DIY Halloween Ghosts with Lights - full tutorial!

spooky DIY halloween ghosts with lights

After coming across numerous tomato cage ghosts, I contemplated making one myself. However, my decision was solidified when I stumbled upon an image in Pottery Barn, showcasing their incredibly adorable versions. I’m going to show…

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Fern Cabinet
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20 best arched cabinets for 2023

Step aside, ordinary cabinets – it’s time to talk about the unsung heroes of interior design: the arched cabinet! These curvaceous wonders are the rock stars of the storage world, making right angles look positively dull in comparison. Well, no, not really, but it sounded good. To know me is to know and recognize my…

fall wreath close up view

transition decor from summer to fall

I always get summer-exhausted by the end of August. I’m done with the heat. I’m done with all the watering. And I’m done with the air conditioning. I want to drop open my windows and feel that delicious rush of crisp, cool fall air. Even if the weather isn’t quite cooperating yet, we can still…

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labor Day Sales

Labor Day is almost here, and sales are in full swing. If you have been in the market for a washable rug, modular sofa, leather chair, beaded chandelier, faux olive tree, boucle chair, cane bed, or something else – it’s probably on sale. Tumble Everything at Tumble is 15% off. (Check out our Tumble Dining…

cute Halloween Decor
amazon | holidays

cute Halloween decor from amazon to Delight and Spook!

Get ready to elevate your Halloween game with a dose of delightful charm! This year, Amazon’s selection of cute Halloween decor is here to cast its irresistible spell on you. From charmingly grinning pumpkins to adorably spooky ghosts, these decorations are set to turn your home into a whimsical Halloween wonderland. I always like to…

Fall Porch Beauty - Liz Marie Galvin

What’s Inspiring Me Lately

Here is where I’m showcasing the latest and greatest from around the web — anything in the design world that really moves me, and hopefully you too. Perusing my favorite home sites, like House & Garden, Rue, and more, is what keeps me motivated to keep creating and designing. There are so many lovely things…

guest bedroom with gray blanket
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14 Affordable Curtains That Look Amazing

a roundup of my favorite affordable curtains and drapery for your home. Beautiful drapes can really pull a whole room together. There’s only one problem. Where do you find reasonably priced curtains that don’t look cheap? Most high-end curtains retail for over $200/panel. Multiply that by how many windows you have and you’ve suddenly just…

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