How To Display Art On A Smart TV (3 Easy ways!)

how to display art on any smart TV

Learn how to display art on a Smart TV in this post. Just 3 easy steps and you can have your tv look like a work of art!

As much as I would love to have the Samsung Frame TV, the cost is just too much to swallow. I do keep it on my wishlist though because I’ve only heard good things about it and it’s pretty freaking cool.

The Frame TV is a QLED TV, or Quantum dot technology LED TV. What does that mean? Basically, QLED televisions stand out due to their high luminance, enhancing brightness and contrast, and their unique Quantum Processor, which uses machine learning to upscale lower definition content.

Samsung Frame TV
Samsung Frame TV

The Frame TV screen is designed for displaying 4k art without glare or reflections, in more of a matte display so it looks like real art. The TV also sits flush on the wall which it makes it look even more like a real painting. It’s really spectacular when you see one in person.

These Frame TVs come with “Art Mode” which easily allows you to access all your art and display it 24/7. You can upload your own art, or purchase art through a subscription to the Samsung Art Store (I believe it’s about $6/month).

how to display art on any smart TV

Luckily, you can purchase a really good flat screen for not a lot of money these days. And you can still put art on it! Let me show you how.

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How to Display art on a Smart TV with a USB drive

First things first, you’ll need a couple things.

  • A TV with a USB port. (Most of the smart screen TVs they sell nowadays have one)
  • A USB flash drive that’s loaded with your favorite Frame TV art (see below for how to do this or just google it).

Once you have these two things, follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Locate the USB port on your TV and insert your flash drive there. It’s usually on the back next to the HDMI ports, and it can usually be viewed from the side. So if you peek your head behind the TV on either side – you should see it. Otherwise, it might be near the bottom of the TV.
  2. Switch the input mode / source until you get to Media Player or USB. It may be worded differently on your TV, but keep hitting the input/source button on the TV or on your remote until you see it. Once you get to the correct source, you’ll see all your art files on the USB pop up.
  3. Select the art file you want to display and VOILA! TV ART!
how to display art on any smart TV

If you find that your art doesn’t display for long or turns after a while, you might have a screensaver option turned on and you’ll have to turn this off.

If you want the art to be a bit dimmer, just turn down the brightness of your TV screen within the settings.

How to display art on your TV with Amazon Photos App

If you have the Amazon photos app on your devices, you can access these same photos on your TV screen as well! All you need is the Amazon Photos app on your TV, or a firestick to put it on your TV.

Then, you can display your uploaded photos/art as a slideshow when the TV is idle. (PS: Did you know that if you have Prime you get to store unlimited photos on Amazon Photos?)

How to Display Art on your TV through Youtube

You can also navigate to the Youtube app on your TV (or download it if you don’t have it already). Or, if you don’t have apps on your TV, you can use a Firestick or Roku to bring the app into your TV.

Once you get to Youtube, do a search for TV screen art, or Art for TV, and you can select any option you want from there. These Youtube “videos” are basically art files that are designed to display to for a set amount of time. Some even have music!

How to Transfer TV Art Files from your Computer to a USB Flash Drive

Download your TV screen art to your computer. Then, insert your flash drive into your computer. Flash drives are usually located on the side, front or back of your computer (depending if you have a desktop or laptop).

Transfer your art files from your computer to your flash drive. I just open the drive folder, then select my art and drag and drop them into the USB flash drive folder.

Once all your artwork is on your flash drive, you can unplug it from your computer.

Where to Buy TV Art?

There are a few places you can find affordable, high quality TV art these days. You can search public domain art and resize it yourself to the proper 16:9 ratio. You can use Canva or Photoshop for this.

To save more time, you can peruse Etsy, which is chock full of this art. Another option is my art shop! I’m adding more and more frame TV art to the store.

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