Top 11 Primrose Mirror Dupes to Refresh Your Space

anthropologie primrose mirror

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Ah, the Anthropologie Primrose mirror.  We’ve all fallen under its spell, haven’t we? Scrolled past it on Instagram, sighed deeply, and maybe even shed a single, sparkly tear at the price tag. Luckily, there are plenty of primrose mirror dupes to be had. 

These beautiful look-alikes are a pretty darn good match for the primrose mirror, and with the exception of a few, most of them are much cheaper.

anthropologie mirror dupes - check out this post for the best options of those beautiful gold ornate mirrors!
Image via Anthropologie

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What is the Gleaming Primrose Mirror?

For comparison sake, let’s admire the object of our affection for a minute.  The Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie comes in sizes that range from “charming portrait” to “full-on ballroom showstopper,” and has a price tag that starts at a cool $548 and can climb to a whopping $1,598 for the full floor mirror. 

Primrose Mirror Sizes Offered

  • Portrait Mini: 31.75″H, 22″W / 12.37 lbs.
  • Small – 3 foot, 39.25″H, 39″W / 31 lbs.
  • Medium – 5 foot, 60″H, 50.25″ / 112.5 lbs.
  • Medium Floor: 6 foot, 71.75″H, 32″ / 128 lbs.
  • Large Floor: 7 foot, 84″H, 64.25″W / 200 lbs.

The Gleaming Primrose Mirror has become a highly sought-after decor piece, captivating the hearts of interior design enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its surge in popularity can be attributed to several key factors. At the forefront is its baroque design, which exudes a vintage-inspired charm and sophistication. It’s not just a mirror, it’s a piece of art. It really is an investment, but will become the crown of any room it adorns.

What sets the Primrose Mirror apart in the realm of home decor is its remarkable versatility. It seamlessly integrates into a myriad of settings, from the plush backdrop of a traditional living room to the minimalist grace of a modern bedroom. Beyond its beauty, the mirror serves a practical purpose—enhancing the brightness and perceived size of spaces.

Primrose Mirror Dupes

Expert Tip: Google search for “french baroque style mirror” or “antique gold mirror” to do a bit of digging yourself.

These mirrors are all very similar in style to the Anthropologie gleaming primrose mirror (with that vintage baroque look).

1. Amelie Mirror – Best Lookalike

Amelie Mirror Arhaus

Let me introduce you to the Amelie Mirror from Arhaus. The Amelie doesn’t skimp on charm or sophistication; we’re talking an intricate frame that could make an art critic do a double-take. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’ll doll up any room from zero to sixty faster than you can say “bless your heart.” This mirror comes in a variety of sizes including a giant in-ya-face version at 84 inches tall and 64 inches wide.

2. Filigree Mirror

filigree mirror

This Filigree mirror from Pottery Barn Teen is a beautiful and stylish mirror that will add a touch of sophistication to any room. The mirror is made of metal and features a delicate filigree design. The frame is available in gold and the mirror is available in two sizes: a short and a long floor version. The long version will get as big as 60 inches high and 24 inches wide.

3. Beaudry Mirror

beaudry mirror above a console table

Every detail of our Beaudry Mirror from Ballard Designs exudes old-world glamour. Ideal for an entryway or positioned above a vanity, it features a beaded frame crafted from hand-forged iron. The frame is adorned with flowing corner scrolls and an elegant shell crest, making the Beaudry Mirror a timeless and sophisticated choice for your home decor. It comes in two sizes: 45×32 and 64×31.

4. Gold Bordeaux Ornate Mirror

kirklands mirror ornate gold

Make a bold statement with this ornate gold mirror from Kirkland’s. Featuring a traditional Bordeaux-inspired frame with scrolling acanthus leaf details, it adds instant grandeur to any wall or leans effortlessly against the wall. Overall mirror measures 38L x 1.3W x 75.2H in. Pretty tall!

5. Amazon – Smaller Size Comparison

We hit the motherload. Amazon is teeming with incredible dupes for the iconic Primrose mirror and other French baroque beauties, letting you bring home that opulent charm without breaking the bank. Browse through them all here.

6. Arendahl Traditional Arch Mirror

The Arendahl Mirror Size Lineup

With a baroque-inspired design and intricate resin overlay on its iron frame, the Arendahl exudes sophistication with an antique finish. Available in different sizes and a good affordable option. You can find it almost everywhere these days (home depot, Amazon, Walmart etc.)  The tallest size offered is 18 inches wide by 58 inches tall.

7. Helene Mirror

Helen Metal Mirror

The Helene Mirror boasts an arch/crowned top shape and a beveled mirror finish, and exudes an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, making this a great alternative to the Primrose. It’s available in 7 different sizes, including a large 72×42 inch floor length!

8. Tulca Mirror

Tulca Mirror from Lulu and Georgia

One of my personal faves from Lulu & Georgia. The Tulca mirror is not available in a full length, but I had to include it here because it’s one of their bestsellers. It’s available in oil rubbed bronze or gold, kind of minimal with just a simple scroll detail at the top but still makes a statement. Overall measures: 35.75″ W x 36″ H.

9. Fetullah Metal Arch Wall Mirror

fetullah metal arch mirror

The Fetullah metal Arch mirror is a fantastic look-alike to the Primrose, and this one is available in various sizes, from the smallest at 20×30 inches to the largest at 60×30 inches!

10. Levon Natural Carved Mirror

Levon Carved Wood Floor MIrror

For a different kind of look, try the Levon Mirror from Leanne Ford. It’s made of ash wood with a natural finish and featuring intricate scrollwork. It’s available in two colors, this natural one (shown) or black. Dimensions of the mirror are 94″Wx2.75″Dx54.75″H.

11. World Market Vintage Style Metal Mirror

The floor World Market Mirror is a good dupe but not always available, but they do have a smaller size mirror.  

DIY Mirror Options

While I know not everyone will want to DIY their own primrose mirror, that’s definitely an option and there are plenty of good tutorials online. If you want a simpler tutorial, try my distressed mirror DIY or my antique mirror frame DIY – both will give you that vintage look.

(featured image via Anthropologie)

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