9 Best Machine Washable Rugs 2023

A roundup of the best machine washable rugs on the market today. Just updated! You won’t believe that some of these are machine washable.

There is nothing that puts a damper on my day like a stain on a favorite rug.  I learned this the hard way when my brand-new hallway runner got ruined. My kid accidentally barfed all over it. Just a teeny tiny baby step forward and he would have missed it completely. (It was jute, and barf and jute rugs don’t mix – sorry for the visual.)

I’m sure you can relate. Maybe you saved up months to buy a beautiful new area rug, only to have your 4-year-old spill bright purple grape juice all over it. Oh, the horror! But what if I told you that you never had to worry about stains like that again? And that you could have a nice-looking rug that’s totally 100% machine washable?

The kind of rug that you want to have under your dining table.  Or in your living room.  Or in your entryway. Or in the hallway. Whether you love Persian rugs, geometric pattern rugs, or vintage rugs – today, you can find all styles and pretty much all sizes. And these are totally 100% machine-washable area rugs! (worth repeating.)

These Rugs are:

  • stain-resistant
  • water-resistant
  • non-slip
  • affordable
  • great for high-traffic areas
  • easy to clean
  • great for kids, pets, and messy life!
  • genius. in a word.

Best Machine Washable Rugs

Check out these companies below for the best washable rugs on the market today!

Whether you are looking for a traditional vintage type rug, an eco-cotton type rug, or even a plush shag style – these companies got you covered. Messes be gone!

1. Ruggable

One of my favorites! They have so many patterns, designs, and sizes. My favorite styles are their Outdoor Rugs and the Founder’s Farmhouse Collection. Although – I like a lot of them!

I bought my first one over five years ago. I was watching the Today Show one morning and they did a segment on these machine-washable rugs with a company called Ruggable

9 Best Machine Washable Rugs 2023

And I was totally blown away at how a nice large area rug could be thrown in the wash like that.  And come out looking brand new?  Where do I sign?

I immediately went online and ordered one.

With Ruggable Rugs, there are two layers.  The bottom layer is fuzzy and soft. The top layer is the actual rug and it “clings” to this fuzzy layer underneath.  The fuzzy layer underneath acts like a rug gripper.  It has an anti-slip rubber backing on it.  It won’t give the rug an incredible amount of padding, just keep that in mind, unless you upgrade to the cushier padded rug.

Best Washable Rugs

You can’t wash the fuzzy pad, but you can vacuum it.  And you can vacuum the whole rug as you would any other. (The MAX setting on the Dyson does not really work with it, however.)

When you need to wash the rug, you simply detach the rug layer from the bottom layer and throw the top lightweight rug layer in the wash. When it comes out of the dryer, you line it back up on top of the fuzzy layer and it’s good to go, dirt and stains are gone.

9 Best Machine Washable Rugs 2023

Since I bought my first one, Ruggable has come out with a variety of sizes; like the large 9×12, round, and runner sizes. They also have a cushioned rug pad now (the traditional pad is not very cushy under your feet.) Do Ruggable Rugs actually fit in the washer? Yes! they do. Last I read an 8×10 was considered a large load, but most of their rugs are thinner, low pile rugs, so it’s not like you are putting a lot of bulk in the washer.

And they have plush style rugs rugs. Perfect for a nursery or an office space where you want coziness and texture. I’ve bought from them so many times, in fact, I wrote a really in-depth Ruggable review (plus a video so you can see these babies in action). I can speak to their durability as well, since I’ve washed them many times.

2. Tumble Rugs

Recently named best washable rug by House Beautiful!!

They do have some amazing designs! An 8×10 rug is less expensive than Ruggable (even with the cushion)! They have a UNIQUE spillproof technology, you won’t find it anywhere else. It makes it very easy to wipe away spills.

Tumble Rug in Dining Room
Tumble Rug

Tumble’s rug pad is made of a non-porous, rubberized foam, and is so incredibly soft and cushy under your feet (take my word for it).

Finally, unlike Ruggable, Tumble does not use velcro to fasten the rug to the rug pad. Some of you may be rejoicing since there is no need to line up a rug pad with the rug until it’s just perfect. Instead of velcro, Tumble uses corner pockets that allow you to slip the rug into the rug pad – effortlessly.

I have one and absolutely love it – you can read all about it right here. These guys are definitely worth a look. Click here to get $20 off your first order or use code KAREN-TMBL20!

3. Revival

Revival is known for its one-of-a-kind rugs. Now they are jumping into the washable rug game and guys – it’s SO good. Why? Because these rugs feel like…well…REAL rugs. Soft, cushy, heavy rugs.

best washable rugs - Revival's damas rug in a kids playroom.
The Damas Rug

Their patterns are more geometric and modern, but they are gorgeous and make such a statement in your rooms. I have the Damas in our kids’ playroom and I’m working on a review of their washable rugs, so stay tuned for that.

9 Best Machine Washable Rugs 2023

The care instructions say that these rugs can be machine washed on delicate and then line dried. The very large sizes need a giant washing machine, so you might have to take a trip to the laundromat for those, but still – a gorgeous rug that’s washable? Worth it.

In the meantime, check out Revival’s washable rugs.

4. Rugs USA

Rugs USA is now offering machine-washable rugs and these do not disappoint. Both Rugs USA and Boutique Rugs (next one down) offer similar-style rugs. If you want a vintage-looking washable rug, these two would be great places to look. But they have a TON, so I’m confident you will find something you love here.

9 Best Machine Washable Rugs 2023

5. Boutique Rugs

You will be blown away by these washable rugs! So many gorgeous patterns and yes, throw it right in the wash! I just ordered this rug for Hannah’s room. I haven’t washed it yet but it is so pretty you guys! I really love it. It does not have the bottom anti-slip layer that Ruggable’s do, so keep that in mind. I’ll update this post after I wash it to let you know how it does.

9 Best Machine Washable Rugs 2023
Girls Room Decor - Shop our Home - Decorhint.com 
Bagacay Washable Rug

Shop Boutique Washable Rugs here.

6. RugsDirect.com

Another great rug company and yep, they now offer washable rugs! It’s funny because some of these rugs are very similar to the washable rugs from Boutique Rugs. So, they must all partner with the same manufacturers. Rugs Direct is worth noting because they have beautiful patterned rugs and great customer service.

9 Best Machine Washable Rugs 2023

7. Walmart Washable Rugs

Walmart is also coming out with its brands of machine washable rugs. There’s Everwash, NuLoom, Nicole Curtis, and also Art of Knot. While I haven’t personally tested these out, the Art of Knot would be my first choice. These are most like Ruggable, although they don’t come with the rug pad. The designs are really pretty and I’m anxious to see how this brand competes. Here are a few I selected. Check them all out though, there are some goodies in there!

9 Best Machine Washable Rugs 2023

8. The Rug Collective

The Rug Collective is a company by a team of designers and stylists, who wanted beautiful rugs that didn’t have to be permanently ruined by pets and kids. The technology they use on their washable rugs doesn’t allow spills to absorb – so you can simply spot-clean it and then throw it in the wash when you need to.

The “technology” lasts through 7 washes, according to their website. They seem to offer a lot of good sizes (really long runners up to 16 feet!) I really love a lot of their designs. One thing I’m unsure about is if they have a nonslip backing on their rugs. Either way, they are a great choice to consider.

The rug collective rug - best washable rugs
The Rug Collective

9. Amazon washable rugs

They have a few, some are better than others. Also – Ruggable now sells now on Amazon!!

First up, is this company called Adiva Rugs. They are eco-friendly, spill and stain-resistant, and machine-washable. According to Adiva: “These rugs are power loomed in Turkey of 100% Polyester with Cotton backing and, using the most advanced rug-making technology, these printed designs provide a textured effect by portraying every single individual knot on a soft polyester base.”

Their reviews are pretty good! And here are some of their lovely rugs.

adiva rugs - best machine washable rugs
Adiva Rugs

I came across ReaLife Rugs on Amazon. They remind me a bit of Ruggable, although they don’t seem to have a dedicated website. Their rugs have decent reviews and offer a lot of designs, modern, striped, and look-a-like vintage rug designs. They seem to mostly sell via Amazon and Walmart.

9 Best Machine Washable Rugs 2023

Another Amazon find! I haven’t tried MyLife rugs personally. Some of the reviews state that it’s not really a rug; it’s a printed design on a mat. I’ve seen similar things in stores and it’s not a great look in my opinion because it’s pretty obvious to the eye and looks cheap. However, I can’t speak to the actual look of this rug when you get it in your home.

I guess it depends on your expectations. Most of these washable rugs are a bit different in feel compared to normal area rugs. To make these rugs washable, they use different materials and coatings. It’s just going to feel different.

Most of the reviews are positive, stating that the rug washes up well and the designs are pretty. The largest size I came across was a 6×9. If you are looking for something bigger, you probably want to try the other rug companies I mentioned previously. The largest size I saw offered is just under 8×10 inches. Prices seem to be in line with most, but a lot of their stock is out! 🙁

Before you Buy a Washable Rug

Keep the following tips in mind before purchasing your washable rug.

  • Machine washable rugs are mostly made of synthetic materials – but the overall look and designs are just beautiful. You can find rugs that are made with natural materials, like cotton and wool but you will pay a little bit more.
  • Make sure your washer will fit the rug size. We own an 8×10 and I can fit that into my front loading machine, but if you happen to have a smaller washer – keep in mind that it might be too big to wash right.
  • Ensure you can actually throw the rug in the wash. Yes, some rugs will say they are washable, but they are not really machine-washable. Make sure you read the fine print or contact the store directly to double-check.

How to Wash your Rugs in the Washing Machine

Every rug manufacturer will have different instructions for washing your rugs in the washing machine. With Ruggable, the bottom layer DOES NOT get washed, just the top layer.

With Boutique Rugs, they recommend first spot cleaning with dish soap, then putting it in the washing machine on a cold, delicate cycle with no detergent.

Generally, an 8×10 rug is considered 1 load of laundry. I usually wash my washable rugs by themselves in the machine. It’s possible to wash these rugs in front loading, top loading, and washer/dryer machines. I use a mild detergent and tumble dry low. But again – please refer to the individual instructions first.

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9 Best Machine Washable Rugs 2023

So that about sums up this post on Best Washable Rugs! These rugs are getting better and better. Definitely check out my favorite picks below, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

xo Karen