6 Best Washable Rugs (the brands you need to know!)

There is nothing that puts a damper on my day like a stain on a favorite rug that you can’t get out.  

I learned this the hard way when my brand new hallway runner got ruined.

My kid accidentally barfed all over it. Just a teeny tiny baby step forward and he would have missed it completely. (It was jute, and barf and jute rugs don’t mix – sorry for the visual.)

And then there was the time when my dog decided to use my brand new kitchen runner as her personal loo. That was a total bummer. 

I’m sure you can relate.

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Maybe you saved up months to buy a beautiful new area rug, only to have your 4-year-old spill bright purple grape juice all over it.

Oh, the horror!

But what if I told you that you never had to worry about stains like that again?

And that you could have a nice looking rug that’s totally 100% machine washable?

6 Best Washable Rugs (the brands you need to know!) - Check out these companies below for the best washable rugs on the market today!
Lorena Canals

With the stylish rugs I’m about to show you, you can have your cake (and grape juice) … and eat it too.

And by the way, these aren’t the crappy, cheap throw rugs you might be thinking of.

These washable rugs are SO much better. They have different colors, textures, and patterns that will fit with any style of decor.

They are the kind of rug that you want to have under your dining table.  Or in your living room.  Or in your entryway. Or in the hallway.

You get the picture.

And these rugs are totally 100% machine washable! (worth repeating.)

Most of these rugs are:

  • stain-resistant
  • water-resistant
  • non-slip
  • affordable
  • great for high traffic areas
  • easy to clean
  • great for kids, pets, and messy life!

Best Washable Rug Companies

Check out these companies below for the best washable rugs on the market today!

Whether you are looking for a traditional vintage type rug, an eco-cotton type rug, or even a plush style – these companies got you covered!


My favorite of the bunch. They have so many patterns, designs and sizes. My favorite styles are their Outdoor Rugs and the Founder’s Farmhouse Collection. Although – I like a lot of them!

I bought my first one over five years ago.

I was watching the Today Show one morning and they did a segment on these machine washable rugs with a company called Ruggable. 

6 Best Washable Rugs (the brands you need to know!) - Check out these companies below for the best washable rugs on the market today!

And I was totally blown away at how a nice large area rug could be thrown in the wash like that.  And come out looking brand new?  Where do I sign?

I immediately went online and ordered one.

With Ruggable Rugs, there are two layers.  The bottom layer is fuzzy and soft. The top layer is the actual rug and it “clings” to this fuzzy layer underneath.  The fuzzy layer underneath acts like a rug gripper.  It has an anti-slip rubber backing on it.  It won’t give the rug an incredible amount of padding, just keep that in mind.

Ruggable Runner Rug in Kitchen -Best Washable Rugs
Best Washable Rugs

You can’t wash the fuzzy pad, but you can vacuum it.  And you can vacuum the whole rug as normal anytime.

When you need to wash the rug, you simply detach the rug layer from the bottom layer and throw the top rug layer in the wash. When it comes out of the dryer, you line it back up on top of the fuzzy layer and it’s good to go.

I feel like I’m in one of those Snuggle commercials when this thing comes out the dryer, all clean and fresh.  It smells so good.  You just want to hug it and close your eyes to capture its warmth, softness, and fresh scent.

Since I bought my first one, Ruggable has come out with more sizes; like the large 9×12, round, and runner sizes. They also have a cushioned rug pad now (the traditional pad is not very cushy under your feet.)

And they even have plush styles! Perfect for a nursery or an office space where you want coziness.

I’ve bought from them so many times, in fact, I wrote a really in-depth Ruggable review (plus a video so you can see these babies in action).

Lorena Canals

Not many people know about Lorena Canals but these are also very beautiful washable rugs.

They used to offer cotton-type lightweight washable rugs, but now with their “Woolable” line, they have really expanded their selection!!

Similar to Ruggable, these rugs are non toxic. Lorena Canals Woolable line is handcrafted and made out of natural wool fibers. And yes – you can throw them in the wash! Since these rugs are made from Wool, you will see some shedding.

6 Best Washable Rugs (the brands you need to know!) - Check out these companies below for the best washable rugs on the market today!

Also, not all of their rugs come with a nonslip base, although you can purchase one separately.

The cost is considerably more than Ruggable. However, since their rugs are handcrafted – you are really investing in a beautiful heirloom piece. Their overall vibe is a bit Bohemian to me.

You can buy them from their website but also Amazon and Pottery Barn carry a few of their rugs.

The reviews on Amazon are not great – so that is something to consider. Apparently, the rugs fell apart after washing and drying. I don’t know if this is typical of their rugs but it’s best to check around and read ALL the reviews.

ReaLife Rugs

I came across ReaLife Rugs on Amazon. They remind me a bit of Ruggable, although they don’t seem to have a dedicated website.

Their rugs have decent reviews and offer a lot of designs, modern, striped, and look-a-like vintage rug designs. They seem to mostly sell via Amazon and Walmart.

6 Best Washable Rugs (the brands you need to know!) - Check out these companies below for the best washable rugs on the market today!

One pro to these rugs is that, unlike Ruggable, it is a one-piece system. You don’t have to put this back together after washing. However, some reviews state that the rug doesn’t wash well.

The largest size I saw offered is just under 8×10 inches. Prices seem to be in line with most, but a lot of their stock is out! 🙁

The Rug Collective

Ok – this one I’m very excited about!

This is a company by a team of designers and stylists, who wanted beautiful rugs that didn’t have to be permanently ruined by pets and kids.

The technology they use on their washable rugs doesn’t allow spills to absorb – so you can simply spot clean it and then throw it in the wash when you need to.

The rug collective rug - best washable rugs
The Rug Collective

The “technology” last through 7 washes, according to their website. They seem to offer a lot of good sizes (really long runners up to 16 feet!)

I really love a lot of their designs and this might just be the next purchase for me. One thing I’m unsure about is if they have a nonslip backing on their rugs.

Again – I’m reminded of Ruggable. Let me know if you ordered from here? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Pottery Barn

Finally, Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn is a bit higher-end, similar to Lorena Canals. And yes, funny, that they actually carry Lorena Canals.

I don’t why but their Washable Rugs are a bit hidden on their website. If you go to their homepage, then type “Washable Rugs” in the search bar – you’ll find them!

They are cute! And Pottery Barn has good quality stuff.

Best Washable Rug - Pottery Barn website - how to find their washable rugs

These are 100% nylon rugs and have a non-slip backing on them. They look thin – and it seems like Pottery Barn is mainly selling them as Kitchen, entryway, and outdoor rugs. With a non-slip backing, it’s tough to throw these on top of the carpet.

I do like these designs and the fact that you can throw them in the washing machine.

Their designs are more modern/geometric, so if you have your heart set on traditional or vintage – probably should look elsewhere.

MyLife Rugs

Another Amazon find! I haven’t tried MyLife rugs personally. Some of the reviews state that it’s not really a rug; it’s a printed design on a mat.

I’ve seen similar things in stores and it’s not a great look in my opinion because it’s pretty obvious to the eye and looks cheap.

However, I can’t speak to the actual look of this rug when you get it in your home.

I guess it depends on your expectations. Most of these washable rugs are a bit different in feel compared to normal area rugs. To make these rugs washable, they use different materials and coatings. It’s just going to feel different.

Most of the reviews are positive, stating that the rug washes up well and the designs are pretty. The largest size I came across was a 6×9. If you are looking for something bigger, you probably want to try the other rug companies I mentioned previously.

Before you Buy a Washable Rug

Make sure to keep the following tips in mind before purchasing your washable rug.

  • Machine washable rugs are mostly made of synthetic materials – but the overall look and designs are just beautiful. You can find rugs that are made with natural materials, like cotton, wool but you will pay a little bit more.
  • Make sure your washer will fit the rug size. We own an 8×10 and I can fit that into my front loading machine, but if you happen to have a smaller washer – keep in mind that it might be too big to wash right.
  • Ensure you can actually throw the rug in the wash. Yes, some rugs will say they are washable, but they are not really machine washable. Make sure you read the fine print or contact the store directly to double-check.

My Recommendation?


Aside from a few negatives (read the review here), they are good rugs overall and affordable.

A ruggable review - my thoughts on these rugs after a year

Their rugs are beautiful in person and they keep coming out with great designs, sizes and perks (like the plush styles and cushioned rug pads).

They really do wash and dry well. It’s the best to see your rug come out super clean!

xo Karen