Tumble vs. Ruggable: Which Washable Rug is right for you?

A gray tumble rug next to a red Ruggable Rug, tumble vs. ruggable - which one is right for you?

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If you are in the market for a washable rug, you may have come across these two contenders; Tumble and Ruggable. Both are similar in what they offer and both promise to deliver a quality washable rug.

But how do they compare? If you are on the fence, you will definitely want to read my in depth tumble vs ruggable rugs review. Hopefully this will help you decide which washable rug is right for you.

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Tumble vs. Ruggable

A few important notes before we begin.

A gray tumble rug next to a red Ruggable Rug, tumble vs. ruggable - which one is right for you?
  • This is not sponsored review. This review is 100% based on my own experience.
  • I own 1 Tumble Rug (gifted from the company over a year ago).
  • I own 5 Ruggable Rugs (all purchased with own money).
  • I am affiliates for BOTH companies.
  • All rugs have been owned longer than 1 year and machine washed for testing purposes.
  • Ruggable has been around longer and is more well known. It’s a bit like comparing a large retailer to a mom and pop shop.
  • These rugs are both similar in that they each offer a two piece washable rug system. There is a machine washable rug cover that sits on top of a rug pad.

Ruggable Rug Sizes vs Tumble Rug Sizes

First thing first, do these companies offer the same sizes of rugs? No they don’t. Could this be because Ruggable has been around longer? Sure. Tumble is a newer company and I think they will continue to expand their offerings.

Tumble Rug SizesRuggable Rug Sizes
Rectangle: 3×5, 5×7, 6×9, 8×10, 9×12Rectangle: 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, 5×7, 6×9, 8×10, 9×12, 10×14
Runner: 2.5×7, 2.5×10Runner: 2.5×7, 2.5×10, 2.5×12
No round rugsRound: 6′ round, 8′ round

Right off the bat, if you want a round rug or a large runner, you will have to look at Ruggable or another washable rug company such as Rugs USA or Boutique Rugs.

Winner: Ruggable Rugs.

Ruggable Pricing vs Tumble Pricing

All pricing research and information here was done at the time of writing this post. Ruggable rug pricing goes from $89 for a small 2×3 all the way to a $839 for a large 10×14. The pricing varies depending on what comfort level you choose. More on that later. Ruggable offers AfterPay, which allows you to make payments on rugs over time. But honestly, a lot of credit cards offer that on large purchases now anyways.

Tumble rug pricing ranges from $99 for a 3×5 to $539 for a 9×12.

Winner: Tumble Rugs.

Ruggable Shipping vs. Tumble Shipping

Ruggable: Ruggable Rugs ship to the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Australia, and Austria.  They do not ship to P.O. Boxes (including APO and FPO) or the U.S. Territories. Products are made to order, so after you place an order, you need to wait 1-3 weeks for it to be made and shipped. Ruggable offers free shipping within the contiguous US and Canada (not Alaska or Hawaii or U.S. Territories), but there is a handling fee which is applied to orders and not covered by free shipping. Ruggable offers express shipping on select products in the contiguous United States and Canada.

Tumble: Tumble ships to the United States only. They offer free shipping on all orders within the continental U.S. Shipping costs to Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. Territories are determined by size and weight. In stock orders ship within 2-3 business days and are delivered within 3-7 days.

Ruggable Shipping can take a bit of time and Tumble really shines here. But Ruggable ships to more places and is now selling some rug styles via Amazon, with Prime’s 2-day shipping. This one is tough because it depends on how quickly you want your items. It’s kind of a tie, but I think because Ruggable ships to more places they edge out a bit.

Winner: Ruggable (but only by a little).

Ruggable Styles vs Tumble Styles

Both companies offer beautiful hand drawn designs and so, aesthetically speaking, it’s a tie. For style offerings, Ruggable offers more. Each have one of a kind designs, so it’s best to check both.

Tumble Rug StylesRuggable Rug Styles
Persian & TraditionalPersian & Traditional
Bohemian & SouthwestBohemian & Southwest
Faux FurFaux Fur & Shag
Kids Styles (few)Kids Styles
Outdoor Rugs

Winner: Ruggable (because they offer more styles). Design wise it’s a tie.

Ruggable Return Policy vs Tumble Return Policy

Ruggable has an annoying return policy. Returns made within 30 days with a $25 restocking fee. Plus, your rug has to be free from pet dander, grass, stains, and other damage. I get that. I’ve heard on Reddit and other places that Ruggable can be very stiff about their returns. So, if you open the rug and place it on your floor to test it out, you better get every speck of dog hair and blade of grass off the rug or they could deny you.

Ruggable does sell on Amazon now, so it could even things out a bit as it’s under Amazon’s standard free return policy. But again, haven’t ever done it personally so I’m not sure how that would go.

Tumble has free returns within 30 days (rug must be like new) and no restocking fee. Win! I’ve never returned a rug here so I’m not sure how stingy they are, but the no restocking fee is a win.

Winner: Tumble

Ruggable Assembly vs Tumble Assembly

What do I mean by Assembly? I mean attaching the rug cover to the rug pad. Both of these rugs are two piece systems. When you wash the rug covers, they need to be reattached to the rug pads.

Ruggable: Ruggable is not bad, it’s a really a two person job if this is a large rug. It can be a pain to line up the rug with the velcro rug pad and can be tricky to get “just right”.

Tumble: Tumble’s is easy. The corner pockets fold over the rug pad. But, I’ve noticed these rugs are “looser” on the rug pad, which causes some wrinkling and the pocket to come undone a lot. They seem a little more bunchy than Ruggable.

Winner: Tie. Both have their faults.

Ruggable Rug Cover vs Tumble Rug Cover

Both rugs are very similar to the touch. Both have a somewhat textured feel, with a printed on design. Both rugs (not including the pad) seem to be about the same thickness (not taking into account Ruggable’s Tufted Rug Cover).

Both rugs are supersoft to the touch and soft on your feet. Both have a somewhat soft, fuzzy feel to the back of the rug cover.

ruggable vs tumble up close showing back of rug covers

Ruggable offers a flatwoven cover and a tufted cover. The tufted cover (which I do not own) is supposed to be thicker and softer than the flatwoven cover. But I can’t speak from experience on that one. These rug covers can bunch up when vacuuming or walking roughly on them, which is annoying. But Tumble has this as well.

Wrinkles in the Ruggable Rug

Tumble offers one standard flatwoven rug, and as stated before, this seems to very similar in thickness and feel to Ruggable’s flatwoven. To take it one step further, here’s a table comparing the two. Tumble rugs also wrinkle when vacuuming them, but it’s much easier to straighten them out because they are not velcroed to the rug pad.

wrinkles in tumble rug
Tumble Rug CoversRuggable Rug Covers
Machine washable, Beautiful designs, soft and textured feelMachine washable, Beautiful designs, soft and textured feel
Spill-proof technology (stains bead up instead of absorbing)Stain-resistant, Water-resistant
OEKO-TEX certified and according to Tumble, “Our rugs and pads have been tested to meet or exceed the US safety standards
for the following chemicals:
PFCs, VOCs, BPAs, common heavy metals such as Lead & Cadmium, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Formamide,
and Dichloromethane (found in other washable rugs).” Read more here.
Ruggable states that “our Rug Covers and Rug Pads are tested to ensure that VOC emissions,
phthalates, lead, mercury and other heavy metals
are not present at levels deemed to be toxic to humans under normal use conditions.” Read more here.
The Tumble rug is made of 100% polyester chenille with a water-based spillproof protective barrier and a polyester knit backing.
Rug Cover is made of polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier. The corners have an extra layer of 100% silicone.

Winner: Tie.

Ruggable Rug Pad vs Tumble Rug Pad

Ruggable offers two different rug pads. A cushioned rug pad and a standard rug pad. The standard rug pad, which I have, is thin. Thin as in 1/8″ thick, or roughly 3 millimeters. The cushioned rug pad is 2/5″ thick, or 10 millimeters. I can’t speak to the cushioned because I never upgraded to get one. Maybe I will in the future. Both rug pads have the non slip bottom. The cushioned rug pad is more money than the standard.

standard rug pad - ruggable
Ruggable Rug Pad

Tumble offers one rug pad for every rug – it’s this very cushy feeling rug pad. The rug pad it’s made of a nonslip material; a non-toxic EVA foam and thermoplastic resin. How thick is it? It’s also 1/8″ thick. But it feels so much thicker and more comfortable under your feet than Ruggable’s standard pad. Maybe it’s in the material? I don’t know. But I personally prefer Tumble’s rug pad.

Tumble Rug Pad thickness
Tumble Rug Pad

Winner: Tumble.

Ruggable vs Tumble Stain Resistance and Washability

As I said in the introduction, I’ve owned both Ruggable and Tumble Rugs for over a year, which means I’ve had my fair share of stains and had to wash them in the washing machine as well. Both washed up beautifully. No issues with either of them there. Spills was a different story.

I tested this with red juice. Yes, I purposely spilled red juice on my rugs for this article. But this important stuff to know.

Ruggable: Spills initially beaded up, but then quickly sunk into the rug. I blotted at the stain with a microfiber cloth and some cold water and it seemed to come out pretty well, no stain remover needed. But if someone spills something, then walks away and you might not find it days later because it would have soaked in and dried. Then, you may or may not need need to run it through the machine, which is annoying.

Tumble: Spills on the Tumble rug bead up and stay that way. I waited. Then, I grabbed my wet microfiber cloth and dabbed at it and it literally sucked up all the liquid! Stain begone! Truly amazing to see it in action. Spills literally get wiped away. Which means less need to machine wash the whole rug.

Winner: Tumble because of spill proof technology.

Final Verdict

We have compared these two washable rug companies in depth. We’ve discussed size, price, shipping, styles, return policy, assembly, rug cover, rug pad and stain resistance. And I know you are now wondering which one is the better choice. But I don’t think I can make that decision for you.

Both Ruggable and Tumble are very similar, both had a lot of ties, and both are great washable rugs. Both are also not perfect. So ask yourself, which one of these points is most important to you? Which one is a deal breaker? Here are more tips on how to buy the perfect rug for your space.

Either way, I hope this in depth tumble vs ruggable review guide helped in your decision making.

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