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Now that our renovation is coming to a close (finally), it’s time to focus on decorating and sprucing up the new parts as well as the parts of the house that were sadly neglected and damaged during all of it.

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UPDATE : See my new updated Laundry Room!

One of these rooms is our laundry room. Or I should my laundry room because I’m the only one who really ever goes in there. LOL! It’s blah. It has this horrible green tinted beige wall paint everywhere that was done by the previous owners. EVERYWHERE including the ceilings. (Why???)

There is one small section of wall that is white. That is where we had some repairs done for our renovation. They had to take that wall down and put it back and just put a white primer over it. I have to say – just that small amount of white paint really brightens it up in there!

Since we’ve moved in, we’ve made a few changes in our laundry room. We put a door up to the laundry room so you don’t have to look at or hear the laundry. (yay – if you can’t see it, it’s not there.) We also stacked the washer and dryer with this simple stacking kit I bought on Amazon. Folks – do NOT try to stack these bad boys yourself. They are extremely heavy. My dad and my husband did it together. You have to put your washer on the bottom because it’s the heavier appliance after if fills with water.

Stacking our washer dryer made a HUGE difference because it gave us so much more room. Instead of having the washer and dryer sideways, now we could push it back against the wall and face it forwards. Much easier on me and my back.

We also added this black cabinet. We really had slim pickings with cabinets because we had to find something to fit the exact dimensions of that skinny space there and we didn’t have the budget to build something custom. This cabinet works pretty well. It got a little beat up during the renovation and is now sitting a bit lop sided – plus our house is old and has crooked floors and walls so that doesn’t help either. It’s going to have to stay there and I have to make do with it. I’ll think of something to spruce it up a bit!

This cabinet used to have a door on the top part but I removed it because it was a pain to constantly open and close when doing laundry. I like the open shelving better but it really needs to be prettied up in there.

Another challenge to this laundry room is that we also use part of it for storage. It holds a mattress that we pull out for guests. (We tried an air mattress and it doesn’t quite work for the grandparents.) Plus – who wants to sleep on an air mattress for weeks? So, we bought this super comfy, memory foam mattress that doesn’t need a box spring. It’s great, but we don’t have a dedicated guest bedroom (yet), so we pull it out when we need it and put it back when we don’t. This might sound like a weird solution but it just works for us for now.

So, I put a shelving unit in front of it and called it good!

But obviously – it’s not good.

There are some other things about this laundry room that I don’t care for – like the floors and the lighting. But – this is a BUDGET makeover so I’m going to have to make do with what I have. I don’t have a number set yet – but I’m thinking I want to try and redo this laundry room for somewhere between $100-$200. MAX. That includes everything so I’m going to try and work with what I have and DIY a lot of it.

I do have some tricks up my sleeve so if you are in the same boat you will want to follow along!

Let’s do this!

PS : If you happened to see my DIY Peg Rail Post – you know that I made it specifically for this room. The black peg rail will tie in with the black cabinet.

Stay tuned guys!

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