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A roundup of the best machine washable rugs.

You saved up for months to buy that beautiful new vintage rug.

Only to have your 4-year-old spill bright purple grape juice all over it.

Oh, the horror.

But what if I told you that you never had to worry about stains like that again?

And that you could have a nice looking rug that’s totally 100% machine washable?

5 Best Washable Rugs for Your Home (2020) - A roundup of the best machine washable rugs.
Lorena Canals

Well, my friends, with the stylish rugs I’m about to show you, you can have your cake (and grape juice) … and eat it too.

And by the way, these aren’t the crappy, cheap throw rugs you might be thinking of. These washable rugs are SO much better. They have different colors, textures, and patterns that will fit with any style of decor.

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They are the kind of rug that you want to have under your dining table.  Or in your living room.  Or in your entryway. Or in the hallway.

You get the picture.

And these rugs are totally 100% machine washable! (worth repeating.)

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The Best Machine Washable Rugs You can Buy

There are more rug companies out there that offer these fabulous rugs that you can throw in the wash. So it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find that perfect choice to fit in with your home decor. Here, I’ve rounded up the best washable rug brands for your home today.

  1. Ruggable – My favorite of the bunch. They have so many styles and sizes. And they just came out with a 9×12. Amazing!
  2. Lorena Canals – offers more styles than before! I definitely think I’ll have to give these guys a try sometime.
  3. Target – some great runner styles here!
  4. Pottery Barn – getting better and better. And be sure to check out their selection of kids washable rugs, too.
  5. MyLife Rugs– Available in smaller sizes on Amazon, but still so cute! They have some colorful rugs available.

I’ve included a bunch of my favorite picks at the bottom of this post as well as some tips for picking the best ones.

our blue Kitchen Rug, totally machine washable

I tell ya…

There is nothing that puts a damper on my day like a stain on my favorite rug that you can’t get out.  

I learned this the hard way when my hallway rug got ruined. My kid accidentally barfed all over it. Just a teeny tiny baby step forward and he would have missed it completely.

And then there was the time when my dog decided to use my brand new jute runner as her personal loo. That was a total bummer. 

I was watching the Today Show one morning and they did a segment on these machine washable rugs with a company called Ruggable.  And I was totally blown away at how a nice large area rug could be thrown in the wash like that.  And come out looking brand new?  Where do I sign?

So, I immediately went online and ordered one. They don’t have our exact rug anymore, but this one is very similar.

And the rest is history, my friends.

Since this rug is located right off our back door – it takes quite the beating.  It rains here.  A lot.  Everybody comes through that back door, including our dog. Muddy shoes, muddy paws, grassy feet, dirty backpacks, grocery tote bags (which can get quite dirty), etc. 

I highly recommend these rugs! They have lasted through so many machine washes and come out looking brand new every time.

How these Rugs Work

Here’s how these rugs work, in a nutshell.

With Ruggable Rugs, there are two layers.  The bottom layer is fuzzy and soft. The top layer is the actual rug and it “clings” to this fuzzy layer underneath. 

The fuzzy layer underneath acts like a rug gripper.  It has an anti-slip on the back of it.  It won’t give the rug an incredible amount of padding, but you’ll get some. You can’t wash the fuzzy pad, but you can vacuum it.  And you can vacuum the whole rug as normal anytime.

When you need to wash the rug, you simply detach the rug layer from the bottom layer and throw the top rug layer in the wash. When it comes out of the dryer, you simply line it back up on top of the fuzzy layer and it’s good to go.

I feel like I’m in one of those Snuggle commercials when this thing comes out the dryer, all clean and fresh.  It smells so good.  You just want to hug it and close your eyes to capture its warmth, softness, and fresh scent.

Errr, just me?

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5 Best Washable Rugs for Your Home (2020) - A roundup of the best machine washable rugs.

According to Ruggable, an 8×10 rug is considered one load of laundry.  So a pretty large area rug will fit in your washing machine!

I wash mine every month or so.  All those mud spots, dirt, and stains come right out.  I run it on a normal cycle with normal detergent.  It states you should spot treat stains as soon as possible. 

There’s something about a clean rug that just makes your whole house feel renewed.

5 Best Washable Rugs for Your Home (2020) - A roundup of the best machine washable rugs.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Washable Rug

Make sure to keep the following tips in mind before purchasing your washable rug.

  • Machine washable rugs are mostly made of synthetic materials – but the overall look and designs are just beautiful. You can find rugs that are made with natural materials, like cotton, wool but you will pay a little bit more.
  • Make sure your washer will fit the rug size. We own an 8×10 and I can fit that into my front loading machine, but if you happen to have a smaller washer – keep in mind that it might be too big to wash right.
  • Ensure you can actually throw the rug in the wash. Yes, some rugs will say they are washable, but they are not really machine washable. Make sure you read the fine print or contact the store directly to double-check.

Favorite Washable Rug Picks

Click on your favorite machine washable rug to get more information:

5 Best Washable Rugs for Your Home (2020) - A roundup of the best machine washable rugs.

xo Karen

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