affordable pinch pleat curtains on amazon

affordable lined pinch pleat curtains on amazon, hanging in a kitchen area

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new affordable pinch pleat curtains on amazon – read on to learn more!

I recently added the cult favorite Twopages curtains to our bedroom – and I quickly fell in love. From that moment on, I decided that I would save up the money to eventually add these curtains to our downstairs area. I knew that adding these drapes would cost me over $500 dollars – even for the non-custom, standard size ones.

But I stumbled on this brand of pinch pleat curtains on Amazon. These looked very similar to TwoPages but they were a heck of a lot cheaper. I could get a SET of 2 pinch pleat panels for less than the cost of 1 panel at TwoPages.

Curiosity got the best of me and I ordered a set to see what they were like (they didn’t have many reviews at the time). And I’m happy to report that they met all my expectations.

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The Pros

Obviously, the price is a huge pro. After testing out a set of these Visionhome curtains, I ordered two more sets to fill out the downstairs area. Total cost was less than half of what it would have cost with TwoPages. You will save even more money if you are comparing them against the cost of custom-made TwoPages.

affordable lined pinch pleat curtains on amazon

Another pro? They are beautifully made drapes. They feel similar to a linen with a slight texture, and have a very heavy feel (especially with the added drapery weights at the bottom). These curtains come with pleat hooks, but I don’t love these pleat hooks as much as I love the TwoPages ones.

up close look at curtain liner

They also have a blackout lining which is an added bonus (normally this is an extra charge). They are available in standard sizes up to 108 inches and 40 inches wide. Overall – I’m sooo happy with them!

  • Affordable price for pinch pleat curtains
  • Very well made
  • Come with pleat hooks
  • Curtains have drapery weights
  • Available in a set of 2 panels for easier ordering
  • Offer standard sizes up to 108 inches long
  • you can return them! Custom-made can not be returned.

The Cons

While I do love these Visionhome curtains, they are not the same as ordering custom-made pinch pleat drapery that is trained and ready to go. With that being said, the following were very minor issues for me that I knew I could fix or just live with for the cost savings.

up close look at curtain liner

One con is that the blackout liner is a light gray. If you want white curtains to be shown from the street side, these *might* not be the curtains for you. The gray liner also makes the white curtains look slightly less white and bright. Don’t get me wrong – these curtains are gorgeous, but definitely look a little more dull than the TwoPages white curtains that has a white liner.

Another con is the color and size options. There isn’t much. Five color options and four different sizes. On the flip side, the material is lovely and the sizes are standard.

affordable lined pinch pleat curtains on amazon, hanging in a kitchen area

You will need to steam these drapes as mine came a bit wrinkled, but I do this with all my curtains anyways. Finally, I didn’t love the pleat hooks that came with these. I much prefer the TwoPages hooks. These were a bit more fussy to install, but once I got them up it was fine.

  • Only five colors and four sizes (for the pinch pleat version)
  • Arrive a little more wrinkled – need steaming
  • Blackout lining is gray
  • Pleat hooks are a little annoying to install

final considerations for affordable pinch pleat curtains

→ If I wanted ready-to-hang, white lined, custom sized pinch pleat drapery – TwoPages is still my go-to. They really are worth the money when you factor in what you are getting. Just hang and go!

→ If I wanted standard size pinch pleat curtains, but needed more color options – TwoPages is your best bet. The standard sizes are cheaper than the custom-made, HOWEVER – you can’t return custom-made. So be doubly sure you like them!

→ If I wanted standard size pinch pleat curtains in your basic colors – then VisionHome is the way to go. Yes, you might have to deal with a gray liner and a little more fluffing, but those cost savings really add up. And I’m telling you – these curtains are gorgeous!

affordable lined pinch pleat curtains on amazon, hanging in a kitchen area

→ If you want to go the DIY route, you can make your own pinch pleat curtains or use IKEA’s ready made pleat tape and pleat hooks.

xo Karen

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