The Best Machine Washable Rugs (Tested and Rated!)

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Are you tired of tiptoeing around your living room, constantly worried about spills and stains ruining your precious rugs? If you’re like many of us, keeping your space clean and stylish can sometimes feel like an endless battle, especially when it comes to those oh-so-vulnerable floor coverings. But there’s an easy solution to our problems: washable rugs!

Yes, you heard that right – rugs that you can actually toss in the washing machine without a second thought. Today we are talking about the best machine washable rugs on the market today.

These are the rugs that I’ve personally owned, washed a gazillion times and are recommending to you. I hope this guide helps you find the right washable rug for your home.

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Things to Know about Machine Washable Rugs

  1. You will want to check the washing instructions on your specific washable rug – they all seem to have different recommendations. I’m giving you my personal experience with these rugs but the way I wash the rug may not be suitable for the specific type of washable rug you have.
  2. Machine washable rugs are mostly made of synthetic materials – but the overall look and designs are just beautiful. You can find rugs that are made with natural materials, like cotton and wool but you will pay a little bit more.
  3. Make sure your washer will fit the rug size. We own an 8×10 and I can fit that into my front loading machine, but if you happen to have a smaller washer – keep in mind that it might be too big to wash right. I’ve included some of the recommended washer sizes per rug sizes.
  4. Lastly, ensure the shape and size of your rug fits your space. I have a handy area rug size guide that you can check out next. Machine washable rugs come in various sizes and shapes, including rectangular, round, and runner options, so take measurements and consider the layout of the room before making your decision!


One of my favorites! They have so many patterns, designs, and sizes. My favorite styles are their Outdoor Rugs and the Founder’s Farmhouse Collection. Although – I like a lot of them!

I bought my first one over five years ago. With Ruggable Rugs, there are two layers (or a 2 piece system).  The bottom layer is fuzzy and soft. The top layer is the actual rug and it “clings” to this fuzzy layer underneath.  The fuzzy layer underneath acts like a rug gripper.  It has an anti-slip rubber backing on it.  It won’t give the rug an incredible amount of padding, just keep that in mind, unless you upgrade to the cushier padded rug.

Best Washable Rugs

You can’t wash the fuzzy pad, but you can vacuum it.  And you can vacuum the whole rug as you would any other. (The MAX setting on the Dyson does not really work with it, however.)

Sizes offered: Runners up to 12 feet long, round rug sizes and standard rug sizes up to 10×14 feet. Ruggable also has their washable jute rug line called “ReJute”.

When you need to wash the rug, you simply detach the rug layer from the bottom layer and throw the top lightweight rug layer in the wash. When it comes out of the dryer, you line it back up on top of the fuzzy layer and it’s good to go, dirt and stains are gone.

Do Ruggable Rugs actually fit in the washer? Yes! Ruggable has their own size to washer recommendation guide here for reference. Since I bought my first one, Ruggable has come out with a variety of sizes; like the large 9×12 and 10×14, round, and runner sizes. (The 10×14 rug needs a 5.5 cubic foot washer).

And they have plush style rugs rugs. Perfect for a nursery or an office space where you want coziness and texture. I can speak to their durability as well, since I’ve washed them many times. They are not perfect rugs however (read my Ruggable review about curling and expense and shipping/return policy). As far as washable rugs go, they are one of the best.

Well Known Brand Expensive
Plethora of Rug Sizes Returns within 30 days with $25 Return Fee (can be super picky about returns)
Rug pads available in variety of thicknessesRugs can curl (only happened on 1 of my 5 rugs)
Beautiful Rug Designs (+ designer rug collaborations
Free Shipping (not fast though)
Tons of Rug Texture Collections (Rejute, Cowhide, Tufted, Plush, Bathmats, Doormats, Outdoor)
Also sold on Amazon

Tumble Rugs

Recently named best washable rug by House Beautiful!! They have some of the prettiest rug designs! An 8×10 rug is less expensive than Ruggable (even with the cushion)! They have a UNIQUE spill proof technology, you won’t find it anywhere else. It makes it very easy to wipe away spills. The spills literally bead up as they happen without soaking into the rug.

Tumble Rug in Dining Room
Tumble Rug

Tumble’s rug pad is made of a non-porous, rubberized foam, and is so incredibly soft and cushy under your feet (take my word for it).

Finally, unlike Ruggable, Tumble does not use velcro to fasten the rug to the rug pad. Some of you may be rejoicing since there is no need to line up a rug pad with the rug until it’s just perfect. Instead of velcro, Tumble uses corner pockets that allow you to slip the rug into the rug pad – effortlessly.

Sizes offered: Runners up to 10 feet long and standard rug sizes up to 9×12 feet. Tumble has the least amount of rug sizes on this list, however, I have a feeling they will be offering more in the future.

I have one and absolutely love it – you can read all about it right here. These guys are definitely worth a look. Click here to get $20 off your first order!

Cushy Non slip Rug PadNo Round Rugs
Beautiful, Unique Rug DesignsNo Runners longer than 10 feet
Great Customer ServiceLargest Standard Size 9×12 feet
Free Shipping and Returns
Patented Spill Proof Coating

Can’t decide between Ruggable and Tumble? Check out my Ruggable vs. Tumble guide.

Rugs USA

Rugs USA offers machine-washable rugs, “Washables“, and they do not disappoint. Keep in mind, they are not going to be the same type of washable rug as Ruggable or Tumble. These rugs are more of a flatwoven rug that’s machine washable. They are 1 piece. You will need to purchase a separate rug pad for these if you are putting them on hard floors.

Their stain-resistant washable rugs have a performance fabric coating, making them not only machine washable but also exceptionally repellent to stains and messes. In the event of spills, the liquid beads up instead of being absorbed, enabling easy cleanup with a soft cloth and allowing for longer intervals between washes.

Sizes offered? Runners up to 12 feet long, round rug sizes, standard rug sizes up to 10×14 feet. They also have washable cowhide rugs! Rugs USA also has a line of ridiculously soft and plush washable rugs, called their Cloud Collection. I don’t recommend these types of rugs for high traffic areas, however, these would be perfect in a nursery or bedroom setting.

Rugs USA rug machine washing guide

When these are rugs are dirty, simply machine wash with cold water on a delicate cycle. Rugs USA recommend line drying and vacuuming without the beater bar. Although, personal experience, I’ve vacuumed these rugs with the beater bar and it’s been fine. I usually lay these rugs down semi damp, not soaking wet but not totally dry. They dry flat and unwrinkled that way.

I LOVE these rugs. They wash up super well and they are perfect for layering on other rugs or over carpet. Also – Rugs USA is always running sales and their customer service is great. I’ll forever buy rugs from them.

Inexpensive (frequently run sales)No Rug Pad Included
Plethora of Rug Sizes Returns within 30 days with Return Fee
Free Shipping (fast!)
Tons of Designs
Cloud Collection (softest washable rugs)

Boutique Rugs

Boutique Rugs washable rugs are similar to Rugs USA and since I own washable rugs from both – I had to include both in this roundup. It’s important to note that both Rugs USA and Boutique Rugs offer the same kind of washable rug (where it doesn’t come with the rug pad). These rugs are lightweight and flatwoven.

Boutique Rugs offers washable runner sizes up to 16 feet long! They also have round rugs and large rug sizes; up to 10×14 feet. Boutique rugs also has their own jute style washable rugs, called Jutely.

Boutique Rugs also recommends washing on a delicate cycle and line drying.

Washer sizes boutique rugs

I own this rug. I have washed it in the washing machine and it came perfect! I have this rug sitting on top of carpet without a separate rug pad underneath. I have no issues with it – the rug lays nice and flat and it’s soft on your feet. Plus, it protects the carpet underneath.

Girls Room Decor - Shop our Home - 
Bagacay Washable Rug
Inexpensive (frequently run sales)No Rug Pad Included
Plethora of Rug Sizes Free Returns within 60 days – Gift Card Only
Free Shipping (fast!)
Tons of Designs
Jutely (jute like washable rugs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these rugs really machine washable?

Yes! You can really put these into the washing machine. Take it from someone who does this frequently. It’s just like doing a load of delicate laundry, only it’s a rug. They come out looking brand new!

Can these rugs be used outdoors?

I wouldn’t and it’s generally not recommended to use these washable rugs outdoors. Even though they are washable – the pad is not washable. I would look into rugs specifically rated for outdoor use.

Can you Use these Rugs in a Bathroom?

Yes! In fact, I have a Ruggable rug in our bathroom and it’s perfect. The pad on the bottom is non slip and it dries fairly quickly. We step on this when we come out of the shower or tub and it’s working like a charm!

Are washable rugs good for high traffic areas?

You bet. Most of these rugs are low pile, and generally low pile rugs are good for high traffic. Also, they are stain-resistant and machine washable! If you want to learn more, see my rug guide for high traffic areas.

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