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Easy tutorial for making a DIY modern peg rail. You don’t need any special tools to do this! Get all the tips and tricks here.

black peg rail with wreath

Here’s a really easy project for you and one that you can customize to your liking. A Peg Rail!

And if you think you need to set up a master carpenter shop to complete this – you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn you don’t need any special tools.

I really love the look and functionality of these shaker peg rails.  I think they fit with a variety of design styles, whether you are mid-century modern or farmhouse or traditional. You can always find a place to put these babies in your home.

They can be kind of expensive though for a nice looking one – and sometimes you can’t really find one in the length/style/color that you want.  

I found screw-in pegs on Amazon and decided to give them a try. They worked out perfectly. These pegs plus a $5 wood board at my local hardware store (and some spray paint) and I now have this modern custom peg rail!

DIY Peg Rail Tutorial - learn how to make a stylish and functional peg rail - no special tools required! #homedecor #diy #diyprojects #homedecorideas #farmhouse

This particular peg rail in going in my laundry room.  I’m doing a whole budget-friendly laundry room makeover and I’ll be sharing that with you soon.  

That’s why I wanted it painted black. It’s going to match the color scheme I have going on in there.

Let me show you how to make a peg rail!

Materials Needed

Materials needed to make a peg rail
  • Wood Board – (mine was 5.5 inches wide by 48 inches long).  Make sure they are deep enough to hold the screw of the peg – otherwise the screw will poke out the back.
  • Screw in Pegs – you can also use these pegs but you need a different type of tool to install em’
  • Drill – Optional – makes screwing in the pegs a bit easier.
  • Spray Paint – Optional again! If you like the natural look then just stick with that.
  • Pen or Pencil to mark off a centerline and measure where each peg will go
  • Tape Measure – see (How to Read a Tape Measure)

DIY Peg Rail Tutorial

Step 1

Mark off where you want your pegs on a board.

Take your wood board and tape measure and pull your tape measure along the entire length of the board.  Use this to draw your centerline. (It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful but it does help keep them even.)  

Now you want to measure out how far apart you want your pegs to be. I wanted mine 6 inches apart and so I made a little mark at each 6-inch increment along the entire centerline of the board.

Tip: If you are not planning on spray painting your board, you probably want to use a pencil instead of a pen to make your marks so you can erase them afterward!

Step 2

Drill holes into wood for pegs

If using a drill – Take your drill and lightly start a hole on each one of your marks.  This will make it easier to screw in your pegs. It’s not necessary, but the pegs can be a little difficult to screw in by hand.  

Step 3

Screw pegs into wood

Now screw in your pegs.  They get more difficult to screw in as you go along.  You can use pliers and gently try to screw them in that way to give you a bit more leverage.  

Just giving you a little heads up that it takes some serious hand strength toward the end – but still totally doable.  You can do it!

Make sure each peg is screwed in nice and tight and that they are flush with the board.

Step 4

Now it’s time to spray paint!  I chose Rustoleum Matte Black. Rustoleum makes the best spray paint ever in my opinion.  Spray light, even coats outdoors or in a well-ventilated area and wear a mask and rubber gloves. Spray paint your peg rail in an old cardboard box to avoid spray painted grass. I once had pink grass for weeks. WEEEEKS.

Allow it to dry for 24 hrs.  

Check out my other spray paint projects:

Step 5

black peg rail with wreath

You are finished!  Now you just need to hang it.  

Tip: I recommend screwing this into a stud in your wall on each end of the peg rail.  I wouldn’t hang really heavy things or weights from it but I tested it with coats and wreaths and laundry bags and my pegs stayed in there nice and tight!  

The key is making sure your board is firmly attached to the wall though!

Funny story — I initially tried to hang this with sticky tabs and it fell down and took a chip off my baseboard.  But my peg rail remained undamaged. Woot! This story is only a little bit funny actually. Now I have to fix my baseboard. 😒

Peg Rails – final thoughts

I know that wood stained and black and white versions are pretty standard for peg rails, but the sky is the limit on what color you can make these. I’m thinking a gray, navy or a forest green painted peg rail would be really cool.

(Pssst : Check out how to get spray paint off of skin! An easy trick!)

I’m really loving forest green in home decor right now.

You can also choose the length and width of your board.  I’ve seen these look good in wide and skinny versions. There are enough pegs to make a few if you space them out with a plan in mind.  

Although these shaker-style peg rails are good for closets – I love the look of them right out in the open.  Try them in a kid’s room hung down low to get your kiddos in the habit of hanging their clothes.

Or, hang one in an entryway, mudroom or stairwell.  In fact, Remodelista has a great article on how to use peg rails.

Since my peg rail is going in our laundry room, I’m planning on hanging a laundry bag, maybe some laundry accessories and of course something decorative – like a wreath or dried flowers.  

Modern peg Rail Tutorial - learn how to make a stylish and functional peg rail - no special tools required! #homedecor #diy #diyprojects #homedecorideas #farmhouse

I hope you guys have fun with this one!  Let me know how it turns out if you decide to make it.  Feel free to watch the video and subscribe to my channel.  I’m slowly starting to get the hang of this video thing. Ha!

Xo Karen