Tumble Rugs Review + Discount

A photo looking down at a gray rug

This Tumble Rugs Review includes everything you wanted to know, plus get a close look at our new Tumble Rug.

I’m excited to show you guys our new dining room rug. Tumble sent me one of their rugs to try out and I’m so glad they did. Because not only is it super pretty and super cushy, but it is 100% machine washable too.

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If you haven’t heard of Tumble Rugs, then consider stumbling on this post as your sign to give these rugs a try. After seeing these rugs in person, I wholeheartedly recommend them!

The Belle gray and beige rug in a dining room under the dining table - rug is from Tumble Living Rugs

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Tumble Rugs Review

Tumble was started by furniture industry veterans who sought to fill the need for beautiful, easy to care for rugs at reasonable prices. They offer a curated collection of hand drawn designed rugs, that are suitable enough to fit in with any decor style. These rugs are some of the most beautiful washable rugs I’ve ever seen.

Tumble Rugs - High Quality Washable area Rugs
Tumble Rugs

Whether you want a modern geometric, a bohemian styled design or the more traditional Persian styles, they have it all. But it’s also not an overwhelming amount of rugs to peruse through – which can be utterly exhausting and lead to the dreaded “analysis paralysis.” You’ll be able to zone in on exactly what you want in just a few moves of a mouse.

The Belle gray and beige rug in a dining room under the dining table - rug is from Tumble Living Rugs
A gray rug in a dining room under the dining table - rug is from Tumble Living Rugs

And if you do get stuck? They have an “Ask a Designer” complimentary design consultation. Answer a few questions, upload a photo of the room, and a designer will help you choose the best rug for the space. Genius!

5 Reasons you Need to Consider Tumble Rugs

  • Spill proof – that means that spills magically bead up so you can just wipe them away. It’s mind-blowing.
  • Made of 100% polyester chenille with a water-based spill proof protective barrier and a polyester knit backing.
  • Machine washable!
  • Comes with a comfy, 1/4 inch anti-slip rubber padding underneath (see photo for thickness)
  • Free Shipping AND Free Returns (that is HUGE).
A photo showing the thickness of the rug pad from Tumble Living Rugs
Thickness of Tumble Rug Pad

Available Tumble Rug Sizes:

  • 3×5
  • 5×7
  • 6×9
  • 8×10
  • 7 foot runner
  • 10 foot runner

Assembling the Rug

These rugs don’t arrive rolled up. Instead, they come in a rectangular cardboard box. The box contains the rug, the rug pad, instructions for assembly and care, and some extra rug grippers to help keep your rug in place.

a photo of assembling the Tumble Living rug pad

The first thing you need to do is assemble the rug pad – which is like a giant floor puzzle that locks together in a pattern. Don’t worry – it’s incredibly easy to put together and they have a diagram that shows you exactly how to do it.

A close up photo of the rug pad fully assembled from Tumble Living Rugs

Then, you lay your rug on top, tucking the rug pad into the four corners. It’s important to note that the rug will be slightly larger than the rug pad, as there is some shrinkage that happens after it’s washed.

A close up photo of assembling the rug on top of the rug pad - inside the post is a more in depth review of tumble living rugs

The rug I ordered is the 8×10 Olivia in Ash.

A photo of the Belle Rug in Smoked Fig from Tumble Living Rugs
Olivia Rug in Ash

It contains the colors gray, beige, brown, ivory with almost a subtle light pink in there too.

A gray rug in a dining room - Tumble Living Rugs

The rug itself is soft and slightly textured. It does not look like a rug with just design printed on a piece of fabric.

A photo looking down at a gray rug

It’s really pretty! Even my husband likes it, which is saying something because he is picky about house stuff.

A close up photo of a gray rug from Tumble Living Rugs

This dining room is really starting to come together! I’ve been looking for the perfect rug for a while and this rug was worth the wait! It makes the space feel more finished and bigger actually. I can’t wait to try out more of Tumble’s Rugs.

The Belle gray and beige rug in a dining room under the dining table - rug is from Tumble Living Rugs

How to Wash your Rug

Accidents happen, right? Fortunately, spills can just be blotted up because of the spill proof coating on the rug. When you want to machine wash it, disassemble it from the rug pad, and put it on a delicate cycle, cold water with regular laundry detergent. You can dry it in the dryer on low heat, or just let it air dry. Easy peasy!

The Belle gray Tumble Living rug in a dining room under the dining table

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The Belle gray and beige rug in a dining room under the dining table - rug is from Tumble Living Rugs

I hope this Tumble Rugs review was helpful and you guys love these rugs as much as I do!

xo Karen

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