12 Dark Moody Bedrooms to Inspire You

Dark Moody Bedrooms Inspiration

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This year, we’re finally giving some much needed attention to our bedroom. If you haven’t guessed yet – I want to go dramatic! I’ve been gathering up all the inspiration I can on these dark moody bedrooms to help move our project along.

Our bedroom is rather large, so it begs the question: “what do we do with all these long white walls?” Keeping things all white seems rather boring and unsophisticated to me. We have dark wood furniture in there already and with white walls, it’s too much of a stark contrast that feels unfinished.

We made a bit of progress though. We painted one wall dark navy as you can see in this photo below. But it feels so incomplete!

End of Bed Bench in a Bedroom
Our Current Bedroom

Trying to convince my husband to go all the way with the navy paint. We can then add art that pops and some fresh white bedding. I’m also thinking about switching up the lighting in there and going for more of a woven look. Then I move this current fixture into Hannah’s room and finally replace her ugly boob light.

Without further ado – take a look at these dark and moody bedrooms. With most of them, there is balance. The walls might be dark, but there are also lighter and complementary tones present through the art, bedding, lighting and rugs. For instance, with a dark navy wall tones such as rust and brown really bring some warmth to the space.

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Dark Moody Bedrooms

I hope these bedrooms inspire you as much as they do me. Thanks for visiting the blog today!

xo Karen

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