Affordable Light Fixtures from Amazon

affordable light fixtures on Amazon!  Most of these light fixtures are under $100.  See my picks for kids room lighting, bathroom lighting, my favorite wireless picture light, dining room chandalier and more.  

a roundup of my favorite timeless affordable light fixtures from Amazon. Most of these are under $100!

When you move into a new home, one of the best ways to customize your spaces and take away that “Builder-Look” is with new lighting. Please, please replace those b00b lights! Why do they even make those anymore?

I’m all about adding beautiful new lighting to your home that speaks to you – and I do NOT believe you need to spend a lot to get a great look. The key is picking fixtures that aren’t going to look cheap and that have the features necessary to make your home look really look soft and cozy (aka, they are dimmable).

I am in the process of replacing my boob lights. The bathroom lights are going next! They are all the same and I’m tired of that same look everywhere. I’ve been building up this list of my favorite affordable light fixtures for some time now.

My criteria for making the list is simple:

  • They don’t look cheap. Too bright gold is a dead giveaway. I tend to stay away from gold just because my hubby doesn’t like it and these tend to look the cheapest. You can always get away with an inexpensive matte black fixture because they look exactly like the more expensive versions. With the gold and brass? Not so much (although it can try to make it look better with Rub N’ Buff). You have to be really picky here. I also go for timeless fixtures. Milk Glass, Cone Pendants, Lanterns and Shade Sconces will always be in style in some way shape or form.
  • They have good reviews. Reviews are everything. I especially like to see customer pictures – if it looks good in their picture, chances are it will look good in my home too.
  • They are cheap. In a good way. If I had to replace all my boob lights with fancy fixtures, I’d be in debt up to my eyeballs. So I kept most of these under $100. That seems reasonable.

You’ll find everything here from bathroom lights, kitchen pendants, wall sconces, dining room fixtures and picture lights (even the wireless variety!) I’ll highlight a few very popular fixtures that I see everywhere.

A light fixture I want to highlight is this gorgeous dining room chandelier. I’ve seen this in numerous home blogger houses and it really looks high end and beautiful.

350 - Decor Hint

If you are looking for a picture light that is wireless and battery operated – look no further than this one. It comes in gold and black (I prefer black) and is really affordable! A lot of my blogger friends give this one two thumbs up!

350 - Decor Hint
affordable light fixtures on Amazon!  Most of these light fixtures are under $100.  See my picks for kids room lighting, bathroom lighting, my favorite wireless picture light, dining room chandalier and more.  

This glass pendant is also really popular, has good reviews and is about as timeless as it gets. This would look good pretty much anywhere in your home!

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Good to Know Lighting Tips

A few things I’ve discovered on my own that I’m passing along to you.

According to designers, every room needs ambient, task and accent lighting. The right combination of these lights can make your rooms look so beautiful and welcoming.

Ambient, or general lighting, illuminates the whole room. Think track lighting and recessed lights. Table and floor lamps also fall in this category if they illuminate the whole room.

You don’t want to overdo it though – nobody wants to feel like they are back at the office or in a hospital. The best way to avoid that is put your ambient lighting on dimmers, and/or use low wattage light bulbs to create a soft glow.

I use and LOVE these Smart LED light bulbs. I can control the brightness, turn them on and off and even change the colors all from an app on my phone. For the most comfortable lighting, look for 2700k lumens or less. I personally love these low wattage light bulbs when I need just a kiss of light. I use these in small accent lamps where I don’t need a ton of lighting ever. They are small but the color is great. And, if you have a small fixture, you don’t have to worry about the bulb sticking out.

350 - Decor Hint

I also love these edison bulbs. If you have a fixture with exposed bulbs – you definitely want to go for edison bulbs for the best look.

Accent lighting and task lighting feel kind of the same to me. Accent lighting is what museums use – think picture lights or lights to “accentuate” one little area. And task lighting is just what it sounds like; for tasks. Desk lamps, pendant lights over an island and under cabinet lighting fall under this category. Try to layer these three types of lights in a room for the best look.

Our home doesn’t have a ton of recessed lights which can make the rooms feel dark without a lot of lamps. If you don’t have a lot of overhead lights, a few perfectly placed, softly lit table and floor lamps do the trick.

Affordable Light Fixtures – The Roundup

350 - Decor Hint

So that about wraps up this list for affordable light fixtures from Amazon. I hope you found something you love here.

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