Easy DIY Felt Pennant (for less than $5)

two personalized diy felt pennants hanging on the wall in a bedroom.  

Hi, everyone!  I have a quick project for you today that you can use to decorate your kids rooms, playrooms, even an office or man cave: this personalized DIY felt pennant. 

You can buy these pennants, but making them is a lot of fun and it’s a bit easier to customize this way. Not to mention; way cheaper!

I decided to make one for my son Tyler with his name, and another one with his favorite team – the Steelers. Any other Steelers fans out there? My husband is from Pittsburgh originally and he’s a little bit obsessed.

Just a little bit. 🙂

two personalized diy felt pennants hanging on the wall in a bedroom.  

Anyways, this project is easy, fast, and cheap! All you need is a few pieces of stiff felt, some letter stencils, some hot glue, and a pair of scissors.  

If you like little home craft projects like this, definitely check out the burlap name banner I made for Hannah, and this DIY Bunting project. Both are so cute!

I’ve linked a few of them here in case you would rather buy one.  But it’s really fun to make your own pennant! 

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Things You’ll need

I made a video showing you how I made these pennants.  You’ll see how easy this is!  The most tedious part is cutting out your letters.  

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Cutting your felt letters (easy hack!)

If you want perfect letters from your felt, you need a good method for tracing the stencil and then cutting it out from there.

Did you know you can use freezer paper to do this? Here’s how to do it.

First, print your letters from your computer onto a piece of freezer paper (print on the non-shiny side). Cut your freezer paper into a letter-size sheet that will fit into your printer.

Then, place your printed freezer paper design face up on your felt. Cover it with a thin cotton towel (for protection so you don’t melt the felt). Iron it on a medium heat setting and the freezer paper will “stick” to your felt. (The back of the freezer paper is glue-coated).

You can now very easily cut out your letters with the freezer paper stuck on top – then just peel away the freezer paper from the letters after cutting.

The easiest option may be using a Cricut machine. I’ve never used one before so not totally sure, but I’ve seen tutorials online.

Stiff and thick felt cuts MUCH easier than the flimsy kind of felt.

If you go to Michael’s or Joann’s, they have all kinds of felt. You can feel the difference between stiffened felt and regular felt. You can also pick up stiff felt up from Amazon. Darice sells a pack of the stiffened felt sheets, but you may pay a little more versus in store.

How to Make a DIY Felt Pennant

two personalized diy felt pennants hanging on the wall in a bedroom.  

Tutorial for a DIY Felt Pennant.

Total time: 30 minutes

  1. Cut felt into a triangle

  2. The first thing you want to do is cut your stiffened felt into a triangle.  You can use a ruler to get straight cuts or just eyeball it.  
  • Trace letters on felt

  • Using your stencils, trace the letters onto the felt.  I did this on the back of the felt so you won’t see any pen lines.  If you decide to do it backward like this, just make sure to trace your letters backward.  
  • Cut out your letters

  • Cut out your letters and a small strip of felt to line the edge (see photos), and then four smaller strips for the little ties. 
  • Glue Your Felt Pennant together

  • Glue the four little strips to the widest edge of the pennant; two in a v shape on each end. Then glue the longer strip on top (watch the video to see this in action).  Glue all your letters onto your felt triangle – you may want to line them up first to get a feel for how it will look.