Hardwood Floor Reveal! Part 2 …

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Ok you guys!  The hardwood floors are totally finished (well just about).  And they turned out beautiful!

If you remember, my last post was us deciding on which floor stain to use.

We ended up going for 50/50 mix of rosewood and neutral.  That’s the sample on the left above.

And here is the end result!

These photos were taken at night because the floors were being covered up again the next morning so I could only get in there at night.  I didn’t get a snapshot of them during the day unfortunately!  We have the “satin” sheen on the floors.  We are probably going to make them a little more matte after our kitchen cabinets are installed.  It’s still a little shiny for my taste.

The floors definitely have a red undertone to them.  But they are a warm rustic color and I love that you can see all those pretty grains in the red oak floors.

What do you guys think?  I’ll definitely update this post with a daylight shot – for some reason the red tint goes away more in the daylight and they look more brown.

We are really coming along on this renovation.  UPDATE :  WE ARE DONE!  See the Full Reveal and our New Galley Kitchen Here!

Here’s where we were just a few weeks ago…

And now …

Kitchen cabinets are going in soon.  Landscaping is also starting soon.  You should see the state of our grass right now.  It’s sad.  It’s definitely taking a beating with all the construction.

Talk soon guys!

xo Karen

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