Where to Hang The Toilet Paper Holder and Other Bath Fixtures

bathroom with soaking tub - in post, all the bathroom fixture measurements you need!

We don’t like rules in decorating. In fact, we hate them. But with some things, a guide is necessary and helpful. When it comes to planning a bathroom renovation or remodeling project, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the details. Properly installing fixtures such as the toilet paper holder, robe hook, and shower niche can make the difference between a professional-looking job and a bathroom hot mess. Let’s not go there.

To help make your job easier, we’ve compiled the ultimate bathroom fixture placement guide with everything you need to know — from toilet paper holder height to shower niche height — to get the perfect finished look. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be equipped with knowledge you need to make sure your bathroom renovation is a success.

With all these measurements, we’re giving you the standard height recommendations. You may need to adjust ever so slightly to account for outlets, vents and other fixtures, like lights etc.

In the end, it’s your house and your bathroom – and you do what’s best for you!

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Toilet paper holder height

The placement of the toilet paper holder can be important. Too close and you risk knocking it off the wall, too far and…well, let’s not go there. The toilet paper holder should be fixed beside the toilet at arm’s length. Thus, we can easily pull out toilet paper when seated on the toilet. The toilet paper holder should be fixed at the height of 26 inches from the floor.  

where to hang the toilet paper holder? And more measurements in post.

Left or Right side of the toilet? I think this personal preference as we’ve seen it on either side. You can install this on the wall next to the toilet or even on the side of the vanity.

Ideally, (and this is being the pickiest of the picky here), when we walk into a bathroom, we don’t want to see the toilet paper holder because it’s ugly (even though we know it’s there somewhere). So – if you can hide it on the vanity side so it’s only visible once you are on the toilet – even better!

Bathroom towel bar height

This is a biggie. Bathroom towel bars are usually fixed outside the shower area for easy access.  But how high or low should you go?

The standard height of bathroom towel bars is 48 inches from the floor.

What about for kids bathrooms? You might want to consider making it lower for littles. In this case, a good recommendation is to install the bar at a height of 36 inches from the floor, and adjust the height as the child grows. 

Towel hook height

Here at DecorHint, we’re partial to towel hooks over towel bars. We just love the way a towel looks draped on a hook. (And yes, towels still dry adequately – we know there is some debate about this out there.) But where do you hang the towel hook?

bathroom with soaking tub - in post, all the bathroom fixture measurements you need!

Towel hooks should generally be installed at eye level – or about 70 inches above the floor, more or less. This allows adequate spacing for those larger towels to hang without touching the floor. If there are multiple hooks, it is best to provide a minimum of 8 inches of space between them so it doesn’t look cluttered. But again, you tweak this a bit to accommodate your needs.

Sometimes, for small bathrooms, towel hooks are fixed behind the door for more space. In such a case, the height of the hook from the floor is the same – about 70 inches. 

Hand Towel Ring / Hook Height

An alternative to the towel hook is the towel ring, that is fixed near the vanity to hold hand towels. In the case of towel rings, they should be fixed 20 inches above the vanity countertop so that the towel can be easily accessed after washing your hands. 

And hand towels shouldn’t be so long that they are dipping into the sink or laying on a potentially wet countertop. Just long enough that you can adequately dry your hands. And you may want to have an extra hand towel or two in there for guests. Have you ever dried your hands on a sopping wet hand towel at a party? Ick!

Bathroom sconce height

These can be installed on either side of the vanity mirror to perfectly illuminate the face. It also adds to the beauty of the room and provides enough brightness. Love a good bathroom sconce!

Here’s the trouble with sconces. If they are fixed too low or fixed too high, then it may not serve its purpose and cause shadows where you don’t want them. Or it might look awkward.

Thus, it is best to fix the bathroom sconce at eye level to minimize the chances of shadow. The ideal height of the bathroom scone is 60-70 inches above the floor.  The scones should be placed evenly on both sides of the mirror so that the room is evenly lit. The ideal space between both scones should be about 3 feet. 

Final Advice? Put them a dimmer. Because dimmers make everything better and more cozy.

Bathroom vanity light height

A bathroom vanity light is fixed above the vanity mirror. The bathroom vanity light should generally be installed 75 to 80 inches above the floor, or 3 inches above the mirror. 

And…don’t forget the dimmer!

Robe hook height

The robe hook is similar to a towel hook except that it is used for hanging robes. The hook can be installed in any part of the bathroom. But ideally, it should be installed at arm’s reach from the shower so we can easily grab the robe. 

bathroom with soaking tub - in post, all the bathroom fixture measurements you need!

Like towel hooks, robe hooks should also be installed 70 inches above the floor. These are not curtains, we don’t want them kissing the floor – they should hang above it without touching. Because ewww.

Shower niche height

A shower niche is installed inside the shower cubicle to hold all of our bathroom items like soap and shampoo. The provision for the niche is usually provided on the wall when constructing the house.  So, the disadvantage here is you cannot change it once it’s installed. Unless you are Taylor Swift or Elon Musk and have more money than you know what to do with.

The height of a shower niche should be at chest to eye level so that we can easily access the items in it. Thus, a shower niche should be anywhere from 48″ to 60″ above the floor. It’s best to get in the shower and role-play this so you are comfortable. (Sidenote: Why did it feel wrong to type that?)


When it comes to bathroom fixtures, deciding the proper placement can be confusing. But we hope we made it a bit easier by providing these general guidelines. Remember, the placement for items like toilets, sinks, and showers must take into account your budget, lifestyle, and the aesthetics of the room. You can also choose from a variety of options that include standard, ADA compliant, and universal designs.

Lastly, you must consider the size and shape of the room to ensure that your fixtures are properly spaced to allow for comfort and safety. With a few simple measurements and this helpful guide, you’ll be able to create a bathroom you love and that works for your needs.

Now, go forth and create the bathroom of your dreams. And don’t forget, you don’t have to do it alone if you don’t want to – leverage the expertise of a professional for guidance and help. With the right design, you can turn your bathroom into a place of comfort, safety, and style.

-Written by the DH Team

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