in your bathroom by utilizing toilet tank trays!

wood tray for holding bathroom items and small vases and decor

We have a small bathroom here in our Craftsman so utilizing the back of the toilet is a great way to get more storage space.

Of course – you want it to look pretty so I’m showing you how I style my bathroom tank tray plus a little trick for getting it to stay put on top of the tank.

These trays can be kind of wobbly and slip off if you’re not careful!

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Bathroom Tank Tray Tips

FYI: I linked the products I used in my bathroom below.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when styling the back of the toilet tray.

  • Keep accessories minimal to keep it uncluttered looking.
  • Add a vase of greens or flowers – faux florals and faux greenery keep maintenance to a minimum. Especially in a low light bathroom!
  • Use pretty glasses and jars to hold accessories like Q-tips and Cotton Balls. Don’t forget to check the Kitchen Aisle at stores like Target for pretty glassware and/or even thrift stores for unique and inexpensive finds.
  • Add a candle for a sweet smell and pretty glow – great for guests too! HomeGoods, Amazon, TJ Maxx, and Target are great places to find pretty, but inexpensive candles.
  • A regular tray works well on the back of the toilet as long as the dimensions fit – but you can easily make one from a rectangular piece of wood (mental note for a new DIY project!)
bathroom tank tray with candle, q-tips and small vase

How to Keep your Toilet Tank Tray from Slipping Off

A couple of command Velcro strips keep your tank tray from slipping and sliding and you can easily remove it when you need to clean and just reattach. Watch the video to see this in action.

Basically, just attach the velcro strips to your toilet tank and push your toilet tray down on top firmly until you hear that delicious Velcro crunch sound! 🙂

This wooden tank tray from H&M (sourced below) adds a bit of warmth to your bathroom so I highly recommend it if you are searching for a tank tray!

utilize the back of the toilet to hold bathroom items and decor for your small bathroom

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